bar! fly! my love
with just your arms
in the sky and I'll
shred this fabric
to show you why
you've come...
Shed in my eyes
you did and
left not a trail
for a snail said
tare us apart and
light years of art
was a never intent
the burden of a weight...

heavens mad
as hell was spent
saying OH! God!
it's YOU! again...

carbon credits
unaware of when
a carp on debit
became a deal em
can you feel 'em...
spending thrifty
with the nifty gifts

"shop" honey it's a drop
funny money on the pun

"... you're a good sport..."
courts a cat's cool suit
never mind the car
it's ajar at the door
squares are fine
in a riddle of time
did you crack?
what? or up?

"...you changed a mind..."
it's a compromise dear

"...jaw..." stop gaping
ESP'n wasn't just
"for men"
roll over and say it again...
Sam...i am
the lady who
said thanks
you've just been
here in a week of mine
"sun" sonny side up
ham? ;)


mac-and-me said...

reading it the 4th or 5th time
one thing bugs me
what is "ESPee'n" ? :3

IzzyGumbo said...
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IzzyGumbo said...

I guess you might call it a sports channel too ESPn

mac-and-me said...

ah i see