stray cats

... black and orange stray cats sittin' on a fence...

" yea, I strut "
was the cat's reply
but not for the lips
of these wise guys

the mice were singing
that the joker lies
and the queen of hearts
is a naughty spy...

as for me
I'm still in the ward
figuring who and how
to play this card

" his barks the bite "
was all I heard
then a cool cat came
giving word
that a games a foot
and a foots the cord

" I need real fire "
burning long and hard...

I reply I got logs
if you're the ;bard

... sing a long now gene ...

 so the question became...

" how's lipstick "


edwards leed;

edwards lead
is to scale nine
" it's not in the coral "
but it is

A.l one

" the missing see... "

questions reality

the current known
as memory

sounds sewn
but not shown
so that I

can be


"origin "

of the one

" stranger
than fiction "


holy graphic

standards fall
infinite divisions
of a space call
for creations base

" eat me "
the waters taste
of completion

Aellopus delivers
a connection
and a field explodes
in subtle elation

an ocean
births a generation

" opposites attract "
a burning question

" and the beauty of a point "
the equation

it's the holy graphic
of a single

iris eyes

the suns rise

can you see it?

" yes! "

an immortal cries
of elation

clear skies

a rainbow
of colors fly
as the golden wings
of a storm finds

the bearer of all things

" pulp's a fiction... "

and the poet describes
" life "
is an addiction

" the gods tribe "
not tribulation

rods delve
in revelation

" it ain't what you thank "
a bulb's creation

the flash of a sign....

" peripheral "
is the vision


101 eYes

One hundred
and One...

for these who can

what will do
is what soul does
as eternity

glorious vision

chasing Jason
on the wings
of above
a feather fell
as a creature
of love

" do you strut "
to break the rut
you're in?

Petrus planned
for a constellation
viewed from the North
as a Southern horizon
written upon skies
are the eyes
of One


what the soul does


a polar sunrise

a galaxy
dwarfs the wharf
yet a polar star
is still too far to see

a membrane
boarders an eternity…
observed to be
a local group
in the frequency
of a milky way…

how can it be
that a woman loves
twice the matter
when the sense is less
than gravity…

the halos dark
orbiting forces
of surrounding
densities interact
and the act
is yet to be…

" a reminder "

; Polaris

they were sent.to.meet.her
so on their feet
she squared the dipper

what's major's mine.or
" you can see it my way..."

" little bear, BIG engine..."
and the cowgirl says
"how d; " ay

that plot o' North
" ain't Santa's "