what it means

I am not of star seed
rather a high breed
of life form...
I wasn't born
yet torn
from a time

I wasn't shown
so as to see
from where I've been

I am not of human
but have in common
what you call a soul

" and you are more "
than perhaps you know


for what it means
to be seen
I am scheduled
for 311 years
and I have no fear...

" you don't know my name "


The Last Super...

Dear John,

" For god so loved Izzy Gumbo
that he gave his only sun ... "

The lodge spoke
and words became one
Shapes of an apron
were coming undone

" location, location "

The last super
human efforts begin...
A conductors cup
is raised to the wind

" type G "

acidic rains poured in
and the purification
of a soul began

" take fire
from the palm of this hand "

a green lion bytes
an arrangement stands.


self less

Within flesh
........ I'm self, less mind
modeling what rich bards found
in a book with binds undone
the words of time, less sound

and there
a domain remains

grateful to the dead who claim
knowledge of a hidden clause
is the work of a type, in sane

as for me

myself, unnamed
I move
through the wind
without pause

" the madness of a pen in guise "


wire less

wire less energy
for the aurora
bores all
a whole


no room in nation

" A red line "
threatens population
as standards fall
and the governing law
" for we the people "
who speak as all
question a face
in the place of grace
" exactly what "
intention calls
from upon a hill

A world of war, too
… remember…
An angry public
aware of somber
applaud not
a haste of measure

Once feared a formula
where influence caused
the death of a city
as history paused…

the shock of awe
in a chemical weapon

" recount your words "
else we
" weap on "



  " does your phone dream "

the kick...
is a silent scream
" wake up "
to begin

strategies collapsing
but the top
keeps spinning
" what does it mean "

the chem.mystery
of an ancient unseen
writes with my hand
about where I've been

" Sixteen "
and I'm falling...
it's the vomit
of all I've seen

in a dream
within a dream
I keep