Hey Hero, I knew you once you know,
A long time ago and back upon when
Countless numbers mistaken as Men
Wrote scripts that became, 'the truth'.

Then a Duck came along with a Pig in suit...

Who knew this crazy duo and saw two,
Heroes come with strange faces... write
Strange poems and shoot crazy lasers.
Neon lights that strike Just Write in the
heart of us! Draw in the site of this Knight!

2B or not 2b is the Question not to mention
which way to Earth as we venture into a
space unknown...

Vortex.there in the Wind.Voice.of the Mind.


Oh George....

George O'l boy, what DO you say?
Great day for an old game today?
Washings done and the chores are too,
So shall we have a play, for what's true?

"I like your shiny clean apron..."
"I like your shiny red car..."
"Shall I drive the rug dear, to a star"?
"Take the short road, the Long one's far..."

"It's technically a pigeon not a hen"
"It's technically a now knot then"
"Know, it's technically a girl at bat, with a Pen."
"And that's technically, players, 10."

So let me ask you... how many types of
people ARE there in this world...?

It doesn't matter, we all know binary...

Know? Well, then in decimal we'll go.
It's all the same on stage and in show,
One actor there in many sets of clothes.

"...and swhich one are two..."

Oh Yeah...
*I* am on this side of the lens... . ;)


Morse :D'Mayan

Short course in voice Mr. Morse...
I saw a dot was counted as one,
Two, three, four more the fun. :)
Then a dash stashed as a five.
Handsum set makes a hand jive,
And come alive with thought!
What's a tone if knots a knot?
I asked myself while hearing then,
that a dot n'dash last better when,
they're in stone.

My eYes decide that a Mayan knew.
Impossible time so long ago but I
Think to say true.

I saw another thing too...
Might it be they counted the dot
as two? oh?

Ohm's law...


Stormy eYes

In a spiraling galaxy knot so far away
a girl spoke of odd and strange days
when things would be as they seem
so t'each there is another like a spiral
of winds in a path of light and sound....

"What's in a Name..."

Are they all the same when assigned a Soul?
From the core of me stored in the heart you see
is a Name... I remember over and over again.

My minds eYes won't let go and knew it was true.
"A Rose by any other Name... wouldn't be You."

As brilliance is a Miracle so are each unique and
Love commands nothing if not a stake of heart.
Nature's undeniable pattern of a long known art.

It's Attraction. Rhythmic laws of passion vibrate
strings and the sounds ring in air. Chemistry
bonding Souls in pair and Life. Begins...

with "Who's in a Name..."
if not mystary.

1 Long Dizzy Storm. Indeed;


To forget knots my soul
so to find eyes I've gone
and come undone.

"...it dreamed to me..."

"... are you a tree.Frog?"

"If I can ask, Mr. Elder
to read t his letter
at his pleasure...

Once, I took some seeds
and sewed my name.
They came up right and
Pretty all the same.
And it made me so happy
I can hardly say...
But then yesterday,
when I came from riding,
I found that someone
in the garden...
had stepped on them.

I cried for a Long time.

Then I sewed my name.
Again. "


The story began,
with a blind man,
who ate desert sands...

Inspiration: Movie: The Enigma of Kasper Hauser


... How in a word can this be true ...
"it's probably in the possible, that I've known too"


Art and mind are once again
Silent then. a quiet name


Golden chickpea dance in fields
Knowing strokes of paint do yield
Genius genus genie genes in us.
Electric Text in the core of this
Write. Script.OS. Comitis....

Duenos lingua
Kernos Major. Mojo
and Candles.dear



Telephony about connecting pairs of
Twisted lines here on land and air.
Tell tales 'bout time and dare, we care.

TelaHoney expressed as male the
Telegraphic message sending trails
Of dots and dashes in the static air.
Tales 'bout time and dare, we hear.

Tell a dbl take 'bout connecting stares
Twisted minds do hear and there be.link.t
Said a pulse of light could see and think.

Tell a mark 'bout sunny sparks carrying
Song that sang of parks so long ago.
Said a pulse of Knight would let us know.

So the Cell was created.

Telepathy of a distance stated that
Telling tales of things knot shown is
not a fake in the Path of Poem.

of knowledge....

... How in the word can this be true ...
"it's probably in the possible, that I've known too"


Love born Goddess
In living Grace
Carried the Moon
From womb to race

From Her love
We are born
And as her Light
We're carried on...

Forever More, we're carried on.

~Rest Mr. K.
Inspired by fellow Poet, Patrick


I Become Sure

Shaking here in the egg
just a crack of sunlight
noise unknown as fright
then a sound deafening
thunder booms and off
came the top of my dome.

Rushing crushing air
Pouring over edges to
get in filling my lungs my
life began while I drown
beams burning through
my eyes open and blind
then again a sound.

My legs expand I'm up
in the wind the cold of
reality brushes my skin
lungs are aching as the
bile defies gravity and
my guts spew out air
fills the cavity ...
and I breathe

Life forcing its way into
me and I breathe not
sure I want to begin but
the air is undeniable my
wings spread and the
colors palpable I can
taste vision warm on
my lips and I become
sure. I can fly.



Even when definition fits the
scene what is comfort when you
just can't see why there's no one
similar to the one called me.

Where in the world would the
We fit in? Finding comfort when
it's not in the skin was the task
I had set to living. Nothing else
could be real until then.

Pushed into Life my Soul arrived
and pushed into Light were my
blinded eyes...

Lost in a wind and living daze I
couldn't begin so the facade was
on. Expectations around and the
guiding light was a static sound
but I did as I prepared to do.

I lived a life not knowing true.
Being uncomfortable with the Me
who was born To Be. With You.

"The ability to be. Anytime.


"...Mr. WattsOn...,
come hear dear.
I want you..."

Wire two wires who hear to pair
replicating voices here two dare
put a twist in a spin vibrating air
an optical pulse two say we care.

Take a leap and do the switch
Petel back tone with a HiQ pitch
a pulse to sway plus a perfect day
to write a Poem and create a way.

The LAN.does call as my.Crow waves
I Sat in the Light inside the cave and
watched the walls. Under the cable
came the waterfalls and the signals
rang and the Light pulsed on.

Current flows.
Know matter. WattsOn...
"eYes...I can hear you now"

Welcome. tothe.LAB)

Almost unbare.able are
Writes in pair.able and
needed for the Reason
to be Cause....

We're dreaming and up
to include a Be. Clause...
Dare.able to be adoor.able
to know more and be able
To explore the Love.
Simple as ABove.

The Meta.Chi

eYes are peering as my Pen
Shakes and the ink is Spearing
whispered words I'm hearing
from the air.

This quiet is the Guardian Way
subtle Company names the Day
and all Robes read....

"...speak what we feel,
knot what ought to be said...."

I heard the Stations appear
in my head...

One by one I write to see
Then. In the Meta.Chi.

Meta- (from Greek: μετά = "About"... "after", "beyond", "with", "adjacent", "self")
The Medici

"It's About.Time"

Chi.Can.Soup from the Soul is the best Medicine...

"Meu amor Por favor....Me"

Our soul is singular
Particular and
without doubt
ridiculous in
splendid antiquity.
Unified specificity
quite specific inside the
terrific chemistry of
selective attachment.

Written parchment
on the evolution of
Love. I heard as rain
came from above...

It is.true.
"My Love Please..."
and pleases Me too.
Inspiration shared in
a singular motion.
Hear we dared and
rain became Ocean.

Moving slow waters
flow in a sea of
passion. Excitations
elevate elation and
cries from the X t'see

Holding each other
in vulnerable and
open strides love
replaces pride and
inhibition is no more.
We surrender body
as Soul explores...

"Meu amor Por favor....
Come Inside..."
Silent comitis


YoDa said DO!

Yoda said there is only DO.
A path indeed. to Know.

When the math got ugly, I left it behind.
When a fraction came, I turned my mind.
In the static of form, my eYes went blind.
And in the eye of a Storm...
there came a new Wind.
My lives are Nine as I begin.

~and to borrow a line from a dear friend...
"When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro"

Turning One.

I waited 40 years to turn One for the fifth time.
Cheers to the tears earned in a life's rhyme just
and to remember who we are. I'm 'here' and I'm
not far. It's the first, fifth time I've dared. ;)

Posted: 1:35 'my time'



Yes, the promise came....
Happy bday to us both. ;)~



who Me? n'Robust maybe, stubborn certainly. ;p


LOL oh yes, it's that funny. lol!!
and it is elopHer for ;balance and
a glance. ;)

Oh look, it's my LEOG.. I mean Lego .. or was that my eLog!
Oh wait, that's the gole! Not the ego!

Confusion at it's best is such a pest
To the point of beast! It's a steap
ride to the other side but... it's all
and worth it all the same. A true
gamers game and Who's to blame
as he's the developer. A tall tale
of a self helped educator playing
ball with the SOL. Lost by the
glance of a girl not sure of the knot
T swirl but sure he knows her. Just.
The Same.

"Get on your horse STartan. I'm
"Get on your horse Trojan. I'm YeShield"

Qi to IQ

Hey U, did you know it's true?
Energy flows within and Chi knows
Who can spin it. Take the Pi and
see the NOIZE in it. Chase the
divide and see Pharaoh's eYe open
wide. There's a twist of faith in
the Count Of Days and choices ARE
there given. Enjoy the gifts of living
with open eYes and be on the inside.

Which came first dear, the chicken or the egg?
The GamePen....as Master May.and;


"how's your cursive? cure.is.V... U sureVic?"
is CurVe.bAll

:) sure, just like that.



You came for tea and I didn't miss notice.
Every line in your eye heard voice in chorus.
Lips I've seen and recognized, your locks of
hair went missing in disguise but your eYes
told no lies and I saw you. Hands Creator.
Yours were glowing the smirk in your nose
was itching of the knowing and I felt you.
Sweat on your chest from the running and
the scent of you in my ears are humming
then I see you. In shock I stand before you
blinking in silence I adore you, walking to
the sea I can hear you, calling to Me is THE

Turning back time you saw me hear you
here in the tea when the brewing was thru.

"you asked for HOT, tea"
"and your handS CAN touch fire"


PenPenel now I know it's true
you're the other that I call a Sue
perhaps the twin I always knew
sang a song of hearts that grew.

Wise in eYes I saw them there
the sparks you carry I see in air
voices hear and the WE are near
loving strange and loving dear I
read a name...
and they heard it cares.

Mercury turns a golden tone.
Venus sings an old love song.
Saturn spins and the Dragons on.
Messier's eYe is watching Long.
Storm is calm as the HeXe.gone.

T'each we know what we hear
T'each given to what we dare
T'each we live our chosen ways
T'each be peace for all our days


Tea Neo?

Ever brew tea in an industrial brewer?
I did just yesterday with a tea bag fewer
then more have seen. I watched it drip
mixing water with steam and drip leaving
lines in between, the loose leaves.of tea.

A star pattern there when I peeked to see
what a tea maker brews inside of a T.
And when the heat hit my eyes I realized
what was so familiar to me...'do mine path'
was inscribed in the leaves.

I considered to know what I believe.
I paused to consider what might deceive.
Just and before I tossed the leaves.

... smiles.
you ARE a dope and I'm knot mean. Just
neurotic transmission of the secret unseen.
A VEnue open to peace in the mind
blowing open holes that Time left behind.
It's a network framed in a windy rhyme.
It's a new avenue and a way to be kind.

Well.come.to the filters mind. A pleasure
of a center that we all can find.

Neurotransmitter. A natural ChiMe.

Dopamine was first synthesized in 1910 by George Barger and James Ewens at Wellcome Laboratories in London, England.
In the frontal lobes, dopamine controls the flow of information from other areas of the brain.
Dopamine is commonly associated with the pleasure system of the brain, providing feelings of enjoyment and reinforcement to motivate a person proactively to perform certain activities. Dopamine is released (particularly in areas such as the nucleus accumbens and prefrontal cortex) by naturally rewarding experiences such as food, sex, drugs, and neutral stimuli that become associated with them.


It is frequently translated as "energy flow," and is often compared to Western notions of energeia or élan vital (vitalism) as well as the yogic notion of prana. The literal translation is "air," "breath," or "gas" (compare the original meaning of Latin spiritus "breathing"; or the Common Greek πνεῦμα, meaning "air," "breath," or "spirit"; and the Sanskrit term prana, "breath" ).


The Rook

my mind is an open book.
read it and have a look.
"Open Then" said Crow.
"We near the brook"
"Stones are there and
little by little does the trick."

Love the journey... it's the
Mother of all invention.


NEW YORK — From the goose that laid the golden egg to the race between the tortoise and the hare, Aesop's fables are known for teaching moral lessons rather than literally being true. But a new study says at least one such tale might really have happened.

It's the fable about a thirsty crow. The bird comes across a pitcher with the water level too low for him to reach. The crow raises the water level by dropping stones into the pitcher. (Moral: Little by little does the trick, or in other retellings, necessity is the mother of invention.)



Funny honey and so I say come.in.d;an this way....
Took the words from in a tomb, arranged the order
and removed the doom. Turned the pages of his.story
and put some women into play. Analyse, angle the
eYes! ponder life and pretend to be wise and that's Write.
Pro.Found a message in there. Said a circle was also
a square and that it spun... like a web it was just fun
and I watched as it came undone. Smiled a while as the
colors began. Then I chased the bubbles of art in Time
and learned a song that came in rhyme.

Funny angles come.in.dian geometrically medium in
a weeble of a wobbular motion and when I saw that...
I removed the explosion as the poison just isn't good.
The Pen agreed and we understood that a change of
ink was needed. Took out the felt & refit a belt just,
and in case. No one ever said we couldn't change pace
and it made sense as "Nature doesn't waste"...

Looking inside with eyes quite wide I had to pause.
There came a place with no Santa in the Cause and
I paused. Children play and imagine days of plum
filled things and goodly ways so how can it be if this
be true? It was question.able SO I changed the crew.
Left the bridge a Number One and aWay I flew...

I seek the Monk I asked the Know. I hear a song I
need to grow. Departure near it's knot my way but
a Vision needs repair this day... "Four, the innocent"
came to sea and breathing the Winds they grew a
Tree. "Look to hear.Comedian...use all the noodles
not just the 10..." And after the ride, well.come.inside
the honey.com;b is full of bee.lives!

"H;Two Os"

(13)bin. 1101 .......... 11001 = Oct. 31, Dec. 25
(11)bin. 1011 .......... 10011 = Oct. 23, Dec. 19
24. 11000 = Oct.30, Dec. 24

"takes a geek"
Show! does....

;p~ oh yes, I smell the roses love...



mmm... and so they came, all the King's men
standing near the wall Again in awe. Could it,
would it be that Time.back when? The Calling
eYes, yes! and is hear in sign. Shark finns find
the friendly pen. Seraph, we start at then.

~swHiCh came first, chicken or egg?
~Game.of ChiCan dear?


Hey, I walked your lawn turning in your song
and where are you now? I flew the water and
found the fish, I gave my thanks at the temple
dish... I placed a flame, kissed the stone, set
Venus around and near your moon, and
then I left...

I waited here, gave weight to fear and heard
the tune. Confusion turned a chaotic tone and
the Winds sang on and "On the ONe" the call.
I put the blue Jeans down... made note of all
and placed the orders in. Hand to pen my ink
went sound and around my world began ...

Through sins to Sine and back again. From
wine to Winds the rhymes began as science
is to test, too a May tricks the best and then,
Nature said... "it's not a beast" and I paused.
This Voice, the Effect of Cause...
and I paused.



Who Me? Late? Only when I want to be :)
Double check on the hamburgers you see
It is all relational in a relatively kind way
Transl8.able. TransPort8D able.Enabled
on a song and note Long but not gone.Know.

"I just wanna know... for sure
are we gonna love each other?"

"Ever dance with the deviL.Lived on the edge"
... and swam in the middle, eYes I did;LOL!

My Aunte is a Viki and she's unVeiled;
belieVe... there is a Sun on a horizon a color
gone but not for long. Song returns and
two carry us on. To a light.able to delight
it is bright.right in the sight of this. Write.

~ ~ ~
I turn things round in my mind there's a wind
that whines me down and calms my sound
water flows and the time is slow rings a peace
we reMember now.


How many times have I written your name
And How many faces do you appear in
Promises made from a smoky flame
Promising eYes.you see me.Again.
Yesterday came and then it went
Today we near the Winds indent
Intent to sway the Continuum
Measuring of the Many to One
E.Racing fear.for the Fun.
~(; Who’sWord? Are we in?

A Race of Measure
Time of In.clued

;Dance the Indian say

We Are All.Hear to play.
Treasure A.Sure Creation
Love the land & grow a Nation
Come the Day and Pure Elation
ReSOLution finds equation…

Math.e.magic.All …
Indeed a Pen do call.
A Path I choose to need.

Avenue to PeAce
A Venue... T'each

! eYES ! She read The;Prhymer.