Qi to IQ

Hey U, did you know it's true?
Energy flows within and Chi knows
Who can spin it. Take the Pi and
see the NOIZE in it. Chase the
divide and see Pharaoh's eYe open
wide. There's a twist of faith in
the Count Of Days and choices ARE
there given. Enjoy the gifts of living
with open eYes and be on the inside.

Which came first dear, the chicken or the egg?
The GamePen....as Master May.and;


"how's your cursive? cure.is.V... U sureVic?"
is CurVe.bAll

:) sure, just like that.

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Sunflower Ranch said...

Izzy!! Thanks for another interesting work!! Love your images and you always make me smile & think -- at the same time!! LOL :D