The Rook

my mind is an open book.
read it and have a look.
"Open Then" said Crow.
"We near the brook"
"Stones are there and
little by little does the trick."

Love the journey... it's the
Mother of all invention.


NEW YORK — From the goose that laid the golden egg to the race between the tortoise and the hare, Aesop's fables are known for teaching moral lessons rather than literally being true. But a new study says at least one such tale might really have happened.

It's the fable about a thirsty crow. The bird comes across a pitcher with the water level too low for him to reach. The crow raises the water level by dropping stones into the pitcher. (Moral: Little by little does the trick, or in other retellings, necessity is the mother of invention.)


William H. Balzac said...

I've been thinking of Journeys lately too.

Cheers! Nice poem.

William H. Balzac.

Perfectly Twisted said...

Great minds Mr. Balzac. ;)
Thank you always, for your visits here. Hugs!