Hey, I walked your lawn turning in your song
and where are you now? I flew the water and
found the fish, I gave my thanks at the temple
dish... I placed a flame, kissed the stone, set
Venus around and near your moon, and
then I left...

I waited here, gave weight to fear and heard
the tune. Confusion turned a chaotic tone and
the Winds sang on and "On the ONe" the call.
I put the blue Jeans down... made note of all
and placed the orders in. Hand to pen my ink
went sound and around my world began ...

Through sins to Sine and back again. From
wine to Winds the rhymes began as science
is to test, too a May tricks the best and then,
Nature said... "it's not a beast" and I paused.
This Voice, the Effect of Cause...
and I paused.

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