LOL oh yes, it's that funny. lol!!
and it is elopHer for ;balance and
a glance. ;)

Oh look, it's my LEOG.. I mean Lego .. or was that my eLog!
Oh wait, that's the gole! Not the ego!

Confusion at it's best is such a pest
To the point of beast! It's a steap
ride to the other side but... it's all
and worth it all the same. A true
gamers game and Who's to blame
as he's the developer. A tall tale
of a self helped educator playing
ball with the SOL. Lost by the
glance of a girl not sure of the knot
T swirl but sure he knows her. Just.
The Same.

"Get on your horse STartan. I'm
"Get on your horse Trojan. I'm YeShield"

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