Who Me? Late? Only when I want to be :)
Double check on the hamburgers you see
It is all relational in a relatively kind way
Transl8.able. TransPort8D able.Enabled
on a song and note Long but not gone.Know.

"I just wanna know... for sure
are we gonna love each other?"

"Ever dance with the deviL.Lived on the edge"
... and swam in the middle, eYes I did;LOL!

My Aunte is a Viki and she's unVeiled;
belieVe... there is a Sun on a horizon a color
gone but not for long. Song returns and
two carry us on. To a light.able to delight
it is bright.right in the sight of this. Write.

~ ~ ~
I turn things round in my mind there's a wind
that whines me down and calms my sound
water flows and the time is slow rings a peace
we reMember now.

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Gerry Boyd said...

yes yes yes. izzy is gr8. last stanza sublime. it's too late to stop now. Grrr.