Guide Me.

Often with my feet in the grass,
I wondered why the blades are green.
The color of money, envy and greed?
The color of Nature at the core of her seed?
Are we compassion or do we believe
That reaping reward is a misguided deed?

Often with my feet in the grass,
I’ve asked myself why the greens can clash
Then my pendant stone of Emerald flashed
My chain was broken and a magician danced.
My eyes blinked back as he took my hand,
”...the color of money, is written on the one…”

I stood up to sea
and found the face of the sun.

Titan smiled and Saturn turned
Jupiter came and together they burned
Bright in the night of the evening sky
Together as three… forms the open eye.
”... pick a shoe…” he said…
With the cards stacked high.

... in a game of cards called 21, the objective, if you're counting, is to track what is 'on the table'... and by this, know what is 'in the shoe'.



modern Bodoni typeface

Seraph’s serif said to see a rift…
spheres that hear are adrift…
muse on the loose with a wink
plays go fish for the fisherman’s ;pink.
writing the crazy does make me think…
that heavenly music, really is in the ‘do’ing.
seas moi d; you say?

1440 hOurs = 60 days.
now wtf do you know about that?
i am write.ing…




Regarding U

... in a game of cards called 21, the objective, if you're counting, is to track what is 'on the table'... and by this, know what is 'in the shoe'.

... physical, physics l0l! ;)~

With Name

With Name I shall cast my anchor
Taking care to never wreck the coral
Stone tablets I’ll cast to the sea
Stationery, my vessel in the breeze.
On the bow of this ship, my mind is free.

Loveliness became the shores before me.
Exquisite beauty in the shape of palms
Shimmering paths into vine covered hills
A stream runs up to a lake in the clouds
Feeding layers of clovers and grass and sage
Then rain came down and became the stars.

My stone tablets held fast in the breeze.
Remaining stationary on my vessel I see as
Evening became day and the stars became trees
Elegant curves fair the shores before me.
Gentle licks from a dove said above is to be
On the brow of a Love as alluring symmetry
”... to pleasure you, gives pleasure to me…”

A swirl of winds exchanging ecstasy
"The melodious song of a meadowlark"
Became blades of grass in a near by park
And a sun was set by this lost horizon…
On my ship I wept for my eyes were on.

Such beauty in their hearts as solitude
Peaceful grace as ease became longitude
Spring days lead to summers of Plentiful
Gentle Love is the Way of the people here
“The dying is slow and long are their years”




home GR@WN energy nerd. ;)

”... if you don’t think, i’m trying to confuse you, then I do…”

”... ah, we banter in Cantor too… then ;)”


WTF are you???

”... I’m a carefully calculated and well centered,
yet chaotically constructed complication called, Simplicity…”


”...I wish you’d quit changing your name…” ;)

”... you can call me Higgs, Jasper lol!...”


Flat footed Platypus :)
Invented four humors for us
“Navigate” said the aquatic clown
“Comedy mourned as a Jest went down…”

Bile is such an ugly word! So,
She colored it right with seasonal birds
Reading the write when hearing the words
On layers of blood, there came his stage…

FAME! Miles said it matters!
“Flame”! of mistaken showers

”...old man, how did you get here?”

” a torch in the tower, said it was Time”
“Fire starter the Air has come
Earth’s new age of Water is One.”

“you are of Sound Mind”
and in the heart you came.
“Welcome, to a cave of Winds”

”... ;p I pass your limps test then?”

“it makes know sense…you fold, tessellations
and I write, constellations…”

”... et hmm… the gardener said, Plant.us…”.


Origins are original
Originating in the real
Forms that we know
From knowledge born
Come forth, to begin.

”...there is no ignition…”

Initiation sequence, start…
Date, Create and Set! ;)~

”... seconds count, when in second fLight…”




Weaves with such ease
Eternal seas and suns into One
Avenue of harmless fun
Venture in, the surfs up some.
Equal marks of day and night
Shorter ways to the longest light
Seems to save time…
Eave emits a Vernal rhyme
Venture into my mind.
Autumn signals the same
Eternally we see without shame
We ARE the intended perfection

Of God’s most loving devotion
We are Creation.

Winter Solstice
Summer Solstice



Beautiful Siren from a distant sea
Doctor Donovan wrote of the Mastery
Aquatic, seduction enchants me…

Merman disguised the Light in his eyes
Sang the songs that a heart finds nice
Extending a hand he unraveled his web
And my sister was there after her death
“Wana ride?” was the question he mimed
And I, tempted by his suggestive rhyme
Never hesitated, to enter his mind.

Past the coffee stained collar, I climbed.
Tracing races and faces in the wind
One thousand and One nights I’d spend
Immortal and naked on the ocean

Towers of power in the robes of men
Lighting the coast to see sailors home
Nixie was the name my mother mentioned
And Trixie was the dame
...who bore little attention

The Merrow of the story, is in me.

.... The Scotch is vertical, and I’m a She.Alba….

Merlin, can you see the sight in my eYes?

Epoch a Lipstick...

Here’s the arm of my giddy on…
It’s a pity that’s it’s not what you’re expecting
Inspections detected a mention
Called weapons of mass destruction
What freaking moron would build such things
Pretending to tend to the important Beings
Lending to send such meaningless meanings
Keeping the freeKin’ fearing sound,
on the ground?

Displeased, the lipstick came out…

Mislead was the message I shout!
Inspections detected a mention
That a moron’s moronic notion
Is to control and rule the ocean…

The vision was clear….
Pissed off and quick you hear…
A big Mother took her kid by the ear.
Nothing in the world did the poor chap fear
Except the color of lipstick, the Mother would wear.

Next thing you know
There was lightening in the snow
Zipper sounds from the clouds I say
Lines in the sky and they made me sway
The color of blue was to change this day.

Oracle triggers triggered safety valves
On maple leaves and written in halves
Visions clear in the windless rain
Nothing gets to work, if the works in vain.
Drastic peace and solutions in the wind.

Getty up Scout…
Nothings perfect.


Just Now...

fine, you want me to be like the rest?
sure, I’ll speak just so… gee..you’re the best.

Honey, how big and fancy is your car! tee hee!
Money, wow so spendy in the flash you are! hehe!
Honey, pay some attention to me….

I painted my nails can’t you see?
Important details on my agenda
Said a honey in the money is a splendid…man.
Go fine yo’self one darlin’! Just be charm’in
but don’t mean it in the heart, no...
Not til the checks on the table from the start.

Wait… I’m sure it’s still not real enough…

Oh how i love you
loving love the way i do
all i do is become you
loving you is ALL i doooo….
missing you my heart does bleed
kissing you once was all i’d need…

oh blah and blah this lovely read

Yawwns… my echo…
Write, right, the stage was left
Cleft rift, if you get my drift
Sheez a canteena that went pretty swift
Cuz I see a patina on the apron’s Chef…
and if you ‘dont get this’ I dont give a sh.it.


Wait, let me get back to what we do…
drama rama is the name of this show
Here we go… Springer, you got nuttin’ on me
Can’t you see? I’ve slept with my mother
when my brother was three and on TV, there was porn
Scorn in a show called Guiding Lite
That’s right, we watched the soaps
Moped and then eloped, into the night…
That story is worth a rating or two right?
teeheehee! Set us free…
I’m like you now and you like me.

Peas in a pod, let us commence to commiserate!
it’s a great… nod… yawwwn… sorry,
were we on the subject of god?
Just,now? I heard it was better then that.

Forgot Me Naught...

Forget me not
Forgot not the knot
Of Time...
To beget what mind forgot
This net of ten was sought
Two say then it's Wind again
Lions align the horizon sky and
Lines appear as waves in the eye
Of Time, knot one was to scry
Validating this message of 'hi'...
Evolution brings
Love as the answer to why

Love Long...

... and Prosper...

... oh look!! it's the ;Doctor...
You've changed Your EARS!


I have plenty while my means meager
My frame slight while my appetite eager.

I am Entity Plenitude with a plentiful attitude
And I've been about hear the whole time.

My friends have called me Plenty Times
but many times, they forget my name.

;pArting of the SeeS

means to sea with the eYes…

SEyES ...

it was my friend who said…


or a see d; I replied.

Dear Circle...

There you are my dearest star
Rat of a character you certainly are!
Attracted the chase by way of face
Truly a place I don’t grace, enough.
Strange your name’s the bluff…

Kings and Queens started to sing as
Jack said to Jill, “we’re in the ten.net wing”...
Oddly cover for two lost lovers… can you imagine.
“Circle turns to cLover in a square”
I’ll put the suit on dear… ;)~

You get the dress ;p



Forever you forget me not
Hidden deep in the minds blind spot
String attached and pulling at your heart
Ringing bands bringing truth in part

Forever to encircle the stars
Never to forget who we are
Ever again brings a healing wind
Forever again sings your mind and then...

Forever, you'll remember my name.


Wind Mill

Wind Mill
Mind Will
How I can
I do
Think for myself…

Cinder block burns your heal
Calling out from my heart I steal
Mind of my own I do so will
Soul of my own I grow and build
Blowing in the wind, there is no end
Wild are the Ones Who live to befriend…

Never closed an unseeing eye
Sang Forever and the Sirens cried
Where is glory if your story dies…
Every book is better, with just a few lies.
Said the wise…guys..
Three mice came along in a vest and bow ties
Fella in a suit with glowing eYes and a
Bella in a gown with a beating heart
“bella intelligenza”
“she’s pretty smart.”

Beautiful intelligence, is the funny part…

Babel on said the babel fish
Free your mind in the wind with a wish
Fire strikes in a distant land
Light from the sky in the form of a hand
Light flies by lighting peaks of sand
Flying night skies, and on deck we stand.

Did you slow down?... this love IS grand… ;p
“I’ve got your glass slipper,
and the Coronas for the band…”

Opheei! You see! It’s us…

“She makes know sense”
“But it’s One, you can trust” ;)~

Surge and Sway

Surge and Sway
It was my urge to play
Following stars from dark to day
Allowing loves arc to come this way
So boob the Pooh made sure say...
That HE was just, making sure of YOU

She's such a tease sometimes
Skipping the ecliptic
She tickled his spine and
Licking the sPacific
He pleased her mind

Live in love they drink...
From each others rhyme.


Steer ol' boy the ship is moving
Cruising through the ecliptic plane
Write and inline the wave is soothing
Starboards hear that we fear in.Sane!
Celestial sphere is a place in time
Driven space by the pace of our mind
South pole centers on the Northern line
"WE love in between" whispers the wind

Well said and seen by our Clementine
A perspective from Earth left us sublime
Port side right to be aboard this Time.
Take the rudder and seat at the helm
Mooring was done by the way of men

We stand on Vessel, She said to them...
EarthWriter, the Ship was named.

Star Light Start Bright, Star aboard my friend, is to the Write.

Altitude Adjustment...

"What I do all day works..."
works much better then
"what i do all day is work".

:) WElcome in the Spring!



“In science one tries to tell people, in such a way as to be understood by everyone, something that no one ever knew before. But in poetry, it’s the exact opposite.”

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) Czech writer.

“When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man’s concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses.”

John F. Kennedy (1917-1963)

“when arrogance leads man towards power, poetry reminds him that she’s a woman…”
IzzyGumbo ;)~ brat.PowderPuff (today)



Conversations confusing
Google bots are oozing as I type
Quiet yet quite the riot
Gents lament a Goddess rant
Counting Coronets that can't...
Hailing comments that She shan't
Whale her song from a ship of Pink.
While her telly was quite the philly
Her belly was shaking with quiet silly
A butter in the fly has stumbled...
Tumbling his tongue on a British bum.
She laughed as she came undone and
He remembers now, the dame's name.
Especially, the special invented his game.
Peace and pieces were all to blame, so
Sasanova lost her shame... and went froth.
Up the Gemini and into the Earth...
Tales from the doggie, so Sirius at first
Said ales of Corona created Mirth.

Martha, is such a ham when she works!
Sang a song about six biggie wics
Five for games and one for sticks...
Dear John, Flame of my heart,
Your elip Tickles O'l Neptune's part!
Dear Ed, did you hear of the start?
Two men in wigs... made a Casaba tart!
Beignets begot and the Agent got Smart!!

Logs only have rhythm... when they're lagers...
Honey, pass my reed please... near the sandals.dear ;)~


Clear and Precise...

What’s clear and precise?
They rolled six sided dice.
Finding naught so nice…

They saved one and
called the rest, barbarian.

But who were they?
My minds eyes find in disguise…
Monks in Mason’s clothing
Knotting what the ham was knowing
Snotting on the lamb for showing
What the stars, are all about.

Shottie in the shorts I shout…
”... the Other They, said, the secrets out…”

Secrets out
Form Creator, creAtes