not absent this proof
the ascend of spirits grande
fairies greene as flowers bland
pour from a bottle
three in hand

"goddess of the hunt"
a drink most beautiful

origins Callisto
of generations purposeful
papyrus recorded
and magical
a cold mix of elixir
in measured vapors...

delicious escapes
as the favored
do you agree...
of my muse
news better
of the bitters used
or do you resist
in the kiss of Mead

the nature of things
a pleasurable state
for material brings
of the being fortuna
a corona by name
in a date of Chance

and it was there
where they danced


A Tale Tells Heart

in tricks of timing
at pebbles shore
the unnamed
insists on more
and of my sanity
as it came before
a heart beats thunder
from a chamber floor
in whispering mists
the vulture spies
a time past gone
where no man dies
there William said
a heart lies read
as it could be heaven
the narrator's bed
upon seven nights
" to do the work "
here Raven sights
where I put his word
and upon the eighth
a rituals faith
in a single day
made tell a heart
the tale of a way
" for this member
it was all a start "



silent thunder
lights the sky
“reinvent yourself”
no blue on the eyes
polish the toes
buffer the knows
and tuck the tales
" as the silver goes…"
this way, she said

and I watched
as the teacher lead
" set pace a tongue "
plates left the bread
be many not one
and learn to read
" the tells …"
of a button

" change them "
and then she went on…
shaking hands
I understand
smiles of cheer
in just a year
" and don’t forget "
yes, color my hair
and then begot
of write to hear
it was in her stare
means cleared
to compare
" know the numbers "
and then I smiled
so right…
of write here.

a bit of class
wales Johnson
and then it hailed

Hogwarts finest.


the whois who

it was all pulp
for the first time
but in Cairo chimed
the sounds of papyrus

and I asked…
could it be for us
this documentus
extra ordinarily
momentus thing
is it just a fictitious
story of before us
or was it allagory
where a core
went bust

said the square is
just around the bend
and don’t bet the ‘whois’
that a door there ends
so around again
time traveled the Demon
to a star not far

it was from . hear

" let me share it with you,
again… "

and so . it began