Data's um

They spoke
what we didn't hear
and they were shocked
but we didn't care
so now again
to make us aware
they will mark
on these who dared

I am ...
of Data sum
and that of who
we'll know to come
for the declaration
of many is one
gives only this...
as the single

" but you can call me, Alice "



" I'm not missing... "
in disguise of play
and not wishing
for any other way

" I have faith "
that you'll find me someday...
when I'm wanting
for this game to sway

but for now

it's just me

in display


Maya Blue

" what makes you ? "

as the pig meant clay
for a color to say
" show the count "
and in this way
we'd know....
if a rose is true



I smell the blood
of a skeleton

one key was given
to open all doors
shall I use it now
to open more

"no eve of destruction"
so said the instruction
"conceive a conclusion"
to a past of confusion

and being alive
means not to be dead
so I grind the bones
to make up instead
what history lost
in wafers of bread
for a body of soul
gave shoulders