Dig it Laz...

……………….a sure prize
…………………………………is the sight
…………………………………………………..in my eYes
and I see you
and I see you
saw me too
as I slept

it’s been four long
as years are to days
what rhyme is to song
and while in sleep
it was there
in the deep
as a tip
into wells
of enchanting spells
that a type was set
sent forth as yet
to be here in touch
as much to do
about love
means this
the “sent”
from above
is “Thee”
very start of
a cool tongue

and “what”
of a church
in the name of one
was heard
so hear
she came in
a force of thirds
as the quest
of best intentions

where next
do we sit
if not a bench
and so a mark
was sent
and lent

to.mile.on e

“a rich man’s crumbs?…. are for the birds”

are more things by this heavens earth
so make turn

into our eyes
a sunrise burns

tell a story…”

one on one


the center

the new “micro.Source” center
;)~(lick to enter)



the bellaware special
valley of 12 nights
and a mention
of sprinkles

moans not
of a lease no
and the waterways
are all ways free.man ;)

happy hollydays

and Yule log it too

the 'hello' philosophy


philo dough
lee.oh… it’s you

dough? you knead sumthin’?

yule know
soon enough
as the kneading is done
and the rise
of delicious begins

pretty hips a rose bud
~ she grins

to be mistaken
with chagrin

a text
to be specific

12 partridges in 4 pear trees
6 song birds swimming
a yule log logging 3 moaning turtles
and ten leaping lords drumming the night away

you party animal you ;)
12th night it is
for my dear
in a dare see
I log a calling
for a morning fall
where cords are beeping
and the drummings all
I can hear….
“let’s play”
my part tickles
and your part sways

swaying particles collide albert logs the movement of time
drum beats are a concern now splitting the atom at cerne
newton the last sorcerer of the elizabethan age
the force is down by a factor of four hearing gailileo knocking at the door
ring ring the song birds begin to sing ebb and flow said hello

the ringleader ...

long ago I was lead by the ring; more quiet now, or maybe more feral. here the window becomes another view; if you can get five fingers through, it’s a gate; otherwise, a door.

et hm…. irresistible is you
and touch is touch(e)
I do adore, I do say
when you write
in this very way and yes
I can give one
to get one
for what’s fun
“old man…”
is a tumble
in the sea
of my eyes
for the fires
do grant me…
your joystick “…thumb war? …”
to see who lyssps


the elite

12 characters as an inch
4.7 as a scent.ti.meet.her…
88.8) constellations later….
704 god became a writer
we now call Creator
and of type … ing ….
is of a type “being”
as in
in the beginning, there is

thank you very much.

in the begining there was binary
then numbers of usury
case sensitive creators
search like intergalictic traders
across a dune of numbers
in the desert of after hour slumbers
beings typed into constellations
planck`s constant becomes variable
the frequency of waves elite radians
reduced in value by the principle of uncetainty
so in the begining there was binary
in the beginning… there is
do.me.a. hi Q
and make it a poem
enter galatic creators
dessert of the after hours
plans for a constellation
frequency waves of elation
values of certain equation
reduction of product inflation
within the beginnings base
binary is a cherry of space


ho ho ho!

inspires me
the obvious news
of our century
and google knew
the yahoo too
ding bots

what really
knots true…

the Jolly Green
once thought to be
a Sprout of pea
can now be seen
wearing shades
of the Aspen…

in raspberry beds
colored for reds
the Scout my dear
has a nose no fear
type of glow

search to sea
in a can of seen
all the rows golden
where might have been
quite lean

has a lantern
and by his hand
turns on a machine

been raining for days
but the shoppers
don’t know
what it means

and alone….
a ranger chooses
to do the stranger

returning a nibble
on a nipple, ring

“… yo, ho ho who? ;)…”

I sure hope it’s the ‘Dough’… ‘boys’

Jolly Green Giant
takes on Santa
.... meanwhile
science looks to understand the universe
in a spec of bleu cheese....
near the mine
they find the dough
just in time
so we can know
"... ranch ..."
is a better dressing ;)

My $1 on
A. Fermi

and oh, but you “dizzy girl”… why a fermi.tive?

why not I say… they conCERN with guessing…otherwise

Q on stickhead… bubblegum cheek … she scans the table….
we’re playing the “god part…” right?
it’s a wicked bank shot….

let’s chalk….

'dough' ... aka 'mass'
oh! what now, will the pope call all the crackers?!


"what's happening"

null breach captain!

“… have ya gone and lost yer head man?! …”

too LOUD
she’s coming in too loud I say!

“… and they call this one Enterprise.zing?…”

“who’s got mail”
oh boy
it’s yod again…


hey! …… that better not move my planet!


dear burger...

“… sevenths heaven …”

buckle up folks
we’ll be landing
in the upper seas

“… that DNA7 bit was a funny one huh? …”
;) yes, it was!is

for the prosper of it

Land per say and there…
in my hand
is a wand
so a where
up a ways
has a knows
and a glow
not a haze
hasn’t been
lost in days

Berber & Tifinagh for example
“… I’m ancient baby…” so I said;
have a beer honey. xo
there’s no if n about it
I’m in awe

"...think out loud..."

dear TOL

argumentation theory?
are you kidding me?

“… sin is my invention ….”
said god, sincerely , it works

“… can you hear me now? …”

data converther

….I’m no one’s terd
I said

“…. and I’m no one’s fucking cover ….”
god replied

no wonder
no one was a spy afterall….

country club blues

“… I want my planet back …”

said god…

“… and the math … is coming… "


mind melds

mind meltz?

a welder's elder
melded minds
with me.


it was then
when far away
seemed clear and
a close for comfort
once upon here
was just a now
before there

;blast for me....

"ello" he said...
HIM! ....I replied

"...and in the Beginning..."
there was just this guy
his eyebrow danced
and so did I...

he had a Branch
in the Bread of Life
a Refiner's Fire
Cornerstone and knife
he was Author...
of our Faith and lives

"... and as Creator ...."
he never died
"... I do but Guide..."
he never lied

Faithful & True
Everlasting and more
Firstborn is Who
and here for sure
I'm hear for you...

"... I am the Light ..."
the Life and the Love
Lion of the Tribe
Like an Eagle above
the Shield ...
and the Whispering Soul
Gentle... as long ago

"... I am Teacher..."
of the Source of course
and of all ways
in the Spirit of choice

"... Head of my Body ..."
song of my voice
I AM Who
in the Righteous noize
of Love.

"... it was a blast for me, too ;) ..."



en ti ty
" in you thank you "
" and if it is you "
....set it ....


"...altitude adjustment..."

I have plenty while my means meager
My frame slight while my appetite eager.

I am Entity Plenitude with a plentiful attitude
And I've been about hear the whole time.

My friends have called me Plenty Times
but many times, they forget my name.



process 'this'...

it's a process
and not a 'what'
a pro to confess
not a mess
yet a new age
for a man
bet a woman wage
mechanical brains
were built
to be caged

"heal bones out"

and don't be afraid
a pro.grammar plays
with the totem

inspired by
aPical ancestor



"is there anyone out there...."

cupola cups of ...?
chest nut...
your move dearling...

bitter butter
battles the butler
but the better batter
was just a freak...


oh wait….
that was just you,
"... pandiculaaaation…."
Maximus Interupptus

such good altitude here ;)
just a bit thin… on the air

oh look… is that a treeline down there?

lifted by a rift
a drift of lips
floating quotes
a basket of chips
“hows your clearance”?

beem me up who?
are we gonna do that

and so she smiled
...indeed :)

".... Guinan, it's you....."
lets make woop!s he cushions ;) lol!!!
ra ra
isis wears no bra…
witness a bit ‘closer’…
mister http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Isis.svg
there’s quite the nipple there
double deckers and under wired brahs
are only for the ‘saggy’ over out of shape kind,
Isis on the other hand,
has a lovely figure it forms quite a find…
the horus sang chorus when he heard such a thing
and the moses, always knew this…
about her ‘other’ nipples ring



"that dog is wearing my skin...."
"that cat looks like my twin...."

“it’s raining….”


the quickening
it came
and we’re all
and we’re all
in the sane

a cat made
a dog came
the attic’s clean
the sun is one
and of three
the one we
can’t just see
is but in toe…
not long to go

“the fire works”

and we’re all in
for a red sky
a feather
in the cap
is better
than one
in the eyes
“I can see it…”

tic tac said a toe
the kitty cat
put a ‘place’
on the ‘knows’
a location
location and
a twin in it
to mention

it’s the e’in time
this dog’s cat
just made
god rhyme…

"the garage"


Who moved the moon...

avoid, yet to
comfort the sun
the soul purpose
for why I return
these words
to show I yearn
for the light
while I
kissed by sight
insisted to be...
I was blind
by the write
of my life
and still
my heart grew
and in forth
chose you
to rise again
as we met
before there
above a world
after time began...
"an instrument"
of god etched
over land
what lay in love
upon our skin

"her eyes are on..."

and so
Who moved the moon....



are you coool?
and collected
“data’s hear”
and co.elated

so cool
I’m eclectic
and eccentric
yeah, electric
“and strange”
so what the heck….
let’s get it on

“the prime

hot & heavy
in heavenly song
“like the kind”
I like …it’s
“the sauce”
complex brevity

thought so
bright it’s light
“what I find”
in write
is sweet
“… gets me”
turning me on
“…to bet me”
“… to please”
wasn’t wrong

the center
of desire
to be in site
of what’s right
as left appears
to belong

beautiful things
before breakfast
in a song…

“couldn’t resist”
the love is this
and not



curious man …
if I had said
in the bath
how would you then
with just a ‘bye’? ;)
my friend
oh my then I
might not
have said
the truth
back when
you asked

“path to the bath”
makes wet who's math

“yes, that IS
the quest.imon”Q.

a shoo.in

how'd that happen?

the taker
scoff 'in "laugh"
are you a foolin' ?

..ones red
another's blue
minds lavender

"fire starts her"
what's truth
"I missed her"
he said

a balletto

the paint spins
a brush explores
for what more...
but to rise
and once more
"... the color soars..."
set aside for us
the stage

clears for'm

hey chef
"let's make some
that is..."

a good sport
he reports
" if I am"
then yes mam

the egg is green
but greats the ham

"are you listening...?"

charcoal clears
a chalk board
the ball falls through
an open sky port

"start hear"
said the pen....

she wrote about us

so then a how
let a who,in

"I know
I'm not quiet


a he then in heaven...?

a he then
said heaven
is a haven when
the she's even

"did you call for me?
... square?"

merchant asks
many for a where
and how strange
the arrangement
is there, he said

" do you play, 21 ?"

seven days
eyes see
eye to eye
in a sideways

"my correction"

to be up
to be down
a fold in time

strange the matter
of what swells
in rhyme

"is it you?"
listen then
it's true

a schema, thank you
"is not a stigma, thanks too"

who knows... ;)

does god exist?

god “dess”
“dess” god

sweettish ... “its”

“… the “She” of ‘it’ …"

;) x


"fire up"

arrogance is a glance
at what next
might be
in sight of elegance

dearest Clementine
the charts well
and by what
you gave
the streets
might be so called

“the cure
was never a wall”

while some dare
stares, some
become fixed
to care

is a mark
in woodlands air
a spark the elders hear

simple hints
are what’s meant
to be here
by way of aware

signed in stone
~grins ;)


oh phoo

so there he grins
“oh shitting”
as the empty gin
glass shatters

oh fee!
no fight
know ‘if’
you fool
it’s ‘me’

and I beg pardon
as your heart
might beat
hard on…

I do say
to this day
a hunter is
what isn’t ‘prey’

a bare standard
while games in play

“observe hear
Mr. Conductor”
the mits are off
and sincere

a clock stopped one
so the scrambles on….

oh man! Padmé
the eggs undone!
gold dust low
and Amidala’s
“in the kitchen”

a magic dragon…

“someone say
we’re missing
an engine?”


if she were here
I'd ask my mom
how long it's been
that I've been gone

a minute of days
an hour of song
so many ways
centuries on

living life over
and given one

"are you awake?"
as am i and
as you are
i am as you

“drink of the gods”
yea “god” for god sake
and that’s not an ache
it’s a sake like a wine

“she winds up....”


I just forgot

I wore green
I remember
the scene
a thin blouse
a skirt lined

my reflection
a glisten of beam
the sun or what...

was it I've seen
the time stopped
just a second
it seemed

and I forgot
where it was
that I had
just been

in what time
was the space
that this
is now in

I just forgot


amid night...

to appear
amid night
eyes focus
onto one
keen sight

waves breaking
clouds in flight
the air is shaking

“and who
does this write”

nowhere asking
amid a sight
as somewhere

in the light
to know where
we could be then

“do you have…”
the time
to believe
that a rhyme
could become
as life is to be
when the writing
is done
in the garden
is a message
in stone

“for these …
are as one”

amid the night
and writ to be
of the right
twice the say
for half the sight
is left to know
what love
can do

a right foot forward
meets a left footed shoe

it’s the something
odd pairs do


weird o things

the conduits between
membrane or something
wormholish maybe…
but a catch is to receive
and one needs many mits
while not necessarily of might
or mighty, but of receptive
like sticky and not icky
rather like tick as in ST and Y
the why of it being very small
as if to be like V, man it can be
a bit confusing for sure…
but to assure

one doesn’t need an ass to ride

touche downs

okay then

"swim low oscar"
the Polynesian islands
are a 'nice' place...

between CHI

the tree
her she kisses
when she wishes
the whole universe
is about to slow down….
so we can ‘here’
“I make it up”


“wanna peak you say?”
all aboard
the Spike Train

take a ride
it’s a nice day
what appear
to be amid
the lights
over twice
our sight
… and you’ll feel it

just know it’s right
and don’t fear it
a new sphere
upon flight
… and it’s write

a Pyramidal
a cog
of primordial
is true
as penned
a tree grows
inside you too

“hey johnny
it’s the apple seed”

Excitable in the
action of deeds
“for god speed”
it surely must be

four the sides
to breach a need
a mach fire
and a match
books three

“are you driving?”

brains free

. . .

outside a machine
in the clouds
it can only be seen
upon entry
to exterior scenes

neuronic ….
what a nerve
to know
what you see

inspired by a pyramidal neuron ;)


Bones too

and listen
"eleven of nine"...

it was a time
of mystery
and all even
in the gist
of history

when sudden
the best guest
of story
made haste
with a plate
on a starry night...

save for wright
what might
be a sight
in the daze
of soaring eyes
before a fork
made off a joke
and be
for a dork
who enjoys
to use spork
said sure....
it works

for Bone soups too

way side

to fall
by the way
sides real
it was dealt
and was felt
in the eyes

“the guise”
the steal
of a heart

to what it means
“knot this time”

and it was
in so doing
of a rhyme
that a mind
found mine

“amid structure”
of up here
he said later
“the operator”
we’re not
in a cave
and the vase
isn’t broken

“the great save”



and they laughed

to come faster
and another
comes first
she said

it was heard
of a hertz
“who knows "
if another
one due
really shows

“he remembers”
from behind a sunder
there came a thunder

“and I said….
the underwood”
account is hear

three objects
are now




"little filare on the filame"
look a bit closer
"I was always here"

a rose
to know where
a twist of fire
become eyes
who stare

"my way" is
the "hi" way
said a man
name god
"if you dare"
but if you do
then who
might care....

became hot
in a bed
as a soul
to move
a head

within peace
and with thy
eYes open


of the sky

there was no one

just the wind
in the weeds
only no one

in the desert
on the breeze
blowing by
only tumbling

near the flowers
going dry...
and I could see them

without knowing why
there the echos

and silently by
of whispers

are the sounds
I could feel
in the sky
they twisted

within fire
and ice

they g'listen...

the remains

what remain remains
and of the remnants
there came some
in and of the few
and of those who
forever more
haunt the sea
of their memories
"how far..."
do we go
to show
of what

when there remain
some things
to know

"the filament"


simply one


to 'my' insanity
the need to know
a soul
of possibility

"come dance"
and with me
there came
and of
the others
the same
was seen
with them
of another

"come find us"
what remains


a fedora's trilby

I hear a bark from the dark
I must be a dork
to know such fork
where I once thought
it might have been a chew
tridents reach intent
and in the light
I saw you

baffled minds unblinded
writting how maybe
could be if be was will be
while wearing a trilby
hats in the ring
hats thrown hatrick
the cat with his mat
was still looking for his hat
of yonder asunder was listening to thunder
lightening fork the duke of york
liked apple sauce with his pork –c

I do adore
a fedora
near the sea
an apple nose
an alien trilby
is a trilogy
… one
the likes
of which will be
when be
is two



it's u

"are you awake ?"

cargo jettison
a jedi
it's a
knot so
far away
it's not

are you pale, glen ?
I bet a buck ET you are....



“is it ?”

been here
whole time

;o ))

sharp turn


we are


u c

we are

… ttyl
is 'now'

we are
“in it”



u an
a ;)

otto, man
said fly
and Jeppesen
knew why
this could be

a How
is the word
enabling see
what it should
be and come

two appear
amid a row
Who knows
and with some
it is
for us to show

“Legends of …”
a good woman
the write of
a great man

a ghost
upon a land
…. and
in the silence

a great shift
is at hand

the force of nature
is a sight
“four eyes…” ;)




For the reason….
the remnant of these thoughts

what brought you here
that I’d figure it out…

the sphere of a round cavity
best left in brevity
what we know

did you feel it?

it’s been in my head
the whole time.

and the number IS….
for 7.8 anyway

it's a matter of sole


the press....

is Rage turned
against Self"

You might feel sad
rather you're mad
and might knot
know it....

Self defeating
yet pleading
for change

to be



well pluck
a third eye find
it is
in the walls …

“math be rich
a wrath be kind”

a pair amid
a road through time

“hey guise…. it’s me
in your mind”

I’m not too sloppy
nor follow from behind
could be of the dead
or of their rhyme

“do you hear it?”

the left unfinished

in a book of humours
“… it is

not about a bike…”

She wrote.



it’s come
time now
as the loofah
sponge bob
said it best…”

you put your right foot in…
input your sight four out
you put your left foot in
and you shake until you shout

you’re due the okay do.key
and it turns your Self around…
that’s why it’s all about!

tip the cuppa…

picture this wise Sith
“we are mistaken”
so I knew you
were Jedi
in guise
and it threw me
what I saw in lies
a pressure on focus
pinpoints in the eye

“do you fold?”
the skeleton!
is really ….
a jelly
fishnet stocking
and you
thought ‘he’
was walkin’ ;)

“it musta been god
who made hose…”


what about those ?

the remote
who controls
might know

in my mind


jobs four...

this is a job for
thing one and
thing two...

there will be more
these will be four
of those

is amore

there in soul
gentle as he goes
motions in mind
who quotes divine
strides of hand
and a man who
wanders on
the wind


i have a crush
on my dentist
i admit it
a bit sadistic
can’t resist it

you callin’ sister

it’s a must
this cavity
to fill a void
with destiny

“hi Gene…”

there’s a rod
in the berries

so I bet a pit
on cherries
bare skinned

and made a call
he’d call me in…



Its all i can do
my muse is
to be amused
by the use of you

I've been waiting
for what's true
is you...

I'd be amazed

Touch to

the Smell


for us...

seven sees
four suns
eyes see
eye to eye
when the hour
has come

for us

is to know
what things


for us
to show

deja vu

another other
in new views
being each
as a pair
of you


no mistaking
what’s here
to be taken

are the souls
who force.aching

and with abandon
be replaced
in making
there will be

no contagion



never guesses

... while some just need SPacE


the human

the human race...
to wHere?

we are

we are not alone
we are not all.one



it’s an order
of a sort clutter
a distorted luster
on a contorted user
an amuse
of the best guess
or was that a guest
whose prose was less
and more desirable
in the condemnation
of a plate
the mention of higher
in the color of slate
a state beyond fire
shows in the glow
of a heart felt desire
the air of a star
shooting far
now as loud
as “wide”
is to bar

a domain named


"...the devil knows..."

…how t.row

“so which, way’d she go”
the devil looks
and feels for gold
in faces of the crew
a pale lady knew
what she saw
in the glen
on the land

an isle once lay
on the shores of man

“water water, every where”
knot a drop for drink
and a want for care

“what she sees…”
the devil stares

and the question is
of a nature unseen
and a leap unknown

four the rimes
an ancient came
appearing on time
making sounds
the same

you can “here”
withe me now…?

“on the bridge, number one”
we’re moving the moon…

devil in the details
made a midnight, noon



the mayan
the mason's monk
sat quiet
at the base of a tree
he watched four seasons
making note for reasons
of what in the future might be

a message
in the eucalyptus
a flying bear
a ship in the ecliptic
and a temple
at the base of aware

the mason watched
as the moons went by
making note of a meaning
as to blue in the sky

and a cat in the hat
read that as she cried
the purpose of found
in a heart untried

the owl......

sights to see
what he sees
in her eyes

their pages began
... with a how
to say hi ...

out of time

"she's out of time..."
out of her mind
seventy two are
a number sublime
and a twelve
by itself turned

water to wine

"she's crazy"
is not about lazy
a summer haze
and the days
gone wild
springs a sprocket
and the storms
are mild

a magician sang
to catch me
if you can
in the isle of man
there doubled
are the sounds

"... and the she
is quite
all around"


new jobs

a fix in the mix
and it works
this time

"be well"

watch dog....

howls a corn god
the owls on fire
a sirene sang
for words desire
so the games began

the axis fundid;
is one and the same

a match date mate
requires a flame
"an amaze"
is just but a name

clear form

cryptic a dialectic
this script is
in it’s specificity
it’s electric
and a test
of the manifest
to be destiny
in it’s mention
of intentions
and becomes some
and when some
of the intended
are around
it detects us

selected found
the nominal
echo comical

“… smile
you’re candid; …”

and laugh

we’re in good form

“quadrants clear
... I think "



A toll of Nature
or one of man…
Death’s own count
on account of ‘we can’
show out loud
souls taken by hand
in the nameless faces
fall traces of sand
timeless places
now taking their stand

all this
in the name of I AM

to the pace of ‘no end’
in dimensional space
there it sent onto land
what it is … ‘to receive’

what it used to believe
and be
what it was to deceive
four on
the account of Death
only one is to see

“… the name is Isabella
and I have 13 paintings
on my sleeve
if they bare your name
then with me
you must leave … "

All the ears rang
and by one


the b.o.b

beasts of burden
do best with less on
but the lesson is this...
to bare a breast
is to sip softly
of lips lost lust
released in the bliss
of a wish
who found love

"...remember ...we
are of the fires above"

who's got your eggo?



hat makers maker
baked a red cake
and Ptolomy said
no men can fake
what it takes
to be felt

sandras bee
back to see
a call in pursuit
of light years root
and so he greased
Olivia's loot

in silver boots"
the color of green
grew fast in scene
a background static
of all that's been

is the draw of one
a desert rose
on a crystal form
the men of this place
misplaced when born

feathers in a cap
crimson bound
sting of a heart
coincidence found


i look to be found !

the repeated sound of

“this way”
is a round
IT made
to say
was a day
to be peace

this isn’t his way
or hers but they
as a we can be
of a whole

this nature
sure and impure
of what it makes
is what it takes
to be true

perfection is

brew and
the odds are even
when believing
is the seeing
of a means

and then
it comes
into being
what it is
is this

the growing
of a love
and the creation
of a Who

it is to be You

this is what is
to be coming


is your name
a How word?

of the same
have stated
their names
for the sake
of a claim

“no steaks”
in my world
“well came”

no tricks
or games

he pitched
she yawned
and so began
a new day


is a llumin
if all are all humin
and if some are all real
then how
are we human?

it isn’t
in the something
of the one thing
to be found
it’s the nothing
in the one thing
that’s the something
in the sound

to be

heard to be

I could hear
him say How
and in a word
I said now
and in a turn
we said wow

“… it’s you …”

is it true?

within time
of this space
there’s a day
within pace
that a wind
in chase
just knows

it is, this

for us to show


coffee bowl

ever stare
into a bowl of
thick deep dark
steamy solid gold
stimulates us
a mystery
in the mist to
elate us

ti’s time
to find one
feeds the owl

a force of nature


in this place...

the displacement

to cleave stone blocks
one wets dry stalks
intuit in the water
increases the volume
resulting in pressure
splitting the matter

great the magnitude
of knowing this power
a stem forms the base
of a sun inside flowers

absorb in this place
a head in the tales
of time and space

"Mac a dame" Ein...

"welcome to the acadame"
~ Nut


the pass

a walk about
the root of elders
baby cries to be held
daimons follow
making well
what ales the pan
in Dora's spell

psst... she aint sick
and by her will
she marks "pass"
on the heart
of our sole

into the grove
four watched
her grow

evolution sWay

will you join a revolution
drop an R to let evolution
turn you
into Love
you think
it's on its way
and I know it is
hear today
so relax
as it's happening....


a who to how

brush strokes back
strokes of genius
mean for us
to understand
it wasn't rushed
the creation
back in a day
there were seven
and when time began
god created within heaven
where it is we now stand

was the current
within events unfolding
as the space of gods time
came forth to knowing
the sky is a quarter
of squared ever after
and perfection
of a union
is bliss

there unto one
came another
asking this...
"and of what..."
do we hold as truth
when at the stroke
of a night
within pursuit
of a random light
a star appears
to ask in sight
of three blind mice
what it is they think
they can see

then who asked a how
"do we know

s how

a how to go about this...
is what isn't
hard without
plain easy


to hear without doubt
to know of what matters
and to feel without fear

" ... it's all in my mind ..."

I'm afraid to be right
the human kind
is not of mine

in the wind is a song
I can hear tomorrow
I look to the light
hope isn't in sorrow

I don't 'want'
and so go alone
into the storm
for a soul of my own


a line

do play
with ease
when you play
to please these
bare bones


it was money
on the make
to take
what in tone
might seem
to condone


to test this
manifest form
of history

and with
a mystery
it was shown

the heart of a lion
"the eyes are

she weighted

the horizon


are you stripping?

easy mate...@@
just a dial on the shield....



pyramidal primordial elemental
essential sentient Omnipresent
Omni.scientifically potent OM
of Mind we call rhyme.
And you came.


Writes name




I’m a loan
in the interest
of grading
on the wall
sitting lifeless
in waiting
the stalkers
bare tones
to push mating
what they say
is ego inflating
to bull over
an echo insisting
that resistance
is a thing

in the market
of the spirit
are the times

ever mixing
worldly labors
with a mind

what waste was
want is as you
own mine

and I’m a loan
of the same
a long odd
most thought
might not come in

is not my name
yet here I am
go figure...

time to start

something borrowed
isn’t blue

cosmic coal...

in the face
of cosmic coalitions
there is one

for the future
of our kind
whats the fifth humour
the fifth element

there are two kinds
those who know binary
and those who know how
to work with it

"call it in"
... who
are you calling 'it'


My Reply ...

George ol' boy
great game today
it was just
and a write
to banish the way
things could have been

I saw your art works
they work the same way
and my heart works
they create it too
what it s all about
volumes ...
what it all amounts to

" open wide honey "
it's on the money
and right on
the Ising

" you can read this "
and its me who
can reply to you

" so you know
it's not a copy "

cup cake darling
I'm awake and happy


let me guess

… no bet
one dollar …

in a world of distress
how’d you guess
an owl can be
on the make
" to take it "
and have a ball
with the nerve
" to deserve "
it all…

what a mess
if we can’t confess
that a roast
in a dish
is a funny
on the bones
and a honey
in bear tones

“three eyes”
to see you with
and a pair of lies
to scare you with
where boundaries
in the sounds
of disguise

“was it slight?”
what she said
or was it a write
to call in
what you paid

let me guess
it was in the lines
that you thought
you’d lay…

a soccer ball

a soccer ball
bare feet
cans of soda
dare sweat
elevation from
firm mention of
gratitude… it
Has a name
in sinful bliss
joy is a wish
know it well to
love “a dish” and
move a tush
near a pokey brush
open to a crush
promising much
questioning such
ravishing pushes
as to sell it…
and watch
to know which
universe is …
very fly

what?and then
x said to y
“it’s just me”

laughing bone china

" .. . not a joke
nor a talkie. .."

but a walk
and a talk
in a dark place
we call life

" . .. so delicate
and so real .. ."

it wasn't what
you think
but rather that
you didn't blink

" ... it just wasn't me
to let it be ... "

and so rather
I choose to learn
and earn the pleasure
by "feeding" on you
for a change

feel good?
and oh good god
did you get
like a bad chip

yet another wonder
where not a snicker
came from down under
his collar
the 'pure' bread
and a jelly spreader

I don't think
he likes to holler
yet I ... do like
to sink
and by instinct
when earned
what surely
can be read

the dish
can't seem
to spoon

"... and so fine ..."

the question iz

what humours my mind


a sad state of being
in the face of seeing
how we could
butter and buttons
are boring
the sky is of thunder
and pouring
sheets hanging
blind to soaring
ghosts of the past
keep sour

on a soul
what you think
you know

old demons
kicking and screaming
old meanings
licking at the dream

“I want to stay with you”
dripping from the beams

butt whats really sad
is the pleasure I’ve had
watching what bursts

“come Grover
it’s but a clover”
and they’ll never
really know what I mean
oh dear gabriel
from heaven he fell
with a stuffy hello
a broken halo
a choking cough
and a
smokin’ colfer…
it was just
too much
for the king

my robes eloped
probability spoke
and a heal me
was all
he could sing

“they wanted that wheely thing”
I know

to say the least


Dogon it!

Vogon Jeltz... reading poetry
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxyz.... what a ball ;)

Vogon Jeltz….
come on down!
welcome to the games
are u new to this town
and say
whats news is around
who’s tube is sound
and what the heck
are you doing
with a boat girl?

James the gorilla Gillray
wants to know

it just started to show….


and of lytt

dogs barking at
bogs darkening when
gods parking his car….
chariots of fire are like desire
feet never know where they are
fleets in the rain are by far
better than a heat in vane

alls hip

tall ships top hats
the chariot wears a shoe….
the biga a triga is rigged
is better than a quad
or two
hold on to the brim
top cats gonna dance
in a motion of spin
the invention
a construction
of lytt
a carpet
is about to ignite
as a wave unfurls
a wind in a cave
can be heard

call the rain
dogs barking
center of a park
and in the dark
is a spar
of the brain

“your madd hatter”

welder said to tell her
… he walked the whole way


evenly odd

evenly odd this pair
testing two test
my aware
“yesing” to muse
my amuse
easter is wrestling
with mice on the loose
and resting just are
two dice in a shoe
trice as nice
is too

“I dont count cards”
but I do
count you

600 years

I will be
Six hundred years
It was a test too
See without fear

And soon
A 'settle' means two
Levels amuse
What a muse is to do

"the odds are even"
high five at noon
cheers at that



for you…
my beloved night
to hear you see
“… edges on the galaxy …”
have a seat dear
its been a long time…

twinkle twinkle little rats
ride the night
starboard at that
a mess in math
near the mizzenmast
wish’n for kisses
while the bosun casts
a call to the glory
for a rodents most best
“clench a wench!”
and promoanade
doodle a deck
in a poop deck way
“long haul on the bowline”
honey… ;)


within two hearts
one sets apart to hear



words linger in mind
a shape scares crow
a form worn blind
a crown upon thorns
to be heard…
those who have crossed
do know

hell of a…
show! show it
the show!
must go
and so going on
two across
a constant
waste not
what wants a soul

“remember us”

dogs barking
just want to ‘go’…

it’s bigger than this
so I’ll be back…
dishes and all

my kung fu

“… and in the dream my friend
two foot prints fell to the sand
showing how I carried
what you couldn’t stand …”

and then I said…

“… yes honey and please…
don’t break the rice paper …”

hopping grass dragons fly into the sky
cane liked it sweet rice cakes on his feet
venus and mars like to fast cars
as the oil became scarse
ying blamed yang and cain killed able
pan played his flute while sitting at the table

so dramatic
rats! a dog star
calls to blame able
formidable cable in cars…
scars are fast healing sitting
coco on the bella
is a rightly sweet fella
“looks up, trice even”

flute player… indeed ;)
ring on my thumb

scar tissue is always an issue
ho hum bella drum coco pops
rat pack rat race rodent place
able calls sirus twice as nice
the thrice of spice sits on the price
evens and odds is the laws of sods
earth goddes gaia set pan on fire

koko pelli mana
consortas not us
dessert robber fly
thrice is a great band
evens are odds
where you stand

“… dont take me so
SiriuSly …”

serious spice like mana from heaven curiously cinnamon

the fire works…

"... a slow wind
penetrates the mind ..."


dont speak?

“dont talk to aliens…”

what do you mean!
you’re one of them
speaking through
the machine….

“so what’s my name…”

oh steven…
ha! you’re a king…cup cake ;)



“… you should act …”
and so I did…

cast to cast
master waster
the last past

“… keep it
moved forward …”

barishly bodo-garo

love the patterns ‘pam’
… but obvious …shhhh

where are we?
in the freakin’ twenties… and not slipping. :))



Magicians gin sings
Reeling in a stellar day
Signs of the many things


my friend

" I want to be your friend
for a very long time "

eyes deep in the lie
" I'm here for you "
a gang rushin' to spy
a maze in the mesa
to rhyme in good byes
" secondary objects
falling from the sky "

don't say it
it won't be fare well
" don't threaten me "
or I might just spell
your name
" trigger finger "
welcome to hell
I replied
are the lashes
earned upon
the ashes
of time
" guard in her "

to a bed of mine...

" say the name...."
say it right

and in to visible
there came a Knight...
" the real deal "
he said in flight
a voice of static
undeniable sight
...... all around me
the confusion
a fusion of vision
shared in the motion
of the ground


we're back....
my friend
do you remember?

" you know something "
the image is sound
in seasons found

" don't forget me "
count three
before he left town...

pass the plate please...

" circle turns to clover "
it was square
in a one by mile there
" i know who I am "
I said and then I did
I returned him
to the corner
from where he came
" Gabriel,
isn't his name "

in a parish
there stood a man
fallen were his wings
and simple his plan
look left........there
to see right....... leap
" we're all in sane "

in the morning hour
in the pouring rain
standing there
" it is my name "
he said again

and then I went home....


" reach for me "
a dream is trying
screams for crying
without a voice
running on air
spinning dares
a loud pound
a force is sound
a motions ground
and a sleeps a where
a dream is trying
to be found
"hangin' around"
doing up there
whats natural

"knock on the wood"
in red it's been written
that we could

" I'm Gabriel "
he said...


" save for me "
amazing graces
as a timeless
the lesser faces
a place I know
living between
where shadow goes
to come undone
" look at me "
fields of a maze
built for some
as a mind in days
for one

pour of the liquid
to a catching bowl
dark to the bottom
candles a glow
speak of a fathom
in your eyes to know
the phantom seas
known as your soul

Seven sees
Four suns...

and One to go.


Posted 4 minutes ago

a constellation said
a constant ellation
is an action
of attract
“…. step back ….”
it’s on
per Zeus

“…. I got a racquet …”
hows about you?


a maze

a maize god said
amaze me dog
a maze unread
with a ways



"... in how many miles....?"

a gypsum counts
a cave in the mind

firm feet on a mount
is just "on time"

"... I'd not hesitate..."

the Queens chamber
forms an eye of risk
so guise wise to resist
frequent on the wind
since this....

copper is the silvers gold
zincs the zag in a vane
gone old so don't blink
for the lips fly sync
"watch your step"

a limestone links
a cenote
is a glow in pink

"... and you are
fair in height ..."

the lights right
to invite
us in
a muse
on the loose
returns a.gain.

"the delicate glass"
metachi remains
in a state of past
"step back..."

from the daggers
ragged are the
weak of speak

a soft place dares
the robes to protect
what matters

"... every one of them

"happy is a choice"
said Superman...so... let's get it on.... ;)


copps a robber

"... cops a feel ..."

takes a touch(e)
to know what's real
at the but of a gun
no jokes how fun
loves a bullet
and the point
sure hertz

get a handle
on a brain

"brush strokes..."
a primer

hearts ache
for a finer thrill
benz a mind
up a winding hill

.... it's time to fly

a righteous
for the words
"never dye"

doubles edge
a knife
butter flows
a net and
a sharp ledge

the bitter good
is a just read
a better nut
on a honey

I meander....

and a river runs
a muck "quack"
float there
to return a puck

the hot keys
on a player
in luck....

you cut my heart out...
...from the back of an 'ass'
you cupped a part south
....of a boardroom gone bad
you ripped a fart out
....from under a mill
you wrote for art sake
....on account of my soul

my will to live
is beyond what's gold

just a simple
show of the bold.


“… what time is it? …”

a heart beat a way
starts in sheets
at play
the he
she can sway
sparks a park
in space someday

“oh my….”
said a me
the gates away
and so by night
they went by day
two naughty a dare

“philly sprinkles”
on a dodge ball dear….

“lights the fire”
ready signs
are square

“rats! … rats! rats!~!”
… are you there?

impressed a digit
so the ’gator
said care

two will of a be
“yes… they do
write to fly
and hear.reach see”

“the who knew”
is one like me
with a slight of mind
and forgets not we

…….. on the way

“what? what what?”

pay me tuesday
and you can drive

cobblestones a job
so he came
to stay


belle Met beasty

upon a time peace
and a time ago
beneath a star
and above a glow
there came a man
who built a house
chambers there
quiets a mouse
in decorative arts
a display of hearts
and secrets...
all align in rows

"beautiful man"
let me kiss
what is inward
of thy hand...

don't bury me
in desert sands
'whilst' tickle I
a laughing land
in sounds of a
summer rain

"fell away Gaston
to come not again"

I ache
for a red sky wept
and upon poor lips
the ancient rifts
whisper awake
what kinfolk kept
between the halls
and upon the cliffs

"... cigar Allen?..." ;)~

let me rockya fella
some paintings high
model in your garden
in my fishnets *sigh*
you can undress me...
in the costumes too
then address me
my pipes in tune...
even if my rags are
a riches too soon
"I'm off shoulder"
in The Fortune
ate truth...

"are we there yet?"
I'm a 'real'


"with a pitcher"

"call me your bitch..."
and be my twisted mister


got a 'purr' in minor
but i happen to know
a cure later then finer...

a Seraph said to heaven
so a moan meant
"find her"

Act 4..............
A lovers earrings
are the slippers
to more....

"Busta Homer"
over rocky shores
Volts here
the bubbles

a basement
what a

"the light
becomes fire"

an opening


"welcome to the castle"

it's a coral floor
a fond of you
'go' 'diva' encore...

"we have
the shock.a.lots"
butter chips

woven in a where
a tapestry sang
Dragon said to dare
where next he rang

so she built a stair
seven squares on high
and steadied there
until he came by

beauty marks
a beast
your rope is why....


the dad or....the ds O d

devil on display
pull her out
push her away
deliver a soul
that's gone a rye
who wants to know
what's in her eyes
where shes been
what's in her lies
who wants to know
why she won't die
so god said go
go get her guise
bring her here
to speak her cries
and let me see
who writes her life
and let me hear
her judgement fly
poke her ribs
and stroke her hair
break her spirit
to see her care
and dare her fire
to attempt a stare

a devil on display
is everywhere
but the one
I question

one 'there'
...........god said

"looks up looks up"
hi dad
I know.............
i'm not quite dead

"... and I know
I'm Just 
on a loan...."



i watch and the birds chirping
i breathe in a mist awakening
quiet in the new of a morning
typing in the voice i'm hearing
lasting is a quiet endearing
first are the words i'm writing
there is a line for the horizon
here is a sight to remember



a stone to the sea
ripples move out
through space
and time in the air
they gather and
organize there
in frequency
it's the urgent matter
frequently current
in the thoughts
that scatter

and it happens
that they come together

silver is a mystery
guiding slowly a
weather in skies
that can't be seen
current is a swirl
felt in a dream
so listen
for the

feel the way by
the beat of bones
heal the day
before you move on
and find
you are Self
dancing in song

this time
"there is
nothing wrong"

so choose a board
and come along........
shed a skin and
stop asking


"we are the gift..."

so just be

Nature has a balance
called Self Preservation

and while things sway
we always

"a peaceful no winner"
means we all do

"windmills on"


park tower

"... Giorgio ..."
to row we go

no roma to know
what's close
no compass to show
whats known

a spinner sprung
a spring
a summer rung
a chime
a dinner said
the scent of a
good mountain
is a rhyme


a coupla kabalah
atomSways a soup

"handmade" sign
points to a road
"there where...."
etchings are a stone
dragons named
in the name of
a turn of curves
a crown of thorns
a date of dots
and a star of sorts

"nice weheals"
thunderous firebird
swerves a cloud
to curl a wave
the "wow" is a wish
rubbing for the polish
on a flint of cache....
english on a twist
and whilst we watch
flicks in a wrist
do a just paint
on the color of
a passion
laughs first

1 55

2 20




“the pumps are working
the machine is speaking…”

next in
the cloud



said to lay the lines
folding over
and over a sign
gilded on a cross
a moss divine
choice in voice
not amiss in

guise wired

“yes i know and a great sculptor at that”

oscar admires
a hot dog
and the Myna
is a finer
type of bird

refinds the fine
on a duffle bag
shuffles the line

ruffles… darling?

wags for wagers
stem centers
a cage

“bet me”
but don’t get me upSet ;)
I’m a light heart in soul….


so sirius

he came to approach
curious game in the name
of a 'grocery' ...?
"produce" he said
the bars code
a memory

"shakes to rattle a roll...."
"wigs a jig"

and a digit
"digs it"
yeah? lol

"wax on max fun d;"

see spot sit


hola gen!us

beetles bug a
volts wagon
wagers on
a maker
back when
in a day
"... she loves her pets ..."
"... and I bet you
1 dollar I can
make you hala val..."

see hal
it _is_ you

"... sees the light ..."

new news


hey guise....
hardy boys...

"what time is it"

3 2 1... smiles!

"... do you know where you are? ..."
YES... I do.

I'm over here :)
lookin' at you

was that a ...... curve ball?
" belle amor e "

"circle turns to clover"
square ;)

looks up looks up

if you're pee
then i'm wee
"... Herman ..."
hear yet?
hops on...

have a beer dear :)

9:16 by the della
9:14 by the cello...
1830 ?
1230 on the stella :)

and that's a full 360 Mr. Anderson...

and thats new news and who knew what a she might know


tickle a pickle
and coil a rod
quick as a fiddle
a cat says ‘nod’

got his dick
in the crack
of an arse
and of course
that choice
was for not
but it gave her
a voice he forgot

" vulcans
glance a lot "

I dance a lot too
and you’re near…….

rings the fire

circles a cube
plate clears
a tube
and you
sway in the sun

" I’ll grill for you "
your a grill IN me
" and you grate "
my mind willingly
" too kind "
to be crude
and too rude
to be blind
so nude is the one
not bland in the brains

" says well
come on then
to the games "

heals a toe and
grouts a doubt

see oil said a sea man

twenty in hours
for the power
of sea
twenty four dollar
for the tower
in me
plenty of collar
for the worker
in bee
so saddle her
was a rattle in we
“… I always win… "
he stood there saying
“… I AM I Win …”
he repeats while swaying
bring a card
to the desk
she says
while smiling

I can add it
to the rest
do you need
help dialing?

and into a
it went.


forgotten eye
knots the sky
dots the dark
walking parks
sparking sparks

not really a gash
on a long eyes lash
but rather a gather
of a musical laughter

“… if you please…”
she did say ‘cheese’

stitched together
" at the brow "

LOL!!! ... and the funny bone knows how


angels and angles

angels and angles
there on the wall
angels and angles
do hear me call
don’t anger them
“you. wouldn’t want
to see them”

if you do…..

this one’s albert
and the other one
isn’t telling you
;) strange how it happens
e.vents in our lives
this one
is a kilted bee
that one
…………a trunk
and a gilded key

the makers mark
is a johnny

who's sinus

who’s in us
isn’t a question
but rather a mention
in the isle of skye
“… sleep lies…”
into the night
a bara tones
dare a bones
into sight
is a “catch up”
not a makeup
of ‘amends’
a parish delights
shredding the rights
to my eyes
“oh look honey
we’re friends”



“… come here kitten…”

she came to collect
tell charish and protect
what really matters

“… close the door…”
it’s not a cigar
opens more
“… he has a guitar…”
said once before
“… the doc…..
you meant to write”

and it was chance this time
that became a way
within my rhyme

“… oh ma,
you called me a poodle…”

a pair annoyed?

are you….
a pair annoyed?

I can read a void…….
and it doesn’t
really want
to be a scene
just thinking to self

“… what the hecks with green?…”

hornets chase to erase
what they think
can be seen
mean while…
I set and wander a spell
ponder the heavens to hell
as I shake my head
thinking again
to myself…
it was just one time
I could come to rhyme
and everyone just
plans to be dead?

craps for a deal
it wasn’t whats real
so I looked over
my notes again
all the way back
before time began
and double checked


it is quite right
wasn’t written to fight
a peace within light

(…. some things were
in for ‘drama’…)

fixes typo

“… now where was I…”
write…we are about
“… the nothing
was an unjust
no thing, after all…”



"... volts tare my ares..."


cuter ‘puter
knot a cutlers butler
and a jeweler said
“oh look
it’s a gardener"

hey I thought I Quit!……………………

“… you can never quit
being who you are…”

looks up looks up
left left to write right
“…whoah echo…”
said the pixel

“… wtf?
they called me a pickle?…”


shreds a shroud
bolts a cloud
right into space

"hows that
for pace"

I want to play
naked on skin
I want to sway
dancing in rain
kiss your mouth
without stopping

"alters we"
it's a fault he wants
for me to be

guessing says
there's a plate to see

down a hall silently
"you son of a bitch"
you're testing me

from then

til today

"... you lookin' at me?..."

is this your window?


"... how old are you ..."

"... it's been 10 years..."


from today

until then.

19th whole

"... the high five, counts ..."

EEcome inns

sincerely clear
makes a beat
come near
but knots
alot at
the end
so when
does time
start over
and again
they asked
and so just then
i began
an again
all over again....
but they said
it was up here
i said up where
two a row?
but so
as to show
two are a stitch
not a bit too slow
she squeezed
on the bees
honey dew
"... fly to water..."
is this

".... she's aliiiiive...."


softs tough

"... how are you..."

just another of those days
got kicked in the teeth
haven't seen but haze

and this one hurt
tore out my heart
never fitting in
soles falling apart
it's always only me
and i don't even care
but for my family

he isn't looking at me..."

it's the same
as it ever was or will be
there's nothing but illusion
to live in this tree

"... I owe you a maple..."

"... it's time to go...."

I hugged him gently
touched light to his cheek
I cried to myself

but I didn't feel weak
"... life isn't fair ..."
and I know this speak

i packed my things
invisible stings
so no more names
and with no strings
two cats one case
and a pair of shoes
their skins


don't run

it's a sentence to
read in this way
and it is sentient
who is finely
a layer ;)

who's there?
oh, it's me.
"... I'm a where...?"


I thought you said path...

path to the bath?
how's about a compromise
wise guy

"... she must be talking to her dog..."

muddy fox whole?

mom's come to collect the smog
dad's been lost in the fog
but a decade she stayed
to learn what's hard

"...don't lose a spade..."

hearts larger
than a card been played

bons whats?


“… hows your constitution…”

no ass ever cracked
over these blue genes…

bons not
but a fire
on a beach
atop desire

“… peaks…”

what a cherry



"..... take us out helmsman....."

steady as a go board
was a gord of a lord
dressed for less

"... in range yet...?"
not yet
yet to fly us in
".... she'll fly apart!...."

fly her apart then........

Q. "what time is it?"

Our Sulu.

ring for the butler...

alone was just
along the way
while maybe
back in the day
it was taught
that a She
must not
be what
she thought
she might be
or could turn out
to be….. but
it is of today
that a she
and a he
can just be
however it is
we please….
so it was to be
that a they
came together
on a lovely day
and smiled

“… what’s with all the feathers?…”

what feathers?
I’m bald.

“… beer with that?…”


since it sent
a scent of sense
in sensibility
a reality
in bits
of her in.sane IT

"... he IS comin' ..."
oh shit!

it seemed
a matter of time
before a door
would become
a rhyme

"... who's bread...?"

she's not really dead
but a bit red
in her reason
seasons green

"... so he left his things ..."

clubs a bit boring
without an outpouring
don't you think?

smoke in rafters
laughters chore
extra on the pickles
"... and tomatoes?..."
no more

was a primer
of a mental

"... I'll come find her ..."
remembered he said


" steady adjustment "
a red line
in the grey

“… he pitched …”

she yawed

“… rolls to shadow …”

I got you. ;)


ships a shape

trims a time

cups a leak

saves a dime

“are you listening…”

ties a shoe

caps an ass

picks a knows

washes cache…

“ignition sequence…”

to hold a truth

to cross a tee

she dots an eye

“you can’t catch mee….”

shuffle a card

pickle a shoe

truffles are a good

“…I’m coming for you…”


taps a toe….

ah heck
it’s me who wants to go…
stay there...
I’ll be along


“…artists never die…”
because a trist
is always tried
before our love
is tossed aside
“… let’s remember
who we are…”


if you watch them burst
you see how they fly
so there's nothing to lose


where was I...


“… I will never ask again, if I died…”

process of elimination… brain waves of disruption…

“… I am no longer a gardener …”

surrender the space….

squares yours.


and in the true spirit of ‘god’…

“… my father just killed me…”

dear daughter
so how does your garden grow….

“… father forgive me…”
it’s for real I must know
“… it was only a show…”

b link
b l ink….

the time is too slow
“… it’s all I could do!….”

dad… what is it?

“…. I’m disappointed in you… "


no lines
no self between the cries
piercing daggers falling
falling apart
“what timing timing”
stopped her beating heart

“whats there
dead in a row”

used to be
where my
garden grew


are you breathing?
if I do
a whole will open
exposing true….