the dad or....the ds O d

devil on display
pull her out
push her away
deliver a soul
that's gone a rye
who wants to know
what's in her eyes
where shes been
what's in her lies
who wants to know
why she won't die
so god said go
go get her guise
bring her here
to speak her cries
and let me see
who writes her life
and let me hear
her judgement fly
poke her ribs
and stroke her hair
break her spirit
to see her care
and dare her fire
to attempt a stare

a devil on display
is everywhere
but the one
I question

one 'there'
...........god said

"looks up looks up"
hi dad
I know.............
i'm not quite dead

"... and I know
I'm Just 
on a loan...."

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Bill Robertson said...

I may not be female ..but this sure resonates ..! Thanks, Izzy