the reel deal
may be a steal
he said

“yeah, he’s a mac”

and I’m a ‘she’ see
and not a bit PC
it might just be
a Mr.E if the
price is right
and the writes
on flight…

for a rod
and a really
hot real
and a bond
in a pond
for a dot cometh
and can do it
in a conduit
so come on to it
as the same
in just
the right time

“… my visual says
bright skies and 70 degrees…”

“dont tell her you’re lost
you’ll never live it down”

uhuru! assures Ahura
and with her a map
a blind man and…

“…. you’ll never live it down….”

don’t pay it mind …
is there a problem?

“… we can’t see a thing….”

so point for us!

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