busta snicker....

how now
i feel better
in just one pounce
a bite size bag
and just one……..
small ounce
of the four.forty
are you adorea?
or ja’dore
before explore
and before
the right do
was that
just you too
when an ashton
spent for an ash
on me and
can you see
this might be
if it were that a we
became only but(t)
a cup of the sea
and a snicker……!
she said its thicker
than that
what we’ve done
with a two ton hat
and a spatted
“cats eye” guy.

and I don’t give
two shits
if you
understand me
or not
am i too hot?
some say
but mild in spice
so you can too, play
ha! “i don’t bite”
just a nibble...

"thanks for the berger and glasses of wine"
was a great change of time....

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