a pair annoyed?

are you….
a pair annoyed?

I can read a void…….
and it doesn’t
really want
to be a scene
just thinking to self

“… what the hecks with green?…”

hornets chase to erase
what they think
can be seen
mean while…
I set and wander a spell
ponder the heavens to hell
as I shake my head
thinking again
to myself…
it was just one time
I could come to rhyme
and everyone just
plans to be dead?

craps for a deal
it wasn’t whats real
so I looked over
my notes again
all the way back
before time began
and double checked


it is quite right
wasn’t written to fight
a peace within light

(…. some things were
in for ‘drama’…)

fixes typo

“… now where was I…”
write…we are about
“… the nothing
was an unjust
no thing, after all…”

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