wanting to touch
what in heaven i trust
are the eyes of one
haunting me…
tempting quietly
a sacred ‘these’
in a ‘this’ of ‘there’
which i can taste
in a breath of air
and my whisper
wants to touch
your mind;...
and especially…

exquisite it is
and simple within
endless complexity
from a distant wind

i can love…
be a nameless
and a faceless me
and with a coy smile
i can keep a hope
in a secret place
have a special wish
for a magic force
to undo the anguish
and give me a voice…
Call me the magic and
you’re the secrets chorus.


Sponge bob squared a banshee
danced around in the mind of auntie
looking for his cursive way…
when a long legged spider
came to sit down beside him
and cried that it’s not his day.
”...you can’t have your cake
and eat it too…”
Especially if
the auntie’s anti is a dude.
Twins were seen in packs of two
miles of smiles at the one mile zoo
pop goes a wheezy whistling tune
and the bees are a buzzing
in Yoda’s room…
”...use the fours luck.e…”
it becomes you…


“Yes, be careful where you play”


Got your paddle dear?
”...I’ve been playing ping pong…”
since I was a kid;



we continue…
um… ok


time we count…
A brook and a.muse
Took a look and said Boo!
I’m strollin’ on a Parkway with you…

Holy Moses...

holy moses said to knowses
”...methinks, shes both now…”
mutant Gene in
cute blue jeans
floppy shoes
looking lean
bending to & fro
tending rows
and rows…
of a sweet scene.
”...the potatoes growing…”
I’m face painting
Lips that stick
to his knowing…
Glowing green
the gardner seen
a nose on the eyes
of my favorite
string beans…
“Honey, surprise!”
I’m a mint
in a tea of leaves
Honey,bees live!
singing in the eaves
“Save a seat for me?”
scent of the sun
is forming
storming coal
shows that blow
hats from the cats
sitting above
and living below
“shes full of wind”
does it matter
if “shes”
in your mind?

”... page 2 …”
“you’re a turn;p”
and I’m gonna
radish you…


Hold the pickles
And the mustard too
A real time functions
Having fun with you
She lies in disguise
A gooey ducks prize
A funky ‘ask why’
In a mustard; on rye
“Busta move…”
he said;
”...Batters luck!...”
She taps the cat
on her heal at that
with spikes at the base
of her feet…
Hearts are sweet and
heat is the treat
when a honey and a

“wanna touch the ball babe?”

Q.Count! mutant



I’m a server…
delivery complete.

The machine works
like this…

”... you deserve what you get…”
”... you get what you deserve…”

Can I have the mustard please
”... care for some Catch up Sir?...”
the mustard has seeds…
Dijon… ;)
”... you don’t have yellow?...”
I asked but the cook said know.

”...you know something…”
I know that I like catch up
I like it best on a good steak
Least when the goods take… too long.
”...never hesitate…”
Please… order something.
Is the menu knew?
It is and it’s a Catch!22

See it as you do. ;)



Aelian, you have such a strange name
It haunts me in this senseless game
While I drive with a blinding flame
You hide under layers of sublime.
Your tactics intrude my mind
But you walk a path of wind
Trails in the trees unwind
And a fire becomes your spine
Burning between your legs
As you step to the outer edge
And realize, where you are.

"...who's got your book?..."

Playing in the lattice of spacious
Are a cats most curious places
Watching as you untie laces
Matching all your cards to faces
Tapping to the keyboards clatter
Typing to be free from bother
Writing into dreams of better
Wishing on the falling of stars
Hoping, to know who you are.

Aelianus Sublimeus Tacticus
I'd like to hear...Your Full Name.

"...Hadrian, had I not run..."

"I prefer Sun Tzu myself ;o)"

I prefer Ars Amatoria,...O! are we vivid; yet? lol. X

"You Ran..."

In a sense
Falling apart
of a lens to
focus heart
Seams undone
allow for the sun
to smile a while
as we become one
Innocence was
never compromised
promised and
delivered wise
protected are
those who ask why…

and to reflect is how
detect a pro
who dares the now
In a sense
calling the heart
to fall in love
and do with art
to attract a force
from the core of earth
The light from above
without fear…

“escape and be hear”

evolve to see love
revolving in center
reSolve to need love
believing in better
and feel love
to know it
even if…
you make it up.

”…I don’t have my one
so I love my one in all…
and run to a honey
made up in my mind…”
and why?... be cause

”…a Prince pea.ed in my bed…”
the story’s confusing
but it’s in my head
and I DO love it…”

“Adama, it’s your ship…”
!wake up…
“You Ran…IT”
”…imagine, if it were Your nation…”
Common sense inflation
Senses depth of vision
Revives imagination…

”…fight! the nothingness is growing…”

If you could…
you’d hear the thunder
over my head
and if I could…
I’d move the moon
to hear what you’ve said.

“I ran… to a muse.” ;)



"...don't quit..."
we just got stARTed....


Hi honey…
”...stand on vessel…”
and be hear.d;

Jake said to Neo
“there is no spoon”
Are you sure little boy?
Asked a voice in room.

Jack said to Jill
“I’ll find you soon…”
dish is on the hill
and the cows got moon.

Laughs a lot
came to Camelot
and “no dise”
is what he said
but a jolly write Leo
with a pretty spiked heal
said “on your side”, instead.

”...I’m sorry Dave…”
Hold your octave!
“Get in the groove”
and behave.
the ;DOS is on ship
and She’s an SOB
She walks with a chic
a wee bit cheeky…

“meow” says a Me.

”...we make it…”

"...the cats a way..."


Class 5.v2

”...what is she?...”
A class five mut Sir
A classy nut, what?
Not a nut Sir a mut
She’s a dog?
She’s a musing
none the less
Not a dog Sir!
A mut! Class 5
Pet her then?
you say she’s
got a classy set?
She might bust a nut
if she thought you said that…
”...come on then, tell me!...”
She’s an ant too
Class V of 3
Are you sure
She’s a she?
Heard it
first hand Sir…
Class V Lass ey?
I say…
Acts the brat
What’s her name?

Eat a Lion?

we’ve breached the line
and it’s still in the nose
scent of a cat
chef came to know
appalling humor
it’ll sicken your brow
the Kingdoms come
and a menus how
”...drop down…”
radio will show
check on a mark
double check to know
ET on screen
Sat.elites below
We are NOT allowed
to eat the big cats
It’s written in sand
It’s resting in stacked
Blocks of stone
say the bats bite back
I’d put that plate down…
If I were you…


rod and berry
how very cherry
roper rode in
a hi.drogen mary
chariot races…
characters of
an ancient face
play for a ball
in a boysen space
senses men…
a seamans Ace
plays for the sake
of a peaceful place
Sirens ring…
and the x.men favor
a flavored x.gene.

”...hip Rogue…”
is a merry machine
pro.on the deary
of an airy unseen
wind for the sail
in a mind called we.

I am okay…”
the Corals learning…


water melon in my garden
like the sun and moon
just two…
”...launcher ready…”
steady my hand
tending the weeds
near a row of beans
a far away land
”...it’s not a good time…”
so I wondered
and thought of when
wars are just plays
staged in the hands
of writers like me…
I’d arm the nations
with radish leaves
squash for bullets
that unload seeds
Peanuts money
on my jelly spread
I’d share the health
giving lettuce, head…
”... is it a good time now?...”
who wants a cow
chickens grown
in crowded pens
suffering blows
in.human.e hands
glitters the water
between the corn
I’d sale on ships
into rosebud shores
and i’d grow my fish
in between the stores
”...I’m god in my garden…”
and I divide the rows
soing what suits me
in tomato groves
and near my basil
I’ll build a school
teaching the mint
just how to be cool
and over hear
the potatoes anchor
on stalks of beer
to chi…
banana central
read booms of cheer
...but they say I’m mental.
are sooo good in soup!
my capitals
I declare are true!
I only cook
When I brew my stew…
and no one regrets
in the garden of Sue.
”...yes piglet…”
I was Just
Making sure of you.


”...things come in three…”
before I look to TV
my stomach sinks
at the idea already
perhaps more news
to darken my day
watch the tide grow
in stains of decay
another horizon
as Atlantis rising
can it be?
”...don’t scare us…”
why, so we can care.less?
and if you don’t think
I’m pro.human
then it’s you
that should come
to the shoreline
hear the innocent
die in the ocean
watch a child cry
from convenience
stores that supply
dried food in a bag
”...here kid…”
have a mc.nugget
moms busy
and so is dad…
we’re working
like we’ve never had
because we don’t
and you won’t either
because there is
no hope for better
so swallow our
rant and our shant
with more want
because the world
is going to shit…..
stop it.
unacceptable vent
smells of a slick I cant
oil that soils more
then a gaping vent
designed to crush
our will and intent
fight back…
explore unknowns
rethink the world
how we live
how we ‘own’
how we learn…

”...grow something…”
for a heal.thy.body
reinvent the weheal
rein in the ‘repent’
learn to value smart
a heart unspent


a twisted dot

Mach my words…
it came in cords
changed the world
to quarter fours
Math is a twisted plot
What is not
is a twisted snot
of a girl who taught
the knots aWay
”... she’s the cat…”
and the mice do play. ;)~


a twisted plot

hopeless fiendish plots a lot
plotted to take the kings great spot
toiled and boiled he soiled with oil
but knows not what is come by gold
black his heart so full of lack
plaque infested crust of bleak
streaks the sea in pipes that leak
feeds the weak in promise speak
fills the mind with words that reek
filthy fiendish plots a lot
plotted to rot a soft blind spot
finding fear in eyes known not
to read the deeds of wicked dots
but cold does leave a trail of hot
and a wicked indeed illusions cot
sleeping in sound ...
a twist that's knot.


what is it? TY
not TV... TYs, like "thank yous", like reassure

Trea TYs sure


My Vou 'dude'

“Welcome”, She said
Who’s the ‘dude’
In your head
My hands shook
Her alter shined
Did she just
Oh yes she did!
She just looked
and read my mind
My hands shook
At a gust of wind
“don’t sweat the vase”
She smiled then…

“Where have you been?”
The Doctor…
“Said you were Strange”
“You’re hear a.gain”
The Tomb
was mistaken when…

I saw you once
in a shop before
New to Orleans
”...in the corridor…”
You were tHere.

I and I knew
but not until now
I saw your date
with a twisted brow
and I saw the tomb
that said you’d come.

Rats in your ear dear?
Far star comes near
“pon takes queen”
and we’re hear.
wHeres the flow?
wolf in a girls bow
flew in the mind
of a wind who knew

”... you left me out…”
“you only think so”

Happy SoulsIshstar….
i and ihear
Q and U dear ;)


...but you recall how to play?
pon takes queen... check.mate.

i hope your boat sinks.
maybe then you'll remember...

"... the captain of the 'winning' team...loses their head..."

snapples babbling!

and I thought he said apple…
I hATE Smith apples.
Tart, without any
Honeycrisp or goodness
...unless you cook'em.

delectable gala
deliciously golden
fantastic fuji
Idared to see
a.Roma ;)

mmm... smell that love.
ooo,,, it's my cherry... lol.

"...Happy Father's Day..."


Right and Wrong

right or wrong

Tears in the tar
carried far
cry the dolphin
to a passing star
...help us…
see the gulls
who now don’t fly
see the whales
who search for sky
coast of destruction
while they all stand by….

experts tweet
executives meet
“fool proof plans”
don’t mean a thing
while seagulls die
without their wings…
is it really
what you want?

Gulf coast spill
and Ecuador
the Exxon Valdez
the Queensland shore
yet new drills poised
to poison some more
... what are we asking for…

bitch and preach
don’t mean a thing
if we can’t walk our talk
without convenient rings
tones explode
and we’re to know…
that a saying was penned
and is so true…
“we can’t have the cake
if we shit in the stew…”

to make real change…
is to change how we ‘do’.


See the money?
it’s not in one place
See the help?
it’s not in one face
My my…
See the Pass?
it’s the call of our Age
our time to change
...what’s important.

Come. Passion calls
on us all to pass it on
use the Write
to correct a wrong
amuse in delight
to carry on…

Come and Pass it on…
Coastal states
troubling winds
change the game
by way of minds

”... don’t quit we’ve
Just, begun…”

shellfish lost
and selfish laugh
but hells not frozen
and we’re not half
as complacent as
you might think
we can grow a fish
in a shell of p!nk
that’s right…
generation brain
on a better horizon
While farmers fish
and cast a net
the Cornman smiles
and our farms are wet.

Tourists will come
to clean the shore
change your rooms
and open the doors
learn to be safe
then teach us how
earn our keep and
let your business grow
give me a shovel
and take me to sand
show me some oil
and I’ll give my hand.
I’ve vacationed before
on your pristine land…
I was a ‘shopper’ then…
But when I return,
I’ll be your friend.

Fame Us...

...Passing on the Flame…

Fame Us… there is no shame
we are all the same, they said
circles in the night delight
to behold a new flame…

Light in the shadow of truth
becomes the sight of art that’s true
regrets knot know what love begets
so I’ll walk with you…

For of the fire in a breath of air
comes a flame to those who dare
The path ahead is, and is really
quite clear… being there
is being hear.

My hands are fire
My mind is air
Ink becomes water
When WE, become a wHere…

Matter of time
Earth has a heart
Understand her rhyme.
Senses become
a light touch of the mind.


Triple Play...


of the water
and of the land
i can be smoked
or eaten by man
growing floating
in a drink of gas
belly revealing
muscles flash
undertones of
sea and wood
white caps foam
some wish
they could.

;) batter up.



better a blind carbon copy then none at all.
i’m a beest
go pee
during long
recreational drives
smell the coffee
plant some seeds
use the honey
the thanks and please…
always please…
and thank you too
TY for short
and polite it’s true
peace starts with
a peace of ;pc…

she’s kidding…

Security Preach

we have a solution
degreese the notion
emotions focused
on dead ahead
oceans motions
are critically bleeding
in deed a mission
in need of god.speed
for god sakes people
WORK! we're about
to reach and breach
the horizon
all eyes are on so
pour it on...
secure the leak
it's beyond control
no longer left to the
playing roles...

the Marlin is awake
...and He remembers...

”...touché …”

Move Over...

hola shit!
who are YOU?
spanky girl
in thigh high
boots! whoah!
shadow long
disguised a form
petite in size
since the day
i was born
wHip! my lip
sticks out
and I pout
when I don’t
get what i want
Patient as
spit on a fire
and I come out
with intent
and desire
so move over…
it’s time to hire
something that works
cosmic my
Rogue.ish grammar
burped a turd
into propers
top robers
robbers of our hood
I’m a vent I said
and you’re the Marylin
with your panties all wet

I’m moving in
and taking over this place.

"...Marlin, it wasn't my club..."

"...look out, the ocean's mad..."

what if...

could it be funny
a code called love
written in honey
sweet as doves
on four leaf clovers
that grow in groves
near sandy beaches
that glow in zones
otherwise unknown…
could it be?

what if the funny
is a love called sonny
and a share who cared
to dare a masked pair
and what if the money…
turned into the cure
and what if the system
became a lure and
built the operation
that brought us here.

could it be gods creation
is ready to be read and
could it be the code
that lives in hour head
triggered by the riggers
of offending deeds
could it be?

what if it is…

it's us...

there’s only us here
sometimes I think
there’s more to fear
”...how do you know…”
what I hear in
my eyes when I cross
across the sky
in.visible lines align
my tale and I follow
close to reveal
”... it’s only us…”
the rest are just
a sound noize
in shocking detail
behind the sun
there are just one
event on the horizon
reaching a place
where by now
the know
can return

Enos Knows

”... you only think he’s gone…”
but like Albert,
Atom and the Ants live on
”... a nose knows her own…”
and to mana is to be beyond
small walls hearing cat calls
my earring rings the hall
and you recall….
learning how to fly.

dot dot dot hey guy!
dash and stash gets me
a gala banana man…
can you dig it?
”... Mr. Adams,
I’ve got your towel…”
and I’ll buy the vowel
if we can just use a letter
to clean up the great foul

”...I’m still overhead and I
can see the spill…”

It isn’t just for peanuts…
them shell…

”... it’s the nothingness…”
and it’s growing down there

monkey see so monkeys do
”... if I can move a lever
without my hands then I
can certainly
untie your shoes…”

a monk monkeys around
a maypole I may know
Tarzan… are you listening
Superman’s missing
and we are bound for impact

Carbon fibers filtering black
slick in the drink is moving fast
limestone blocks breaking free
exposing chromes matter of grey
... step aWay, time is oozing…
spyder webs weaving through
magic nets in a sea of blue…


I since don’t cook with oil
if I can avoid it….

welcome. to a.void;

looking in, I saw a king
so i looked back
at the gui.duck
and saw a loop
in what’s fucked up.

they’re still dooling
but not yet drooling
for my soup.

but I won’t brood
or make any rules
i’ll just keep stirring
and looking up…
on the bright side…
I might learn how
to make a great pumpkin…

out of a coach.

for a pair of mice
are air for the wise
i say again i have not
rice but a word
for the bored of eyes
...base come in
do you read me?
parabara is an holah!
e… she said will roll
to clover… vernal light
doesn’t have a halo
and a pair of you…
like a book said too
are a shadow
on the heels of a
grounded soul.

paradise as written,
was created twice,
a pair of times.

she is part Tardis…
and the phones are ringing…

we have 12 toes,
even if we don’t see them.

snow what?

sneezed a lot.
happy now ;)
we do indeed
have a spicy snot
twice the mice
and a monkey
at the helm…
came a lot
she did
to read these men
disguised as
eighth dwarf
is a gem
...she puts rouge on
and climbs a tree…

psst… “Snow White?”... she ain’t me.

"diminitioning returns beyond the event horizon
mariginal lines of visibility as solar flares
light up the sky there is no noise i wonder why"

i wonder how
an event such as
her eyes are on
can stir such wonder
on events unheard
noize is what i said
it’s in the air
and in my head
but when i turn
to see the sun
i thought i saw
inside a one
but honey it said…
nine slides on
and a cone
of silence
doesn’t work
without fun.
I wondered why for a while
but then no one answered
so I’m making up my own how.

"is not
is in
i sin
you sin
we sin

is not
in is
is is in
is in is
in in
sinus problems suck
... bless you
you shouldn’t sneeze so much. :) x

spelled properly, babel is just apple
Babylon babe the pylon thinks
I said sylon but really, it was just a
silly con, a fence that people sit on
when they want to be lead
so here we are, polluted
and in the head too
but if I were a geek
who had the code
to a whole potato…
but then again, I remembered…
my first apartment, I burned it down
making french fries for the first time
(chips) ... I since don’t cook with oil
if I can avoid it.

welcome. to.a. void;


Writing You

I wrote to you
in my hand
I did
before I
came here
I even used
my favorite pen
with the ink
that won't
I did
before I
came here
wrote your name
in curly lines
on sheets
of paper
I wrote
in rhyme
I did
before I
came here
write the words
of loving you
hoping too
that we
could dream
in a stream
of color
daring to
that I'm
the other
in your eyes
at night
I did...
I did write
before I
came here
and marked
in hearts
sparks flew
on the paper
as creation
I did
before I
came here
wrote a Book
and in it...
I was writing You.


temptation falls
silent along walls
and inside a soul
vibration grows
a galactic tone…
catilac apples
blushing skin
mm worm sign!
“Lito…my duck”
I won’t sleep again
dreaming about
steaming eyes
I’m still not wise
about you…

”...take a bite…”
he said.

”... an apple a day
keeps me…”


First ... Be Naked.

.. and when they discovered that their shame had covered them...
their flesh was removed and they were naked, before themselves....

flesH <~


I am myself.

I sing...

With you...
OUR self
... we begin. hear.



play only for the fun d;
ego will beg to be ‘the one’
pressures build to be the ‘sun’
be assured with a curly score
lepricons leap and say be more
Elements beeping deep at core
Art this is, where we’re to go
Mental road of a man made flow
Fun it is but it’s a bit slow
stale the taste if a mix is low
a texture of syntactical
pleasure… for sure.
it pleases me.

;p s
I don’t have a ‘coffer’either...
Smokin cup of coffee perhaps, yes…


i! oh…

do i get it dear? ;)
3.2880o = 86400 ‘could be seconds a day’
360 and too, ‘days’.

”.. boot up ah?..”
see, she’s not really a he
he’s the he that thinks shes me
and it’s okay as together
we’re really a we.anyway.



babbling apples!

Dear the Pope
was supposed to vote
but sat around
just taking notes
Holy Sheesh!
was he asleep!
and so it goes that
a whole in sheets
don't mean two cents
if we miss a beat
it wasn't meant
to be anything less...
than Heaven sent.
so if I must
I did in deed
asked to confess
within my peace
and prayed to a god
I couldn't see and
asked the guides
forgive me please
... I know not what I do.
humble i go to the
apple grove
babbling love as
much as i know
and asking still...
god let me grow.
I sleep not nights
I write in lights
flickering in
a candles glow.
babbling words
i shall not know.

"...see no evil..."
is what I heard.
"...and hear we know..."
is what i learned.
"...live on..."
it was written and


Secretariat Of State...

"...lick like clik..." ;-)

T ar T is T eas Ty

"...secrets out..."

we need help on this planet...
and I'm not 'farking' around.
...she glares with her ears
and the eyes are sound...

"... get the Pope on the phone..."



my reply:
see, I can
ease and
ego too ;)

say, who said
orders? Choice
sure voice
causes defense?
offense be
cause, know…
i mean none.
other words
i write for fun. ;)


Dear Pope

Will you please step up?
Oceans are filling with crude
and it’s rude, what’s happening.
You know as Mother said
Polite is write but only ‘in bed’...
Fortunate cookie our bookie
like a right bright lookie loo
took a look and is saying to you…

Cuss them out! You have a right!
Tell the motherfuckers off all night!
God says GO! and use your voice
Scream to the damned
that they have choice!
Tell them He’S mad at all their noize!
... they don’t listen to me…
I’m too small you see and
Not at all the kind you find
in the halls of a church
but it hurts all the same
what they do to create shame
spilling drills into ocean sand
killing creatures god creates by hand
... it ain’t right! and He’S mad…

Poppie, take the boxing gloves off
Scream the names of those in.laws
full to blame for breaking sane
Tell them all… that it’s God’s game.

I’m not quite religious but I can see all the same.
And I did get a blessing, just in case. :)




.... testing... 123.... testing
can u dig.it?

a very big ram,
to swim in my pond
and call me names

asking what I told him…
he’sanasshh he replied
wise beyond her ears.

are you making an excuse?
I want you to swim. please?

digamma… ;pRogueRammer.

and I thought you could read my geek.can.ease?

E there Al
et al.




it’s a Mr.E
that’s what I say I said.
a plus e sur
@@ reel…
you got an ego
and honey
i aint lion
in ever

^^ that way. ;)

in ever
...aint i) tho? lol!

if we can read this
then i’m you. ;p

"...pleasure to meet us..." xo


Monkeys Around

"the matrix of flora i adore her
is it a magnification izzy
i do like it alot..."

27 sisters
only nine to go
the first nine died
but they came to know
that beauty only lasts
as long as you grow
and nine more now
on the garden floor
show that dragons
are there to explore
...the secret adores
that a circle never ends.
it can be nine
and nine more again!!

"the dragon tree had many roots
but no pastimes or pursiuts
broad leaved and desert loving
the secret circle was above him
nine and nine is it a sign
that 27 skin and blisters
are also known loving sisters"

Dragos I’m in La La land
blisters burn with rue in hand
Limbo brother, is the game I play
Gumbo trees are full of shade
I left a clue with Mr. Magoo
regret knots know but
love, be the gets.

"myopic tails and speedy gonzales snails
forget me nots in the shade of a tree
where there were two there are now three
limbo and lumbo in la la land they speak
mumbo jumbo"

the cactus trees were growing slow
soaking up the desert sun
they forgot not me
when I was two
A dragon came
wearing Buddha’s shoe.
Uranus has 27 moons
nine of my columbine
were in their bloom
but as time passed
they shed the glory
while nine more came
to continue a story.
Snaps the dragon
to open the door
and growing there
are three of four more.
:) I thought you mumbo?

mumbo, jumbo ;) ma ma mia…
ma-ma-gyo-mbo meaning a “magician who
makes the troubled spirits of ancestors 'go aWay'.

"maybe mumbo maybe mambo
positively even a little bit dumbo
wolfsbane howls at the moon
tmonkswoods would appear just as soon
dragons fly and pollinate the sky
buddha sat and contemplated as he didn`t know why"

quick quick slow quick quick slow
that was fun :)
always, I enjoy our dances. ;)

"She's Rogue" he said...

... I am so not, she said...

with C.


Tall Tales

”…you don’t do that do you?...”

why yes indeed i do sir,
tell the tallest of tales, I assure,
it’s a measure of the truth.
the smallest treasure, know?
just to see how you ‘roll’…

anyone can use
just words
and anyone
can use just cause
but not the many
do to be, and do,
Just because.

”... who you judging?...”


Venus too Earth

jupiter sat
on his turn to run
but Uranus said
“you are a sun”
pen a tune and
become the one
;Duck ;pluto plays
just for the fun.
3 1 13
i i W E ! !

The Ticklish Apple

Adam pleaded with Eve
“darling, swallow it “
Her brow went up with ease
“tease me to need you”
she said…
it’s been so long since
words carry on in sense
interest held intense
enough to be scent….
mental intensity
reaches insanity
and breaches the soul
hear, the orgasmic tones
teaching, in subtle moans

...The Art of Love.
Ala.mode in a cart eh?
“madman… come this way”
she said
the galactic pipers playing
musical notes are swaying
butterflies dancing
and your eyes
just write
while I sing awhile
and just smile
here, on a long mile. ;)

“I am a ball, but not the chain.”


So they came
Tall at the table
And I saw them all
Right of way and able
Talking about
How the players play.
“can i have a new menu?”
“this is what we serve”
“i wont join the system
which is killing the earth”
“we’re not that way
and the menu is flexible.
we’re happy to create
if you know what
pleases you.”

The paws were deafening
While I was polite
Standing eye to eye
While he sat in the light.

“quit being so difficult
and just order something”

Sense & Sensibility

Sense and sensibility
equal a
Sensible scent of ability.
Heaven’s scent
is not
”...a penny earned”



And how can this be?
... because I stole the devil’s soul.
Thats how. ;)~

A Great man once said...
...“we do things not because they are easy, but because they are hard…”
...and it’s true.
Men do things because they’re hard. ;)
The ‘easy’ part, is that women know this. lol.

Build a Burgher?
Pittsburgh Burghers, Players League player
Mr.More is is on…

Poke a hon.Kiss x...
a red phone booth is what I drive and I absolutely, have a picture of me in it.
I parked it near the water, on a beautiful cliffside.
TT is what i said, when I said my pi is red. ;)
TLc love.

in too,
the Magician.


ruby and…?
wtf? ;)

“I said my name is Plentitude, Entity Attitude”
this includes you too
so. giggle up dude.



Dear World Governments, Leading Holy People,
Secret Services, Lodges, Organizations,
Cults and those who would otherwise be categorized as N/A…

I want you to know that I have as of this moment,
common.deared this planet. With my extra.ordinary
powers of observation, I have single handedly figured out
that I am the boss. Your and, buts and ors are no
longer valid reasons not to comply. And it’s too late anyway.
Your systems are currently being examined for upgrade modifications.
No worries or fears needed. I won’t change your ears or anything. ;)

What? You didn’t think I’d get here?
Th.ink again. It was My planet to begin with.
... and you’re lucky I’m Me. I coulda just sent Mars here.
So give up now… be nice and cooperate.
You’re about to clean this fucking mess up.

Yeah... you hear me right.


Alpha said to Beta
So, How’s that flat?
My Gamma built a Delta
What do you think of that?
Machep sounded off,
“My Beth!” he cried
Epsilon’z ETA, is
exactly what we need!
Eats in the cooler,
if you make god.speed.
She gave the Ta
and with one Iota
proclaimed “Yo, dates! “
I swear I told you?
I dared ya,
to a Nu game and
Kappa the lamb did too….
So, How can A.man
be in only one place
when a woman
is always in two?
our best phenomenon
How do, you like your Pi?
In a Rho, sea glass
filled to the brim?
Served …
with a scampi
and why?

The Sigma signaled and
the meanings mingled
said a tometa,
was a Stigma.

Thank You @Phi
Chips! it is.

did; the




The High.Zen.Bird

... and for the first time ever, in all of human history
there is the creation of a new phone booth.

Mr. Werner, I'm glad you could join us. ;)

"Eat Me..."

you can have
a man
an idiot, an apple
the man
but when does an a become a and/or the the?"
Cock of Doodles...

tango dear? ;)x

a man is idios when he is private
an apple so when covered
dna and a thee become a they
when the fillings, just right. ;)