Hi honey…
”...stand on vessel…”
and be hear.d;

Jake said to Neo
“there is no spoon”
Are you sure little boy?
Asked a voice in room.

Jack said to Jill
“I’ll find you soon…”
dish is on the hill
and the cows got moon.

Laughs a lot
came to Camelot
and “no dise”
is what he said
but a jolly write Leo
with a pretty spiked heal
said “on your side”, instead.

”...I’m sorry Dave…”
Hold your octave!
“Get in the groove”
and behave.
the ;DOS is on ship
and She’s an SOB
She walks with a chic
a wee bit cheeky…

“meow” says a Me.

”...we make it…”

"...the cats a way..."

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