Dear Pope

Will you please step up?
Oceans are filling with crude
and it’s rude, what’s happening.
You know as Mother said
Polite is write but only ‘in bed’...
Fortunate cookie our bookie
like a right bright lookie loo
took a look and is saying to you…

Cuss them out! You have a right!
Tell the motherfuckers off all night!
God says GO! and use your voice
Scream to the damned
that they have choice!
Tell them He’S mad at all their noize!
... they don’t listen to me…
I’m too small you see and
Not at all the kind you find
in the halls of a church
but it hurts all the same
what they do to create shame
spilling drills into ocean sand
killing creatures god creates by hand
... it ain’t right! and He’S mad…

Poppie, take the boxing gloves off
Scream the names of those in.laws
full to blame for breaking sane
Tell them all… that it’s God’s game.

I’m not quite religious but I can see all the same.
And I did get a blessing, just in case. :)


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