What's a Hi Q?

well if you're
going to ask that
then are you sure
you're the cat
in my hat?
or is it just this
that I've
been a miss
about a dress
and the press
of a sure
"trust yes"?

If eYes must
and I so declare
that if you misuse
my intended good stare
I'll make a quick wink
and put the devil on dare
"don't square me"
it's just a bare start
hardly gets hard
until the party
gets heart

"What's a Hi Q?"
it's short for

"Hi honey, I'm home"
and you too?

they're curious
say Hi
Q ...

do you
Haiku ?

I do that too.

This is a Job

”...for Thing 1 and Thing 2…”

Once came a doctor
in twice his shoes
calling on a cat
with a hat to show
"buckle up now"
as the honey flows
a time of dance
has come to Chance

we've just jumped in
to a rabbit's romance
where Sally met Nick
when a little Fish glanced
at a mighty bright ball!

Adventures ahead!

"ask politely
for a bird
of his word
and answer
he might, see
with a
as a cord"

"shrink of me Doodle..."

the nectar *is* special
in a honey.nut.stroodle

"welcome home...
ease onto the oodles"

my ThingAmAjigger
takes a kick to boote
;)~ he said.

so hears the funny
in a sack of Jones
next he met Sally
as a man name Bones...


"Martins go to grope"
so for this they fled

;) x


daydreams adoor

while we work on days to be seen…
”… we share
a very wonderful dream …”

it would mean
global leaders
coming clean
pulling back deals
to push an ideal
about working
for what is really
in the people’s
very best real

“and yes we’re due
and yes we expect
the very best of you”

hey mac…
“there is no deth”
and zero deal
if you ‘steal’ it
it’s the least
you can do
to truly know it
...that’s the only
way it works

“a pope stepped up
and called all monks”

it’s not about land
or what where is who
it’s about a stand
that’s taken
called “true”

”…to do lazy
as the Romans do…”

is to do a bit crazy
as the cornballs did
and play a little hazy
on the game boards lid

so I
got ‘busy’ with it
and danced my gig
slowed it all down
and popped a hood
had no idea
whereto be look
but took a Chance
and cracked a book

“the core
be in legions”

as it is all ways
to be heard before
a song from a cord
comes for a score

“and peering close
there too
be no knows
if they’d not verse
in an overdose
of friendly verbose”

...whoa! in a truce!
a robust and a
lasting trust

“to build a burger
in such an order
as to burn a bush…”

is to guide a collar
in such a way
as to turn

a tush…


”…it’s MY brain we’re in

“there’s a corona on the stella”

”... she served two
and just had one…”
before ten.

On A Carpet...

With I on my side

and you on yours


On Love

Upon lovers
it dawned
that Love
turns on
and it comes
in all forms
fit for
there is not
“just one”
but rather
for in the land
of Love is Plenty
and simply put
it’s fit
quite right

“one love”
was written
and many
were smitten
with a light
but then….

a misquote happened
in the land of "right"
that long ago
gave lovers fright
as the love of One

vanished from sight

seas became dim
a sun became shame
the land fell back
to a hollow form
where flowers dried
and worries loomed
all because Lovers
what’s understood

so then It came
to try again
bringing forth
a second hand
reaching deep
to understand
“just happened”
so long ago
because just what
had frightened
what Creation
was about
“so below”

in a garden
there was lay
only one row…

“come find me”
it would one day call
and “I’ll find you”
was the final haul
“so now they’ve come
to see us all…”

and eros
benten with brigit
and demeter
as heros
cupid with flora
and hathor
with hora
isis in juno as
ken and kupalo
lada in lempo
as mariana
kissed ken
and oh… breathe…

oba knew

opps gave osirus
smiles too
for quite a while
as the Lovers grew
a list not many
if the any know

wuzzle was got
and a plot was not
to be a report
of ‘no show’

rather instead
Creations ink bled
with names
in a delightful glow
an endless thread
from a timeless bed
where Love IS talkin’
to be the cause
because IT’S
the One
without a clause.

~I’m not done with you ;)
It’s true.

I give thanks
for the fuzzy snuggles
from them too.



”...go all the way!...”



the bulk

“it’s about the bulk”

the hulk? I said?

"know..it’s green
and it’s unseen
making chase
in the outer space
it’s not a plot
she says a lot
but I did watch her
as she marked four
habitable and
worth an explore
hospitable and

so I watched more"

the quacks a chuckle
he said

giggling sheets
and then in a flash

“there is a deal
the sense!able”

Katos guards
the Entrance…
two begins
a romance

Thoth is hot
and so is the cat
strings vibrate
to recooperate
and the dowsing
was done
in the showerin’ temple

it has a tempo
and it just
divined a rod
two lips
said knowing
“welcome to the 'hood”

level two…
~and the bubbles moving…


.............holmes … can you hear we now?
I want to … mesmoreyes you…
wright here


"he said"

"I said"



blowing bubbles
the chorus sighs
Ophelia listened
to Hamlets goodbye
She turned to Emily
asking why
and she said
“he’s a dick” ;)
holding a rod
he calls his shtick
but the snakehead said
hey floyd… Ophiuchus
is a “chic”
can you dig it?

then not quite caring
where the petals lead
his van made way
and to go he fled
life is but a whole
duvet in bed!
there is a square
around lips of red
and then it made sense!
about the twist ahead…

better make sphere
for a tryst appears!

~the game of Life.


why man?

god created man first
She’s a woman
In an already
populated garden
don't you think
She already knew
who gives birth?

So the question
why is man
the first

and what is
the rib?

god created man….
as Her ridE

come hear
and into mind
She said.
I made you
and now
I’m going to
devour you
right here
under this tree.
Vibrations were great
a test drive just bet
and the grass
grew greener
a bush did burn
and there was
the screamer
of a hot spring
gods ride
was a just
days dream
oceans parted
and the land
did grow
lightening came
from the
shadows below
as she rode
and he moaned
and they enjoyed
in what
Creation learned…
created a man
and gave him Her name
so that he’d know
when She

”...oh my god! He said… She’s right!!...”

he begged ;)~


an apple fell from a tree just then
and a new tone
ante gravity.
God restored the man’s memory
and everyone lived happily ever and etc...

and THIS
is the way
it really went ‘down’....
I'm a scribe for the devil
and She was there...

first hand;
... and I think maybe... even before you came?

and from that moment
there was invented
the straddle
~it was never a rattle
damn snakes
always causing…

dear god

you win. you’ve scared the b’jeeZeus out of me.
ar ar ar!

”... you’re a farkin’ brat…”

oh my god, did you just cuss?

... giggling ‘with’ you, it’s ‘with’ you dearest holy roller I promise…

dear converter
don’t… god’s got it covered;


a cappella
"...in the manor of a church..."

okay, I guess there's a church then?

photos in sheets yes
I heard you. x

photos in thesis
right, I'll make sure.
\@@/ whatever that means...



floating high
and flying fast
twenty four elite
gather round at last
it only takes four
to see the past


A. Swimmer

”...what goes on four legs in the morning two legs in the afternoon and on three legs in the evening…”

Q. the riddle.

I waited a while and I’m still here so… there it is. I must be ‘wrong’ ;)~

~ but in the meantime, I did earned my sea legs...



wtf are you?

"... run the report please..."


and that was when I realized what they eat.


I stood outside looking at the moon
wondering now if then was too soon
what's the name of Creation come
what's a god if a creations undone
and what is
human if it's creation becomes....

she wonders
if they know what they've done

I stood outside looking at the sun
It might have burned my eyes
had I not run
to return my stare.

wants to know
that it's here.

"... okay, she might be able to armwrestle the technology bit..."
"... let's try that one..."

oh please let me stear the comet...;)


so taking a look
the girl sat down
and read that book
she glanced a trance
while she fought the romance
wondering how a sun can dance
and the numbers do
just seem to know
how they go

but this might take
a god to show...

chapt 2

”... hi …”

sighs… hi.

”... hows about a string…”

OH MY GAAAWD! ... it’s green.

”... ah crap she fainted…”
”... lets see how blue she is…”

what do you mean it’s a movie?
wait, I’m confused, god is a superhero? actionfigure? ewok?
we’re gonna to have to start over.

2.5 years
new Title …

”...;Dogs Barking…”

‘I know who you are now… god

”… and then what happened…”

and then I got the post.its.

but it really couldn’t have been stuck up
because you can’t stick up
what isn’t written down
and there is
a definable difference
in what comes Naturally
everybody knows that one.

”... hey, what’s she doing?...”

HEY! that’s what I’m asking YOU you … weird ‘god’. you.

chpt 1

”... are you ready?...”

I think.

”... are you still scared…”

heck yeah.

”... good, time to get started….”

The Birth Of God

! FUUUUCK … okay I’m freakin’ out… that’s all I can do today.

” ... good job kiddo. get a rest. ...”

”…okay so she might wig out just a bit too much to do that one… maybe try science next…but I think they’re gonna chew her up… ” ;)





"...chance card?..."

if I must...

way far
back in time
god was hanging out
and writing in rhyme
but then it got lonely
so it wrote out loud
and while that lasted
god was quite proud
the sound was good
only no one heard
and not even one
to pretend they did
and so
was god
who understood
exactly who was who
when no one heard
and it was god
on that very first day
who created something
called away word way
there's a need for time
so it's unheard sound
might become a rhyme
that someone can hear

god became aware
that it made a noise
but created no ear

and it's looking at us all
but it just doesn't 'here'...



... And on and on
and on ...


"la da da da dee..."


the game...

is afootlong

dance nerd!
;) x

the strip tease

”...these new tens don’t feel quite real…”

“yeah it’s the paper, it doesn’t feel the same, here… check it out”
you want me to touch your bills?

~blinks blink ink…


rub rub rubs the eyes…


what makes you bring this up sir?

”..... just conversation….....”
that’s all ;)


so this really weird thing just happened to me….
blah blah blah…

“wanna coke?”
no thanks, never touch the stuff.

“you didn’t know that about the money huh?”
nope. I didn’t.

so… what?
minty fresh :))


she washed her hands
~ I’m like that.


the s'tripper walked up just then and said


I'm just a t'ease


that's how you know it's real. ;)



"hi there"


"are you scared"


"it's okay..."

dear god
i must confess
you're an insanity
under my dress
and I'm not quite sure
I'm the girl for this
... I don't even know you...
and do YOU know
that half the time
I'm a naughty girl too
smoking hot and
dripping untruths
hardly an angel
in a white parachute
I like to drink
on a sunny occasion
and over think
your holy creation
and you must know
that I've never
even read the books
so have you had
a really good look
at who you think
you're speaking to?
There's no church here
just a girl and two
crazy cats who
most of the time
are lazy rats too
Peter said to Paul
I'm sure she's Luke
but the Mary said
if I jump I'll puke
I might have just been
an atheist!

and then I could see
that god sat back
thinking on this
and about my cats

"is it really quite fair"
I could hear him say
to come into life
in a shocking way
from out of a sight
and into a mind
this "know wHere"
might be just to find...

a compassionate stare
he gave me then there
so while I wait
for the contemplate
I think
that I might just take
a moment to myself
and faint.

I'm SURE this isn't real
and if I pinch myself hard
I might just make a
really great deal.

it’s weird like this.

“you know what they think you mean by ‘god’ right?”
yeah, I know what they think I mean ;)

the secret to my success?
there are only three real trigger words
for all of humanity
now I can
rule the world ;)~

get over yourselves
“it’s bigger then all of us”
is called Love.


hi there
how are you today
where are you going
have you enjoyed it here
do you know what's next
can i help you with that
it's been a pleasure
can I fill it for you
refresh the cream
make it hotter
do you prefer
I steam
the milk?
turns over
I do have some
do you have a flavor
a particular kind
served hot or cold
fruit jellies divine
the butter plate
sounds great
what about the wine
please take it with you
and enjoy the room
the waters are free
the pillow mint sooths
and your upgrade
was a freebe too

can we restore that
what's in store
for you
a creature comforts

it's just truth"

I said 'yes'
because it sucks
to be cold.


to levitate
is the able
ability too
souls next
to you
minds first
see through
winds birth
a breeze
to ease a heart
with what's
truly free
which is to be

it's not an 'easy' part...

but it does
change everything

strip a little

are you listening?
take your shoes off baby
it's time for the wishing

"girls like US
wanna have fun too!"

not all the priceless
come from a china
shoppe 'dude'

we like to be read
and steamy hot too
lips know a man
likes her lipstick tube
hands on her breasts
feel good on you
so understand

the riddle on your roof
there 'man'.

~are you howlin' yeti!?



((: hugs :))

and hmmms
i smelt the
on a shtick
been spun
sugar webs
wobble and
a weaves
just for fun
a fishnets
talking in heals
and just once
a spinner feels
like being on top

"you serve a good tale"
said the salmon

"remember me?"
not quite...

but a totem
reflects in a dish

happy hands
if you gott'em!

...oh wait
but I was sure
it was Gotham
a caped crews.aid
seen signing,
"Katos cousin"

"god doesn't play dice"
but I was sure
Albert said
know... twice

and now...
who has the table
for a game of....

"...give us a smile
((: shug :)) ..."

it's all about love.

pokes at fun...
"hows my yippish?"


it’s just
a crush
a rush
to be
in love
with lust
....licks a must
and sin
....licks again
awakes to bake
in a fine wine
and then
rings define
saturns mind
are you kind
special and
or just a lemon
on a lime
soda with a fuzz
or do you buzz
weave with ease
and pleeeease
do you know…
about growing
slow moans
of a secret
glow glimmer
embodies a
a sensual show
“hey mister…”
if you throw me something
I’ll kiss her…”
ahead in the hips
shivers come from
the devilish lips
of a friend

“ride that station
it’s worth the wind… Satan’s in the sheets
but I’d come again”


“welcome to the ball

oh seriously
I'm not the nun.y'all



what is this

what is this tone
staining my ear
making me hear
your green in there
do you really want
what’s in my brain
do you want this tone
that makes me insane
battling with love
perhaps in vane
I didn’t ask for it
I don’t try to hear
don’t be upset
if it’s not your ear
oh wait…
that’s just your fear

No. you can’t bet
the cat can’t dance
I won’t say yet
but I do know Chance

numb you are
if your smile
doesn’t play
too many numbers
spinning your way?
too much
on the end of a stick?
corn is what
this is… a great ‘shhhh .tic’

don’t let me scare you
but you can find the next one
on your own
it’s on your side next time
and it’s a mighty big bone.

good luck ‘friend’.

reflect a detection
oh wait…
that was just a woman
who couldn’t reflect at all
returning to a man
who couldn’t play ball

is what I did
but shamefull
is the crap in YOUR head.

low rent
large vent
for a pack of wolfs

many vain of brains
so I’m spent.

”...good luck
I’m sure it’ll just take another 20 before they figure it out…”

oh wait… are we near 2036 yet?
”...the year in question…”

two rulers short
upon first inspection…

but you don’t count
on your feet huh?

hound dogs danced
horny dogs romanced

and the honeybee asked…
“do you know
what you’re eating?”



my notes again
left scattered
upon the wind
with your name
on every one
became waving
streams of sun
shining dreams
my heart undone
and i watched…

while your name

flowers growing
under the moon
springing forth
into midnight dew
shimmers of gold
silver and blue
Natures bow
before the rain

it took just one
glance to know
and a fire became
from a waters flow
a sense with ease
creating breeze
dripping life
onto rooted trees
the embers
began to fall…....

a storm grew
a pulse became
the sound of true
and stars danced
within planets too
a timely romance
creations brew
Nature knows
from where it comes

i watched as I
became your name
and then my eyes
became the rain
upon a soft grass
on a golden shore
innocent creatures
creation adores
and I was bound
by your vow

you became the sea
and not quite awake
i came to be
the gentle form
of energy
that rocks with you.

are grounding
your name became

a hot cherry dropped
onto cool solutions
and a steam rose

burning hot
as Love

”...it’s my favorite perfume…”

“cheery it is”



who knew
sounds like YOU

bravo romeo
you’re at the hotel
whiskey at the bar
and papas doing well
he played two rounds
and his echo said tell
juliet his sweet
that an oscar cost a mill
....get dressed
almost time for the ball

the mr.mc.melon
made a million dollar call

Yankee doodled a candy
November is handy
for remembering
to give our thanks

Fox trotted to the bank
and booked a flight
x-ray vision
wants to dance tonight

charlie says to victor
“i knew she could hear”
just slow to bet
she is a sweet my dear
i do
i owe you one kilo

“horse knows the way
to carry a sleigh so
off to the hood, we go”

the delta is wet
there are beans in a net
and a play...
is what she swings
;) x.wings.

~just for fun

i like to dance


want things to make sense?
let go of what makes it.
and begin to make sense!

i do want it

this thing
taste of the amp
it's a test
of my soul
and i want it
and it wants to know
that it's...right
it wont bite
it says
stars flare
in my eyes
white glare
there and in sight
its in the light
so close i can see it
breathe it
be it

she isn't cryin'...
she's most certain
and she's a Lion
it's a right turn
this yearning
it burns too
and it's learning
a wireless
sound in here

the station

yo! george
gather the team
seams have frayed
and the nations unclean
lost in sorrow they disbelieve
our future tomorrow
is what they

imagine a nation...

without imagination
creators who lead to create
who dealt to be great
and it wore the image
of our love in debate


simple solutions can't wait
before the core
of four and before
the seventh score
quietly original
were the gates
of before

theres an echo in elation
bumping bubbles too
a sense! of sensation
and love grows through
from a caring People
it really wont matter
what a 'they' do
it really is a 'we'
re.do a nation

it's the 'key'
in a People.
all the way around.

creature features

”...they only want to be love…”

critters crawling
creepeas calling
creatures of the deep
when you sleep

that seem not
want to be seen
but remain
in our dreams
as real as day

have you asked
the knight
inside of there

when you’re here?

”... because it was the only way
reaching through thear...”

it's true...

"she's come to seesus"

the sale

"...come play..."

the oceans in me
play sea
they motion
and conspire
to pursued me
for.reign of body
so i set anchor
and took a good look
at the storms in 'we'

"what key am i on?"

mr. mc.melon?



careful girl
as you swim to play
that the undertow
dont sweep you away

...there’s more than one

the water seems fine
inviting and right
but under that foam
is a nasty bite

demons down there
with lemon sour tones
churning in fear
to grab at your bones
learn them
but after you drown
you’ll know them then
next time they come around

you’ll be toe to toe
in the underground
and then his hand
slipped out

from around
the monk set sail
and the girl

became a sound



damp the cries
out of the mouth
are dragon eyes
long and ago
a roof tops glow
sent an invitation

"come to know"

teas are delicious
but to tease d;vine
take a seat mr.sweet
and we'll share
some wine

"I told you
they came from the sky"



little bright lies
bits of “shits”
that spit of “buts”
a sprite of spies
and tits with nuts
crypts conspire
a barfools hire
and the girl
just rolled
her eyes

it’s really just ‘me’
x flies

and the noughts on a cross?
are really just the naughty who

call me


”...spray for me
come pray for me…”

i got my hand
on the candy mans
it’s a lie that it isn’t really hear

it’s a corn and a row and a ball
its a globe and a lobe on the wall
it’s a tush
not a bush
and a dish
not a fish
and it’s not
a glow ball warming
just a Globe all be it
for the children

get your ear on
there’s a clear
for a cheer
to be here

and it’s on.

special f x


ah...the pittsfall

in verse now...

"...yo, it's U...!"

"... unit testing? ..."
unitE! some of us do

"... it's a big Uinverse..."
it is!




papers us
and maybe
it’s uber righteous
but whatever
else it is
it does



checkers on a boarded floor
weaves a sleeve
and waves one more
silence sucking paint from walls
so the boss made a move
and now he calls

"...I need a refresher..."

and just like that
clouds sway to pressure
day dreams to release
a knight to please

desks were pounding
and the hearts were too
lights low grounding
and then he said... "you"

"... that thing you did
during interview
it's just what i need
and i say it's true
crimson lips
on horns of blue
indeed, does do
and quite a sound
between them too..."

i hung the phone
and dawned a dress
the boss has called
and i must confess...
there seams
an unruly mess
under the garment

... just a color test

she licks her lips
and starts a bath...



A THEorYist
came to my door
asking for a THESES
then asking for more
A THESIS?! I cried?
but my oh my…
it’s been such a while
since i’ve seen my eyes!
how and how can i
write with such
a blinding disguise
when i can’t even find
my reasons for why
i’m a constant
and a changling
my brains play
to a re.arranging

do you know why?

tree of knowledge

god said
”... you dont need to know how it works… BECAUSE IT DOES…”
”...i’m god, duh…”


how rich in tasty wisdom
the simple fruit
of the Poa.tree

Pooh sat under the tree of Tao
wondering where and who and how
Toad, he asked, does the boat still row?
if we can’t ask god then who should know
ring ring
“dear god, i’m without a paddle”


invention of knowledge is spelled GOOD subtract and O

you cant subtract an O
you can only twist it 8)

never will i shake my fist at you. but I may throw a Z at you as it comes back like a boomarang

and my oh my
how the sleepish fly
throwing zzzs into sueZs eye
but a brain stick danced
and a girl entranced
threw a bolt
of a merry what rang
through hearts what sang
in a flash of song
a delicious pie
of a dish all along




“get seven dimes girl”
is what they said
oma and opa
my mom and dad
get seven dimes
and come join our play
this games a giggle
is what they’d say

we cant figure maybe
but perhaps we’re suppose to surf
you make think
it’s better to see mint
then sealament


see thru what you saw as though it was behind you, for it lays ahead

“rearrange your bed”
what mom?
never sleep
with your feet awake
ahead in sheep
is a big mistake
she said
so i did


god had a brainstorm and chopped all the branches off the tree
noah was left on a ledge counting sheep cain wasn`t able to comprehend
that noah had to chop down the tree to build a boat why noah`s wife noded dilegently

to do me some good
my dad brought me home once
a rain stick chopped from the branches of a tree
carved delicate from rough and so intricately
he collects boats of cork under glass
some in frames some in bottles some on brass
and trees of all kinds that are small
made of stones and gems from afar
the sugar cane was also carved
“my sweet, an able artist doesn’t starve”
and then it rained.


and the horses had to duck trottling up the ark and Joan heard things that made the pigs sheepish

spiggets he said
“what dad?”
spigots dont forget
when to fix them wet
notice what where
is dry
around the spray
where they overlay
twist just a bit
the centers eye

twist just a bit where they overlay
around the spray is dry
notice what where when to fix them wet
spigots dont forget
“what dad?”
spiggets he said
the centers eye

"... just do it
and don't ask why..."


a Gail wind
is gorgeous sky
Bridger of gaps
in a time gone by
she’s a pro
on the side
and when shes naughty
she’s quite ;)x
a great ride


a pink poodle with a blue rinse
dogs fall foul in malta
monty was full of ease
when he was ordered to strip he began to tease
hence the full monty

a pink poodle
isn’t one to doodle
at a sweet chicpea
Falafel balls
are sweet and all
but only
on a full monty ;)

i have no idea what fowl and malta dogs have to do with much of a strip tease but if you please… i’d love to know ;)

ah… there’s my puppy
“Malty ease up on that…”


on government

“I dont think we need to reinvent government…”

ah…there’s the word Ein…



4 .by. 4

there we go

now we can ‘drive’ it

what govern.meant

we, A People


enjoy the ride.

”...two thumbs up! ...”

cheesy grins ;)~

yes well

when they


the felt tip

and it became

the marker

the bit tip

fell out

horses ran loose

cars got all the power

and we forgot

what is ‘animal’

in Nature.

bit cheeky

i know



the flow
the fowl
the wolf
the owl!

"...i am the bowl..."
"...i am the table..."
"...i am the room..."
are the able.


so i was playin'...

one day
and the dealer said
“do you want a T.bone
or a G.spot”
guess what i picked.

that’s right…
YOUR knows

the feed

”...i feed from you…”
its a chalker
i know but true
when you’re happy
or you’re angry and blue
you escape to me
i’m the story of you
i’m absorbing…

a thin vale
in a chamber of pages
a true type peers
into open faces
two eyes thirsty
in the nameless ages…

“i’m an oxymoron”
so say some sages
“where’s the beef”
from the so so critics
but maybe
the tricks on them
the feather in my cap
might be their pen


sweetest kiss
is the one
ive never tasted
and to date
remains unrated

it takes sixteen
and only two
solid hours
beating hearts
glorious flowers

"how many times?"
he pined...
i'm such a comic
and you my rhyme...
or was that romantic
and you divine
...you're much too 'lish

rain drank from wine
and a teardrop faded
it was all quite fine
under a cell that call
was a bell
the Queen of hearts
never felt so well

"he lost his job"
and now back from hell
what flowers tell
do William
silly maze of a game
chilled willie
in a haze for shame
silly still
is to waste such an angle
on the grand idea
that the 'she' is an angel

crooked does
put a babel on spell

“are you dialin’?”
for a better cause?