what if...

what if god was one of us?
”...we’d be good to go…d; "


Do you know...

do you know
what i'm doing
when i'm
writing you?
do you know
what i'm
about love
and truth?
about spirit
and mysterious
of course
you must know....
what i do
in the candles glow
and what i can show
you too...?
the beauty
of what's true
are the lines
of your body
around mine
in what's holy
about soul...
and you
should know

how it feels
when i write you
it delights me
excites me through
my heart racing
facing paces
i've never known
watching you
in your art
in your words
for the truth
of who you are
as i adore you
from afar
and write you...

Do you know,


"...it's you..."

While drinking wine I glanced my wall
and saw a face that made me Pause.

Gleaming there upon the paint was a
glowing silhouette in the candles flame

I wondered if he had a Name

Eyes are deep and sway in the light
The face is long and oddly delicate
Softly edges barely there yet leaving
lines that invite my stare…

I wonder if he knows I’m here

Watch and wait I think to myself
moving my eyes behind the glass.
It’s not too late I say at last, leaning
forward and toward the past…

Whispering softly and into the deep
I asked him kindly… Did you leap?

written in Shadow 10.10.2009


If it were me, I would not know
Lost within the candle glow
I travel far, but merely feel
My sight remains locked in the real

all is real as shadows pass
shadows of we and us be.cause
eyes looking through a looking glass
judge not what we can’t see in pause
this Wizard came a year ago
on a night when I was quite alone
drinking wine like I never do
drowning pains like I never knew
sometimes and at others too
a shadow on the wall
can be as real as a ‘You’.

I have travelled many times
not always knowing
at times, intense
always glowing
I know not yet
where I have been
but know I have
for I guide my dreams
illusion is not as it seems
the other side is there to take
never intrude, just offer free
this golden rule is not to break
through pain & stress
intense emotion
the spiritual drop
becomes an ocean

i’m stumbling about
and new to travel
never knowing
if it’s light or gravel
smiling giggling
and making folly
with spirits here
and of there so jolly!
it’s really not
what they said it was
no knotty beads…
or confessionals
and i’m not quite sure
where i go at night
when i float along
by candle light
but i do know
and will to share
that the real ‘here’
is as real as ‘tHere’.
xx glad to see you my friend.

i squint upon candle wax
she wrote so fine
did she intend for i/us
to peer a little closer

2 peer my dear
and read
a fine write
intended for us
to find
a bright light
is to wind
as a sight
is to mind
when in flight
late …. and
forever so
into the night
and so she wrote…
sometimes fast
and many slow
stroking lines
into candles glow
intentions showing
until a squint appeared…
flowing… slow
down a candle
as tears
then a loving bow
as her eYes drew near
and for once…
she could hear
and she believed
in what was tHere.
In the reeds…
a little closer…
she dared;