You kissed me once so long ago
Just on the lips in the Van to show
Eternity lives in a single breath
Sitting in your lap my hands on your chest
Unrest in your eyes as my father came
My heart knew then, you’d forget my name.
shall we open the envelope?
expose the lode stone?
elope with your lobe on? this time? lol!
gLoves &
robes on 2…
Obelisk Lampshade
I burned the candle in a color of glass
Tiffany shade made the light shine last
Pillar of silver with the bit at it’s base
Don’t need a cord to brighten your face
I’m under the cover and looking up right
Washingtones dance to my beat at night
George ol’ boy, quite a game you’ve played
The Gal with the smile, IS the lampshade.
Shall we dance?



There came a Leopard in a form of cat
And pur Zeus did as the Dali pet that
Cute kitten, Cassiopeia said at last
While Cepheus questioned
what the dear had in mind…
Ruchbah rode with her gleaming knows
Seeking peace in the LapLand groves
But there, what she came to find
Was a change of name for the same of her kind.
Counting sheep and milking cow
She turned to the Ram wondering how
The Pleiades could have left her out…
Taurus came and to him she ran
The reindeer games where no longer fun
She was about to come around Orion
When she saw the club that struck the Lion…
so she rolled to shadow
and she LepTus on by,
turning to the right, and up the Gemini…
Sirius.ly… that was close. Custos almost
thought but not quite, made a mess I say…
Then Messier came to save the play.
Guardian of the Harvest.
Plate 2


There is no pain Indian… this way to the Wind
Father to Andromeda and the phi is nominal, his
Argonauts strut true sense as the normal
Robes of gold counting coal as usual.
Astro nuts in the light of day.
We change in a constellation they say
Hobbit of the East the monarch mentions
.... as her Scotch goes vertical
and she Lands the great notion.

Hey Chief…
Who loves chocolate? ;)
I put the almonds in the milky way…
they help the memory remember.
Plate 4

the kitten playfully snickers .. ;)~ lol!


For I handed on to you as of first importance what I in turn had received: that Christ died for our sins in accordance with the scriptures, and that he was buried, and that he was raised on the third day in accordance with the scriptures, and that he appeared to Cephas, then to the twelve. Then he appeared to more than five hundred brothers and sisters at one time, most of whom are still alive, though some have died. Then he appeared to James, then to all the apostles. Last of all, as to one untimely born, he appeared also to me.
—Paul’s First Letter to the Corinthians 15:3-8 (emphasis added)



Andromeda said you were Delphinius
And so first I sought you there.
Questioned and marking Pegasus
Aquarius was quite aware…
That its noon in the summertime air.
Draco watched as the dial went round
Wondering when they’d see the sound
And so I turned and jumped the dipper
Skipping along to the Leo’s Minor
Knowing in between the Lynx and Hydra
Is a day and a name that would point to the Major
Draco ET URSA MINOR… a reminder
To find Her while the earrings are singing
CameLeoPardalis, knot a wall Russ
But a cat Ocelot and ComeAlot she did;
Draw me Commando ;)~
Draco said GR Muralis… Quadrans clear.
Plate 1

Midusa sun of Jason

Beauty falls on hallowed halls
Hair of the snake beheaded calls
The Goddess Shield
He knew, She would come
Sail on, a Map was given
Sang a Stallion ‘bout gates of heaven
Made us as, the fish in a sea
Midusa named the dates that be
Muse as she is, she could always see
Stone heads are alive, same as you and me.

Quiet Pious

Quietly Pious was bias indeed
Made quite the noize on his mighty steed
Woke the Lion named Riotous Reed who
Spoke in a tongue that was crypitously read
Lips shining in a color of crimson
Smiles at Pious the fictitious mention
Awaiting the answer to frictionless motion
Wading inside of a waving ocean, she smiles
A smile of mischievous proportions ;)
A scent said to Sense
Did you send me away
The gates of heaven
Ascend in two days
Count in the heart
And know in the mind
The road of Eternity
Begins with the Wind.
Global tension is mentioned
Ten to 100 say the fix is sentient
Road less taken appears unchanged
Rights of a passage say that times unhinged
Fears are heard but they never let on, that
Dear was the word they had written in song
... Let the good times roll…
Why are we hear?
So that we can. This time.

and the good kitten said know, I’m knot, the bad cat ;)~
and MOTher Hat said, She’s good and it’s true.


Dasher said the dancer is Nasher the romancer?
My mind sublime as a girl in her rhyme do know
Said a voice from the .. where did he go?
Rolls to Shadow, I’m sure I’m dreaming …


Dasher and stasher in a Hat & suit you say?
The kitten switches tale in a most catty way…
Licking at her claws she creates a rhyme while
Looking at the desert, keeps her purr sublime.
Watching Dr. Fink in a coat and tie
Said the Sphinx wasn’t right, as she isn’t a guy
So they chipped and they whistled while they worked
And they nipped and they tucked at her skirt…
Looking on strong with her wide eyes bright
She wondered why, they worked into night.
Deadlines deadlines! the fourmen cried
align a Line in the heLion Sky!
They took her knows from the base of her eye…
and Eternity was based on the fourmens lie.
Thirty three feet and forty On the One,
Even a Ham, can share those tones…
Lake Nazca rang and said a call came in
A hat, Shep, and a suit went missing.
The Poets packin and you’ll be wishing
That you kissed her first, before the season
Everything comes in a color of buttons
A shoe by the way, holds more then one deck.
Never said never but I said, i’mAtech
pass the do.be on the left when you glide ;)


MonarchS.cry as the butterfly came and sat by me
Beautiful color on delicate wings sang with a song to be
Whales swam and sent a voice, in waters came the call of choice
Windy shores holding sandy feet, a pulsing river drums a knowing beat
... and I stood, listening in a silent mode, watching waves that wrote of love
listening in a silent mode, making sure as to what I’ve heard, testing true in other words and cords, games and scores of boards we played. Learned the lessons of what was made in a day, before and before they came. Looking for the hear of a time unknown and seeing symbols that are showing what’s shown.
Equal flux in.visible knock as I write the log of a time in clock, when fear is near but they came in pair. Couple of a couplings dared to care. Twins are knowing to see as I do, thinkings showing that we’re knowing too… the score is balanced and a time is past, peace over anger and it’s here to last. Choice is the voice that voiced a choice to be in peace through eternity and so was granted way and right, seconds count when in second flight.
MonarchScrys that we are, of the Light.


Corbel vaulted said the bubbly flute
Only newbies take the ladders and chutes
Dash & stash the HatSheps suit!
Thirty three feet and a forty, on the one.
The Muse started playing to the DJ’Stone
and Jo said to Mo, please, let me cum in?
I’ll step aLong Lightly the Rivers way
aSwan is swimming in the bright of day
Two little statues sitting in the shade
Then four came too and a six was made
Set !n Her temple and named on her street
the woman turned saying, she likes her Scotch neat.
Club Soda with your drink?
I’mAHopeTech… and I built it said the Pink.Pant, it’s Her…


“This must be a mistake”, her mind whispers…

Sitting quiet on a bed of hey
the cold and windy chill of a day
in a darkly place unknown
slips under a door
where no lights shown
that the wind is a rattle of steps
unafraid to walk so she leapt…
There was a sound, it was said.

“How long have I been here”
she asks the dark.
Nothing but continuous
pace and spark of the feet
to and from an unseen street.

“Whats happening…?

“Quiet ;DeviL”
I Say A Name…

The voice was sudden and near,
When and how did he get here?
Sitting in the cold shaking to know
Who’s behind this breath of snow…

His roughen fingers run my face
touch my lips in time and pace
with his moan, then into my mouth
is a salty tongue…

I tried to write this when I saw you come.
Mind in my eyes and a wind from the sun.
Slippery Shadow on my wall again…
And this time I know, the
Form isn’t death and He isn’t the snow.
eMOcean turns and returns the Know.

88 Plus Words...

Gentleman locks the door I hear
The sound of it echoes in my ear
It’s time to begin, my interview…

”...come into site of me…”

A voice in the darkness calls
Silence becomes the walls and
He motions my move with a hand
Enticing sound of a leather band

”...panties on the desk…” he says next.

Sir, my firm nipples confess,
I carry not these unruly mess of
Misguided obstructions
In the codes of my dress.

Allow me please another course
To demonstrate a skill of choice…
I want, to come and work for you
Just a matter of time ‘til you’ll want me too
Execute the tasks of this interview…

A little cream in your latte ’s due, I notice.


Darkly heals of pointed action
Saunter soft to a hard attraction
... it was said, to put the whips on
Chest over desk in a slight horizon
Spread like an eagle and facing the Sun
Inspired to oblige… is a team player, Bond.

Prying eyes on the intercom
Taking notes and recording songs
Nothing isn’t noticed, her eyes a grin
Lifting skirt and exposing skin
Fabric of her blouse so very thin
Refreshing foam against the rim
In a cup of desire filled to the brim…

”...do you type…” he asked again

Like a wild fire replies the Wind
88 plus words in the whisper of a mind.

The Best Red.Heads...

They say, are Secretaries…


I saw this written on the sun
when I went for the application
and standing there as I glanced the air
I considered what it said, as fun.

So I dyed, my hair too…

Inspiration from a color blue
Silver tones in the underline
Crossing space and into sublime
Secrets arise in Time to become
A part of disclosure, on the application…

Message there in a leggy Heads stare
Decipher my disguise, she said
Piercing stars in hearts of Red
Looking Write, at your Latte dear…

”... is it hot enough for you… Sir?”