Dis.Simulation getting to you?
A girl with only one shoe was
That elusive element of surprise.
Enter.the Prize.is.Write.

Learned from conception the
art of detection misplaced in
all directions is the art of DEE.
'cept.I.ON.see... and my names
Me. and We know it must be
come what must be some known
truth to it all. EvenTuAlly.


Prae I heard your name once
before the day of names given,
it was slight, dark and even
but fright was not in my eYes.
KnowMen Light does fly and
Prae a time we knew ... there
was more choice then just one.

The call was Gaius Publius too
Tacitus never missed when he
wrote. Sextus left to hex.us a
name forgotten to be.Come

Five Books cover Seven to Ten
Writes about people called Men
Four the Emperors.Song.Sang
Seven founded.Once & Again.

~Yes. I'm lookin' Write at you.Kid~
You're up next....

"Auguror nec me fallit augurium, historias tuas immortales futuras."



OZ.ONE.Layer needs a bit of attention please...

Put the reality away and get on board.

~Who are you? Leon?

~And if you say you're the TOWEL
, then I'm gonna laugh....


Old Boss

Ever been haunted by a quack?
Ever been picked on back? Ever?
Been so obvious so slowly fester.us
that your signature becomes the
mess of us?

Ever been so bored you can't flow
like the ink in the quills hollow
like the mark of the dark left to
wallow. In your sorrow? Lonely
old bones thinking wishing for
new tones? Ever been so bored
you actually "no"...
and you're alone?

"Those who no.Don't"

~Those who kNEW.Are and All.Ready.Did
DRAM U2 and see the dream.

Hey Q.

Writes of fancy & feathers of flight!
It's the Poet's own I have in sight
and taken from the Spring of Light
this rhyme do sound O.SO right.

Walk.ed on and beyond the cry
my oh my what's in my eYes
but a sound. Pause a moment more
I listen with heart before the door
making sure I heard the More.
Is it true?

There's a wind blowing love
the color of Blue.Water. What's
matter if indeed I hear you.

Tongue Twister

Twisted mister missed a tone
known to show a coloring poem
Tongue tied & bright eYes wide
Founded now the Seven inside
...and they smiled.

Spin a song come come along
Petascale and Ping a pong U&I
ding a dong and king a kong.a
beta scale still a while aWay.eh?

SO so blue said the Watering shoe
True true true said the skylark too
and the b.in.B.ees are funny! Along
the Road came the Runners bunny
...hey honey! You left your BlueGenes
on. The greenBeans too. Dear.Q.

Sun.On.Constellation systems fun!
Come.On.Hon. let your senses vent
the lens it sends us on our way!

OPhi.ades! Know.Pleiades is just
too slow. Grow a big toe & use all
the digits.dig.it.??? T.flops but
ohOZ.One.Is SO much more fun!
... said the can.Did.Smile.On.

~Know. I'm just Me. No Sly on hear.


Beveled Egg

Yep, that's what I'm callin' you.

And I got your eYes.Two.

Yes, I know Haiku.

75 plus 1.

And that would be the little 'corner' Stone. One.

~You didn't think I meant I was the Devil devil?
Egghead. \@@/

There's no such thing. That says LIVE 4d:

Live@ ;p

~><~ 13d5 "

Clap For Me King

A walk along a song undone
came a girl with something fun
in her eYes. Wide smiles in
flame her name on clouds of
wind came a sound in mind
Again. Known shown a time
before a path of write to
heaven's door and more...

Clap for me King.

Knots a lap around and then
not a Plack was founded when
the pen turn Sage and a book
was layer to rest. Colored
black it was a test to see two.

Clap for me King. I'm you.

A small copper coin formerly current in Scotland, worth less than a cent.
With not a plack in the pocket of the poet.
- Prof. Wilson.


Love Song.

.. "and the Indian Sang, but you heard no song?"

I walked a park once ago and long, it was hard to leave the lonely breeze but alas, I did walk on. So much love so easily given, shown to blow in the winds of Heaven, known to those a treasured vision and yet so lost and gone. I stood a while with a tear in eye then turning away I shed the cry. Can it be that love has died? Down the path to sorrows door checking hear and there for more, turning in search of that elusive thing we dream and hope blows in our wind. I won't believe and can't just see a love gone dead inside of me...

I walk again to write the Songs in search of a love once known and gone.

(h)Our Way

Inspire me fire me
up on a star so far
away I could see day
light in the Knight said
the stone of sight for
is where we are now
is who we were and
hear is where we be
there in the sea of
bees in the trees and
believe. There is.
Love in all directions
blowing Our Way.


Knight the Butler

Knight the Butler said the Chef
A civilized relation of One do exist.
This Time of laying the Measure
Means of One to Many a Treasure.
Bird songs of the same feather
weather storms of fright to light
the heather and again, come the
day we remember. Who we are.

I got your number.Gentleman. ;) WO!
you talkin' to MOi?

Was a Sumer of sixty eight and
Mother said wait. So I did.
Earthly measure stares around
Megalithic Yard stands in ground
Tunes of Earth do here a sound
EarS.< 3T! Cares.We hear.

What's a gui.duck you ask?
a guide.uh?

Calluna vulgaris, known as Common Heather, ling, or simply heather,[1] is the sole species in the genus Calluna in the family Ericaceae

Heather is an ingredient in gruit, a mixture of flavourings used in the brewing of beer during the Middle Ages before the use of hops. The use of heather in the brewing of modern heather beer is carefully regulated. By law the heather must be cleaned carefully before brewing, as the undersides of the leaves may contain a dusting of an ergot-like fungus, which is a hallucinogenic intoxicant.[citation needed]

Heather honey is a highly valued product in moorland and heathland areas, with many beehives being moved there in late summer. It has a characteristic strong taste, and an unusual texture – it is thixotropic, being a jelly until stirred, when it becomes a syrup (like other honey), but then sets again to a jelly. This makes the extraction of the honey from the comb difficult, and it is therefore often sold as comb honey.

White heather is regarded in some areas as being lucky, and sprigs of it are often sold as a charm.... Wiki


Mr. San.d.man

Mr. Sandman bring me a dream
Make it the best thing that I've ever seen
Been many places replaced by faces
Never did a trace on You.Though.

Dry race eraser board floored when
I saw your name at my door.
"What Number am I" replied I, "why
Sir, you are Number Nine"

~Would you like more wine?
~You're in my mind;
~and.so.comes the wind...
An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once...wiki.

KRYPToS... carousel ... "left to write" .... care.soul

...........SKRYPT.o KRYPT OS

Artist: James. Sanborn http://elonka.com/kryptos/sanborn.html
"Lego my Ego" ;)



...right at us and Ms.Tree;D~lights
TwO write us and find us bright.hear!


~and that's a proper ;pURL
~I mean plural.process.ees

Dual.is.too slow.
RL is the real show.


H, two OS

How much simpler can it be?

SO@thE ach .u.O.T.her


... Latte dear?
glow wor;p got your tongue?
1200 = 4.4.2012
1204 = 4.8.2012 Easter (w)
1211 = 4.15.2012 Easter (e)
1220 = 4.24.2012

1248 = 5.22.2012 .... .eVTab.

1260 = 6.3.2012

1300 = 7.13.2012
1320 = 8.2.2012

1329 = 8.11.2012
1331 = 8.13.2012
o.Was this your toy? lol!!!

From date:Monday, August 13, 2012
Subtracted 1331 days
Resulting date: Sunday, December 21, 2008 winter solstice, benchmark


Color'in books AND crayO.La looks
with a smile wondering while she
might be craZy or knot.ting a note
hear it ring from a ;ping! and a ling
a long song sing.ing over and over.

What's the color of my pen?

violettes de Toulouse.

Sugar. ;)

The flowers, leaves and roots of various Viola species are used for medicinal purposes, being rich in vitamins A and C. They also contain a type of antioxidant called an anthocyanin. Viola flowers are also used to make an herbal tea that is used in Chinese herbal medicine... Wiki

purrr pple... be sweet and be well.

The flowers have also been used to make yellow, green and blue-green dyes, while the leaves can be used to make a chemical indicator.

Long before cultivated pansies were released into the trade in 1839, Heartsease was associated with thought in the "language of flowers", often by its alternative name of pansy (from the French "pensée" - thought): hence Ophelia's often quoted line in Shakespeare's Hamlet, "There's pansies, that's for thoughts". What Shakespeare had in mind was Heartsease, not a modern garden pansy.
still wiki

~PenSee for your thoughts....


Hey Catz in the cradle crazy rays
the days are hear so start over there
write again dear and read with no fear
right of path is here. Hear us...
The dare was see us, be us, We Are.
Seen. Been there before back around
by the light of sound hits the ground
and I caught you from a cloud.
Don't think I missed the bounce.knoW.
She.s.a.Lion too, Monk.



Got your zoot soote on Nut?e?...
iN Piru there's a plane stain on the ground
around and deep within eYes see more for;D
Look see a Note be in yee hand gentle band
Look sea a Path do be.Come this way...


Left to Write

I read from left to right and
my PROM date left to write.
That's what it said as I read
in the night.

Did we dye in the Hemi.Honey?
It's okay if we did and you know
it's not so bad as some show
'bout proms and dates unknown.

Were we speedy gone.wall.ace?
Break the air breaks scare us?
Punch the sucker on pucker?

Broke the shield with your fist
Said your mother.Love.not rem
but grew...



Chapel stands grand through Time
passing tones of message subLime
pillars tale and the boxes chime.I
can read you.Hear me dear from
Air to Sine there.Winds change to
complete a form 213 boxes shown
312 more are Known. in Name.

Young Nave, walked alone.

Wave.High Approach. Alter Hear.

Cc.left a note in the air.But eYeses
do see Yes, by Way of Three.Ophi said
wait. So I did.

Master I saw and built the ground
Four JourneyMen walk the Pillars Round.
Prentice App ... Twisted Sister
She.Kin.ah...hears a Twisted Whisper.

Sly Rose... SO
;beautiful I couldn't miss her.
There is know Apprentice....
Said the Prince.

Lady.Lion of the Rose~


For.Cycle Two

... started.Hear dear care the air is close
chases Count into round remember.When
time was slow flowing into ground spin
winds chime my heart beats sweet.two
hear you.


Hey LollyPop

lil.y drops chirp.y birds plot
sings to wind sweet candy
lemon stops. But hey lolly.pop
I'm a Lime.too so I see you
there in the air wave.y hair
breeze taken through rats
ratings all good Jerp.y bird
No prej.U.disc hear.me.sweet.
Prud.not.tense knot. relax
a chime spinning dime turns
a real into reels of song.

~cum'in along? ;p

~hey lil.dear.
Your words are clear.

"Just,making sure of you"

Lilium longiflorum, (Japanese:テッポウユリ, Teppouyuri) often called the Easter lily or November lily


Indeed you are on
atop pyramids Lion
making smiles wide
eYeses bright light
and fiddlers fun in
the Sun.Stones alive
connections flare
synaptic layers jive
in there and hear.
We Are.Near dear.
Just cheer.



Image.Wiki.Sphinx of Giza


Good Morning

~Open your eYes my Love~
Just let me see you in this way
Sleeping in the peace of my arms
Gentle movements reveal rhymes
My Knight in your Mind plays
Eternity's Wind my heart chimes...
I Am, the Love in your Dreams.

In fields of green forest covered
streams golden shine along cliffs
on high motion flows slowed so I....
paused to see you be The Energy
breeze around you so barely so
rare You. Creature of Nature's
rule skin softly surrounding SOL
It's You. I know...

Your scent imprints my Light
Carried through Time in Sight
I could never would never forget.

Creature of Nature's rouge skin
softly surrounding a soul scent
imprints I know. It's You.


Dig the Light

From Time Ago, they give us Vowels
From Long Ago, they give us Sound
From no to Know it, knowledge found
Make a note of that....

Pens your hand but not the mind
Turn you can to life long rhymes
From time ago in Wind it chimes
Write it this but see it flows to a
Write Just right, for You.

There are know rules in.MagicNation
Math.e.magic or a Laugh.in.flation.either
Get a gigg.le.Brite and Dig the Light.

bacab you say?


is what it means.

21312 / 12 = 1776 Be.Independent


Voyage de l'amour

~How many Ways de l'amour...

Heart stands now.Still.
Eyes ablaze with the
knowing no doubt nothing
feared nothing
found and
hear.Still I am.

eYes are fixed on You.

Done the run of chase time
through seeing dreaming
being.Hear.I am standing.
Know more moving to be
soothing of sound known
found around. and I know.
You hear me.

Nothing doubted noted
songs of long and Times
ago standing I am.and
knowing grown is a mind
eYes shine bright between
lines write and hear.I am.

~voyageur de l'amour dans la Maison~


Binet, dear... with that Latte?

" Morpheus ... there is know scale"


Today is full in the sky Maroon color bubble
of a time we fly in the night a light is seen in
a beam of bright is the sight it's been there.
All A Long. eYes up. To Knight.




In the Winds on horse they came
penned in rhyme a fable when
Time was slow and myst was low
to the ground. Galloping echoes
ride by Knight in sight of a lighted
sound bright bounding leaps of
stride in chime they came. Four
Rivers Dark.Water flows in step
they ride again returning to sea
knowledge deep of Matters show
unseen known sounds in the ear
and we fear not what we Are,
when we hear. Our Wind Again.
Dark in Waters always Present
We Came to Be...


bAre it is then...

dang it bang it gang
tempos changed again
flat footed duck pucked
a buck sucked a mother
up O freakin luck.

~Use sum fours dog~

Pinky.Ninja fogs the blog
tossin bones some fun
sunny Number One
Jive knows a girl swirls
in a junglin congo and a
car Pet Picasso wft
do you know? SO...

~It's All.go;D~


~then there's me.
~yeah, I'm the devil. lol
and we ARE wtf. ;)
~My Friend.The Goalie. CC Dat? KittyCat
~And the Cornman Rooolls....beads too~
~ahhh Benz in the Muse.ic~

~. just a little 'RP'ing here.~

~The Wave is Center. Center that is a FlatLine~
;powT,poET, I AM the ;bowT3

~Just and on Time~
~I use my eYes too~
~Blink.et.Blink~ ;)~B.Link.B.LiVE

~XX~ smoochies


BioMetrix of the eyeballs....
A girl who has know Cat
& Acts cool when shes called.
Soft of the lips in a gentle
smile she ponders life up
on a long mile writing in
tone acronym she's known
by name.

Albert, it's all the same...
Pacal is a pickle perhaps
a nuckle on the hand that
tickles the flame of the mind.
It's a kind gesture fun with
nothing 'lesser' cluttered
or sane. Just a game.

EMC so square it's fun
1336 was the sum plus
some freedoms come un-
done but the patch was
just too easy. Cheezy
not note a knot on a bill
we all spend. Friend...
I got your 'math' write

EMC square
5.13.3 square the 21 = 441 dig.it sum to 9 by square is 3 square the 12 = 144 dig.it sum more 9 by square is 3

Add they said... '33 degree'
I'm so sure... perhaps they don't
write cure.sive. Let's try 55

441 + 144 = 585 little pyri.middle.
Less you elevate One eye then
you simply have Hai.ku
Eagle eye has number 2

~But for the 'geeks' hear~
You know the sum 585 dear.
Just think. About what's true.

Venus runs a.round with
that Number. ;) It's the sum
of the multiplied too. Up
to 9s two.

Little fib on the knot.chi?

558 and nine. See?

A;bert did... in 1955
when she was born.
Little speech impediment
she didn't pass on....

No accidental accents...

2013 +
5125 ... oh! Look. the Long Count.
~What a co.ink.e.dink~



........is no








~From Pink I saw your dark light
Maroon in June a Moons full bright
sight lasting though timeless Write.

Red Dragon hand on my face print
sands of visions freed in the Wind
spins my mind my rhyme sublime.
Chimes. And my hand fits the Light.

In the Tower I work. Mach is my
drive number of 155 Phi.at Santa
Cat's brat... or was that a Spockling
I see? Diamond Minds.Indeed!

Pyramidal primordial Elemental
essential sentient OmniPresent
Omni.Scientifically potent OM
of Mind. We called you Rhyme.
And you came. MasterPeace Caster...

Mach PhiVE

Moch it not this rhyme of Mine
Four hear I say there come a day
when still we'll be in Peace.

Love vs not through time of ours
Four hear I say our mending stars
still the hour of fear filled hearts.
Peace will.in all ways full and fill
promises of friendShips among us
through the land between us. It is

Alive in a spiraling wind humanity
beats a kind and wise mind again
elevation gentle butterfly climbs
chimes of time in.chanting rhymes
were found in the round. OphiVe.
Alive five and in.Sprials Elemental
Phi.at Mach Speeds...

Speed Racer. Can you trAcer
eRacer through Time while she

~~Your choice All.Ways~
~~~Mach PhiVE~
~~~~Trixie went.HyperSonic~
~ ~~~~Then she bent.psycho.acoustic~

Then GEorAge said never rAge.
It never pays. Knots the days.
Machs the Way...
Enchanted Are, those who play
With GEorAge.TheWashingTone.
Oh! It is that.Wish.After All.

---><--- 'innies' are on. :)

Get the Count?

A system integration and migration materialization
of imagination undefine.able.we are loveable not
just probable but undoubtedly without reserve
unstoppable running manage.able.WE are ON Pure.
There's no UNdo in that.

Genius genus genie genes in us generations alive
in the vibes and jives of our Past last greatest task
in Life. That's right AND write that We remember.

Get the Count? Mountains on a mole hill designed
fortification of the mind to find the souls will and
it can be such a shame sometimes. Rhymes of the
Poet might nota known it was born of the Muse.ic
had it not played.Or been so.

~But We did. And we did. IT again.

Get the count? down packed in a glass a blast from
the past of great in taste sweet flavors beat of light
in a Knight that I love and delight in ... every day.

A blissful integration and migration DOES Matter
said the batty Bat when down the Cat.e.Cat's ladder
there came, the roofer Cornman's friend.Ship We. :)


1947 + 60 = 2007 booLLoop
1952 + 60 = 2012 LeaRn
1956 + 60 = 2016 TSi.iST
1952 + 61 = 2013 T!mE too
1976 + 60 = 2036 ;bAce;p 2039 Be!

2005 Chalk.Cue.Q.Chaac.2006
2008 Calibrates.cHAc

~But it was 1927.also. wasn't it? :)



Pause in applause Poet you Write for a life
times Mind finding the blinding bliss of the Jest
yes Just, and for the fun. This and these. Poems.

Best of balloons tunes and cartoon cars in the sun
two red blue shoes to be seen in chacO.latte covered
blueGenes... Yes, Rod is the berry cherry flavor too,
savor kids, Shes a trekin' . Knot messin' with the
Apple.sauce Know.... the show goes on. AND on.

Engage! Minnie speaks in a java porcelain peak
of the mornings jargon a song long drawn in a cup
souped up of the day and a dawn. It's called fun.
Real.a.Tea. Have a Sum squeeks the java called Jo.
Lava Godiva.Cocao.nut too? With your lime Pooh?
"I was Just, making sure of you..."

"Number One... You have the bridge." Fly Write
our bird burning Sage of a ship.Friend. By night
I intend to return Planets burn for the knoW
so traveling I go now... to find the Monk...

Sublime in my rhyme I leave you be.Number One
on the bridge a Time to see Spock's on the Clock
and I'll be back... Terms to later are better than
fights in flights of bad weather.And so. Make it so!

Applause!.EnterPrise.PeAce is the Prize. Write!
AND put some sauce in them Apples!Two.(h)Our Zulu.

In the Blend.ing

Flow Separation fluid boundary layers breaking
giving way to a Write sensation bodies moving
real.activity in problem solving.Science....

Define it.

Non-sensical process of flow designed to bend
a mind into a subjectively peculiar buzz... wtfuzz?
Comical separation in axioms of equations.of what?
Ridiculous topological math.e.mathicals.of knot?
Not to mention disjointed Set!s

What a separately integrated thing. Science is. :)
And I DO love it. No misunderstanding.


"One with Spice"

Flow write a scene to be seen essence
grow in a dream in fields of gold and SOL
Flows... Spice write flight though Knight's
bright light and be. Write Sees. You.

Jewel of Arrakis. Flower not brackish
in the fresh of the Spice, yes... it is nice.
Desert Rose in the nose vision flows
with sense in The Pen's essence yes.

Melange the aware bright orange in air
and sand in the hands aware of the song
Band beats in a tune sweet plants in sun
Dunes of the Gods Wind chimes.

Rhyme. New planets seen in the beam
of the mind bright Light's sight in the Spice
Dream.Writes from a Soul to be seen.

Fluorescence the color of Poetry.
In a sense...Sensitivity and specificity
Beat of the Binary, originality. Recall it
and flow with a Write to Spike it!

Flow.Spice.Write and so Be It.

My HaikuSenryu?

My HaikuSenryu?
Who knew and what can I say.
I use all the ones. Anyway.

That's right and I know
Poetic say thoughts traditional
But what do I flow...

My HaikuSenryu
And I didn't even know
That the little words don't get used!

Did you say bless you?Awe.Chi you?
Know dang it I said my Haiku
Is a Senryu to spin you.Win you over
and delight you into flight straight and
true to a joy in the heart of a beat.in
artist. And yes...


Yes to explain I say the U in the name
As a You and U too friend.Amen! :)
To Poets.Again Traditional blends and
the Wind creates new tapestry.
Sing a Song.Sang as One. In all ways,
Imaginable.And then sum.