BioMetrix of the eyeballs....
A girl who has know Cat
& Acts cool when shes called.
Soft of the lips in a gentle
smile she ponders life up
on a long mile writing in
tone acronym she's known
by name.

Albert, it's all the same...
Pacal is a pickle perhaps
a nuckle on the hand that
tickles the flame of the mind.
It's a kind gesture fun with
nothing 'lesser' cluttered
or sane. Just a game.

EMC so square it's fun
1336 was the sum plus
some freedoms come un-
done but the patch was
just too easy. Cheezy
not note a knot on a bill
we all spend. Friend...
I got your 'math' write

EMC square
5.13.3 square the 21 = 441 dig.it sum to 9 by square is 3 square the 12 = 144 dig.it sum more 9 by square is 3

Add they said... '33 degree'
I'm so sure... perhaps they don't
write cure.sive. Let's try 55

441 + 144 = 585 little pyri.middle.
Less you elevate One eye then
you simply have Hai.ku
Eagle eye has number 2

~But for the 'geeks' hear~
You know the sum 585 dear.
Just think. About what's true.

Venus runs a.round with
that Number. ;) It's the sum
of the multiplied too. Up
to 9s two.

Little fib on the knot.chi?

558 and nine. See?

A;bert did... in 1955
when she was born.
Little speech impediment
she didn't pass on....

No accidental accents...

2013 +
5125 ... oh! Look. the Long Count.
~What a co.ink.e.dink~


Mary Anne Gruen said...

"EMC so square it's fun!"

LOL Indeed it is!

Perfectly Twisted said...

somehow my dear, I knew YOU would 'get' this one. lol!! Hugs and much love always my friend.