Clap For Me King

A walk along a song undone
came a girl with something fun
in her eYes. Wide smiles in
flame her name on clouds of
wind came a sound in mind
Again. Known shown a time
before a path of write to
heaven's door and more...

Clap for me King.

Knots a lap around and then
not a Plack was founded when
the pen turn Sage and a book
was layer to rest. Colored
black it was a test to see two.

Clap for me King. I'm you.

A small copper coin formerly current in Scotland, worth less than a cent.
With not a plack in the pocket of the poet.
- Prof. Wilson.



Mary Anne Gruen said...

I love this one! Right from the first line.


Shriekspear said...

Wonderful and brilliant.

Perfectly Twisted said...

Mary Anne and Shriekspear, thank you both for such nice comments and always for your time to read me. I do appreciate it. Shriekspear, welcome! :) I love your name!