Old Boss

Ever been haunted by a quack?
Ever been picked on back? Ever?
Been so obvious so slowly fester.us
that your signature becomes the
mess of us?

Ever been so bored you can't flow
like the ink in the quills hollow
like the mark of the dark left to
wallow. In your sorrow? Lonely
old bones thinking wishing for
new tones? Ever been so bored
you actually "no"...
and you're alone?

"Those who no.Don't"

~Those who kNEW.Are and All.Ready.Did
DRAM U2 and see the dream.


Mary Anne Gruen said...

I really love this last ground of poems!

"Writes of fancy & feathers of flight!"

Perfectly Twisted said...

Hugs MaryAnne, they were fun, thanks always for reading and leaving wonderful comments, I always appreciate you. :)