Left to Write

I read from left to right and
my PROM date left to write.
That's what it said as I read
in the night.

Did we dye in the Hemi.Honey?
It's okay if we did and you know
it's not so bad as some show
'bout proms and dates unknown.

Were we speedy gone.wall.ace?
Break the air breaks scare us?
Punch the sucker on pucker?

Broke the shield with your fist
Said your mother.Love.not rem
but grew...


Gerry Boyd said...

Perfectly Twisted? No, Perfectly written. Bravo! And 3 extra GROOVIES!

Perfectly Twisted said...

:D you bring me big smiles. I dub it 'your' word. GROOVIES, no one says it better. smooches.

Mary Anne Gruen said...

"I read from left to right and
my promo date left to write."

Really good! For all you do, I've gone and done it again. I've given you The "Love Ya" Award over at my blog.