Hey LollyPop

lil.y drops chirp.y birds plot
sings to wind sweet candy
lemon stops. But hey lolly.pop
I'm a Lime.too so I see you
there in the air wave.y hair
breeze taken through rats
ratings all good Jerp.y bird
No prej.U.disc hear.me.sweet.
Prud.not.tense knot. relax
a chime spinning dime turns
a real into reels of song.

~cum'in along? ;p

~hey lil.dear.
Your words are clear.

"Just,making sure of you"

Lilium longiflorum, (Japanese:テッポウユリ, Teppouyuri) often called the Easter lily or November lily

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SquirrelQueen said...

Nice, love the lily photo.