"One with Spice"

Flow write a scene to be seen essence
grow in a dream in fields of gold and SOL
Flows... Spice write flight though Knight's
bright light and be. Write Sees. You.

Jewel of Arrakis. Flower not brackish
in the fresh of the Spice, yes... it is nice.
Desert Rose in the nose vision flows
with sense in The Pen's essence yes.

Melange the aware bright orange in air
and sand in the hands aware of the song
Band beats in a tune sweet plants in sun
Dunes of the Gods Wind chimes.

Rhyme. New planets seen in the beam
of the mind bright Light's sight in the Spice
Dream.Writes from a Soul to be seen.

Fluorescence the color of Poetry.
In a sense...Sensitivity and specificity
Beat of the Binary, originality. Recall it
and flow with a Write to Spike it!

Flow.Spice.Write and so Be It.


Gerry Boyd said...

Mmmmmm...spice. All in all 27 is rather nice although the gray mice can be heard chanting 23-23-23. So glad they have no pennants. That would be embarrassing for a 632 fan. Yikes. I'm just saying.

Perfectly Twisted said...

congratulations, you're the first man in my history that I will add.emitedly say, confuses ME. Yeps, we're both sayin... lol ;)