In.sane in the membrane of my brain

or sane in the insanity of this game...

Row row, I'm rowing, between synapses
I'm flowing, silent rivers I'm riding
like a train...
Rollercoaster rollin' faster, in a flash
synaptic laughter, as these neurons
remain.in the lane...
"Hey you and you two,
Me too? Yeah dude, her too..."

Synaps the chatter in my brain.

"Nervous sister? We're not kidding

it's a system living, listen, we're
the hear in the sphere of your sane.
Checkin' time in between and
between the membrane."

10 billion cortical pyramidals,
passing signals, giggles, riddles,
checking time against a rhyme
from the outer layer to middle.

~core.text you say codexes delay,
it's a logical process.ical, theoretical way
crazy spelling these a'daze.....Codices.
Breathe... and don't mess with our cortex

Inner wind, blowing high, gears shift
moving this ride, hand wiggles the
scribbling scribe as I write.
Memories into the light, but who
in the train remains tonight.
As I look about with my candlelight,
in the night, there is One.
Am I in.Sane?



Alone by the candle,
Rain comes tonight.
Blowing wet bubbles,
Is the flickering Knight,

Tempting, my candlelight...
Alone in the rain,
Bubbling faces come again,
blowing wet on my skin.
Flickering. Temptation.

~What is true if all things
could be, would it be
then you?
Should it be me too?

Tempting night taking flight
alone in the rain, my Knight.
A loving candlelight...
Game of chess, ivory blowing
silhouette my dress...

~and your eyes
at the door shining
lines of my pen rhyming
over and over they go
drawing lines that say it's so.

~It's so tempting...
Your gaze, mesmerizing,
crystallizing into my life.
Your face traded lines
with My Eyes...
this Knight.Temptation
to draw
with a Lion's



in my mind
love in the lines
from my hands A band
mellow bees and I see that
One.beat of my heart a dreamy
cone ice cream flavored song
long circles laughing leaps
counting stars and leaping sheeps kin
you feel the wind beginnings in my dream
One.a song flavored ice cream...
imagine love in my mind, in the lines
I'm drawing peace in the beat as art
full of heart and sweet in Being
One.In my mind hearing
We.sing with reasoning
about peace sea to sea
with seasoning.
Ease. Feel the healing
and Love with feeling.


Center of Thunder

Yes, see the entry,
Enter the center
and feel eternity.

Somewhere beneath my eyes
Some bare the mark of lives
Sum time past, at last
to remember. After thunder,
that life is divine. Reach...

Yes, see the entry
Enter Center
and feel eternity,
Mysterious history...
Some poetic chemistry,
Some dare love to see.
Sum past to present
and remember...
that Living is the Time
Center of Thunder.


Yes, I think she's Leonardo...

I wrote about her long ago,
then I named him CleoVinci
took his image and layered
it thin see...
flipped, rotated it too
then 'they' were there
many more then two...

I don't know what I see
don't know who talks thru me
to me, as me...
but how can that be? It is me.
If you're twisted, then..
we're in. perfect company.

I am twisted far from perfect.
Doing the best that I can.
I'm a simple girl living in a world
as a complicated woman.




I have a wandering mind
my lines as I draw them
over the grid as I steer them
through intersections
I veer them
perspectives I see
when I peer them...
detecting truth
in the dots as I hear them

A gentle Awe
the sound of pause
soft claw.ing sings from my pen
when the lines are drawn
and my mind goes wandering...

About U
My artful perception.

56 signed.The Declaration...



Fate. A strange key
there on the board
do you see.the door.

"F8.two explore..."

Blue seas, know more.
~You said hi to me?
Counted your binary.too
Know hex
nod the mask
Know dec
count the glass and...
the cards.two
~yes. "dos amigo...."
~little kitten
Eight spoke to you.

One.Trip in the chip
set! How fun.d;
Can you giggle.with me...
Wiggle in the dig.it.see
Dance in the pixel.ease
;p my little smiley...
I come.and O!Please!

It's Me...
at the knees.



Angels and Angles

*Borrowed image (sorry don't know source)

Angels & angles
there on the wall
the flickering lights
there in the hall
whispering voices
"Again..." they call

~honey wake up~
Dance in the ball

Seaing them...
Angels in the angle
there on the wall...

~dream again~

The park
Fire in pond
Sitting with thought
Under my mind
in the wind
your name

Pop said Flame
an Indian Sang
did you walk the gates
when we called you Then
~I gave thanks
~Left the Lotus there
~Kissed the stone

I know you could hear.


It's your name.

~wake up~
Dance in the ball
The see of blue ones
You left in the hall
It's the flickering angles
In the angels you called...

"when your eyes reache the edge of the Uni.Verse....
all there is to do is 'here'.
static. in a forest of thees
in a chorus
of bees...
hear... in the trees...
sea the breeze"


Wet paper
An ink pen
Diamonds fall
from time when
I write.
Smell it...
fresh on the page.
A scent colored wet
and a pen called Sage.



When the walls clear,
there in breeze
is the realization
that it was indeed Jake,
still young in his way,
not understanding
that there is no mistake.

And Ford Perfect?
Well, She was no fake.
Never read the book,

So I made up
my own characters.

Is that so bad?
It really is all
in my head.

But I don't think
that it was me
Mighta winked,


And I'm a thinker...
I can't help
that my mind tinkers,
with the Uni.verse.
It spoke first.


Will you come undone
with me? Touch me,
hear tenderly.
Reach the sky
while we fly...
To eternity...

~Reply to me.
It's your heart,
in the bend
I see ...

And I'm old school,
no fool.
Like to glide
in the midnight too.
Feel me inside
near you.
Around you,
I'm the sound in you.
That voice you hear
whispering truth...

Does it soothe you
To feel my eyes?
Move you
beyond your life
and compel you
to ask why...
You hear my voice,
near your ear.
Does your heart
give you choice...
my dear
Does your skin
Does your body
Do you breathe me,


Are U...

Are you smokin', like me?
Jokin' with e.ternity,
Playing in.sanity...
Are you turnin'.that key?

ah!Chi!Sea,I do...see you.

Sloppy Jos, little muse.ic
Your rhythm sticks...
In my mind. Am I blind?
Did I hear you see me?
Is this.... your bee?
You ARE funny...
With milk and sugar,
In the morning...

Are you...
Courting in.sane.IT?
Or is that just me?


~Is this a test?~
A static mess?
A game of chess?

Then away I'll fly. Indian say...
~ This way, to the sky.
~ Watch the water. Say g'bye.
~ Mind your way. Accept the ride.
~ This isn't a test.

So I kissed the stone. And I left.
My Lotus.Lion. ...


A Wall.et

One little line, two little lines,
three the Lions, four....

"... he wanted four more..."
"... In the green room,
under the floor ..."
"... where's the cornerstone,
to the wall..."

Get a pen. And paper too.
Draw these lines, like I teach you.
Then take some dimes,
Start. "On the One",
Slide them over
To the points on
the sun.One to One.
Can you run?

Forty years and forty knots,
I came to be from a game of dots.
So I took the dimes, drew the lines
and remembered the game once more.
A game of mind, taught in rhyme,
and the last dot left,
is the door.
4T For. and more....

"little mint for your tea... dear"
CIAO as in 'hello? write hear?'

A Test Tickles...

Hey you... is this, your shoe?

One little riddle, two little riddle,
three the riddles, For...

five little riddles, six little riddles,
then seven said,
eight more...

I was about to stop,
look through this door,
til the ninth little riddle
said, Come. 2 the dance floor...

Get your watch. On.
Time to play, Long.
My name you say...
Did you think it wrong?

One day I cried,
thought I had died and
Called my dad to the door.
"What's my name...
this is insane...
Tell me father. More.

A car.pet?
With your name?
You can bet,
It's been One,
and the same.

We brought you here,
as baby then, without your jade
you lost back when,
time was slow and a wind was low,
to the ground. It flew...
Through the balcony
and over the sound....
I watched you.
Saw your expression too.
Saw that sight inside of you.
We changed your name.
Started the game, with codes
on a lovely Summer day.

"Do you remember girl,
how to play?"
A test.


Spectacles, tests tickle, a wallet and a watch...
"never leave your house, without such...
Remember the rhyme, little sister of mine..."

This was said,
when we grew up.
What I read, in my head
is that a test tickles...
On the wall et,
that egg is fickle.
Did it fall? Did you watch?
And I never left my house
without such...
things as my eyes.

"A test tickles"...
"An egg is fickle and
a cat was jumping the mood!"
Was she rude?
Did the cow say wow?
Or did he think it crude?

A spectacle? Yes,
through fret and pickles...
A test....
An egg is fickle
when the pieman tickles,
the spoon... is it noon? Yet.
Where are my glasses?
Oh... just on my head.
Is that the test?
What brother said?



I didn't believe,
didn't want to see,

any possible Story,
of you without me.

So in a Uni.que.Verse where all things bend,
And in a heart where all things mend,
I insisted upon, then I wished upon,
Love.In the breeze...
That it never end.
I gave it a whirl then...
I heard the Wind.
early bird's song.
Said Diamonds in the Air,
"Go get your gLove on! dear"...
Equal forces given here.
One, can't be without the other.
The Sky isn't falling,
it's just Time calling,
Get your Love on your Heart,
Not your fear.
Nothing perfect.
Nothing even judged.
But everything worth it,
So long as it's Love.d;


Sweet and Dear

Sweet and dear,
as I approach you here,
your rhythm is on my mind.
Beautiful motion in an ocean
of sea. Senses flow
your rhythms in me,
and I can feel your words,
in the write of my rhymes.

You're in the Wind.
Your eyes on my mind,
whispering words
of endless Time.

Beautiful motion in an ocean
of sea. Sweet and dear you
dare approached Me....

You're in the Wind,
Whispering Time.
Sent a butterfly kiss,
To hear Me rhyme.

Hey You...

Can you see it's Me?
Baby, through the water
in the breeze. Behind the shade
of the trees waiting, for You?
Can you see? How it's true?

Feel me hear.in your wind,
Rolling around through the sheets again.
Memory, in my brain recalls
A strange love song
Singing through my walls.
It's You, after all.

Baby, through the water
in the breeze. Does the sound
of my mind, bring you ease?
Love can you see, how it's true?
Memory, in my brain recalls
StrangeLove songs
Singing through my walls...

"...honey wake up...
you're dreaming again"
Stop! It's the Monk!
Through the Look of my Pen!...
Hey You.
It's Me, after all.
Is what my heart recalls.


"Sticks and stones, may break the bones"
But Pixels always fix you.
Lighted licks, delightful flicks,
And sometimes, enchanted tones.

I counted them, their flickering flight.
I counted them, to include their light.
Our creation. MagicMotion.
In an ocean of A and D seas...

Mr.e, you said to me, I don't have voice.
But Miss Tree, came by at three
And on the clock, she said 'dos'.
"I'm the boss.... hear the bass"
My Name@ be.Ace.

Did you hear the music,
When you played that card?
Ambidextrous eyes...

"Lefty... when one is truly ambidextrous, the bridge isn't needed."

"Hard Drive" you say?
Try, 'dos' Amigo.

"Happy Easter"

Yes, happy Valentines Day too. lol!!

What did they count?
"We counted Us"....


455 x 8 = 3640
455 x 80 = 36400 / 7 = 5200 / 13 = 400 happens to be years in Gregorian count also...

'who'did you think'?

74 17 76 + 233 = 2009
11 8 13


Mr. e

When the walls clear, there in breeze is the realization that it was indeed Jake, still young in his way, not understanding that there is no mistake.

Know Matter. what.
It only ever changes.

Long reach, bridge.
Short stick, 'jumping'. Jack. :) ^^

Heavy stick, only breaks.

Jump stick. Gear shifts.
Batman and the Buddah!
My Popeyes.eaTSpinach!


A Question of Chi…
I see. A man once known to me,
By the name of G.
His Madness,
On my Path.notes,
So float in my mind.
Playful and kind,
His voice on the wind…
Passed his Way on April's day.
I read the headline say...
With an ache and a chill,
I read, his heart was still…
S’okay, my mind say…
His voice has come this way….
Soke. A Do.

"...I left you my Lotus, Lion.Hess..."

What do I ride and who do I see.
Spyder come by to sit with me.
Gord.So guard I'll be.
On.to the Wind,
In the Guardian Sea.
Are you courting insanity...
Or is that just Me?



Quietly you're on my Mind.
Quiet often, your in my Rhyme.
Questioning my write of Time.
Howling, at the Moon in the Wind.
History, saying that it's Here again.
Hearing. The Story of when....

"...Compassion is the Law of Laws..."

"... com w/ ;passion ..."
is the Law without flaws.
Sexy claws and s!xty draws...
I'm sum.in'...
Nibble in the middle of a
Sizzlin' riddle...

Passion is the pass ...
AND it's on.
The oooooo in the song,
The love and it's Long.ing...

Come pass it on...
On the compass, we're One.