"Sticks and stones, may break the bones"
But Pixels always fix you.
Lighted licks, delightful flicks,
And sometimes, enchanted tones.

I counted them, their flickering flight.
I counted them, to include their light.
Our creation. MagicMotion.
In an ocean of A and D seas...

Mr.e, you said to me, I don't have voice.
But Miss Tree, came by at three
And on the clock, she said 'dos'.
"I'm the boss.... hear the bass"
My Name@ be.Ace.

Did you hear the music,
When you played that card?
Ambidextrous eyes...

"Lefty... when one is truly ambidextrous, the bridge isn't needed."

"Hard Drive" you say?
Try, 'dos' Amigo.

"Happy Easter"

Yes, happy Valentines Day too. lol!!

What did they count?
"We counted Us"....


455 x 8 = 3640
455 x 80 = 36400 / 7 = 5200 / 13 = 400 happens to be years in Gregorian count also...

'who'did you think'?

74 17 76 + 233 = 2009
11 8 13

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Sunflower Ranch said...

Lots of fun work here! Love both the art and the poetry. Keep up the great work!