Angels and Angles

*Borrowed image (sorry don't know source)

Angels & angles
there on the wall
the flickering lights
there in the hall
whispering voices
"Again..." they call

~honey wake up~
Dance in the ball

Seaing them...
Angels in the angle
there on the wall...

~dream again~

The park
Fire in pond
Sitting with thought
Under my mind
in the wind
your name

Pop said Flame
an Indian Sang
did you walk the gates
when we called you Then
~I gave thanks
~Left the Lotus there
~Kissed the stone

I know you could hear.


It's your name.

~wake up~
Dance in the ball
The see of blue ones
You left in the hall
It's the flickering angles
In the angels you called...

"when your eyes reache the edge of the Uni.Verse....
all there is to do is 'here'.
static. in a forest of thees
in a chorus
of bees...
hear... in the trees...
sea the breeze"

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