who is Goose... and who is Chase

hear two men came
without a face

one calling genius
the other's grace

magnetic forces
cleverly placed
do gravitate...

to time in space




"possession or omission"



M13 was saying 'hi'
yet those of Arecibo
let the signal go by...

A.wave was sent in sign
B.cause we use our minds
C.ing this, They replied...
" in kind "
and eYe heard; you ...

Lion, the Knight Sky



evoLution of a tease

" water to wine? "
with ease...

A. creature breathes
and " I never change "
is a comforting tease
when all things strange
are just an ocean away

in a drop of time...

" you're in my Book "
as a written line
" your form was drawn "
from the heart of mine
a treasured part
of a sacred art
in sign...

" your name "
was given when
my soul arrived
on a desert plain
" the energy "
of an ancient unseen
created a fire
so'd come the rain
a colorless world
" turned to green "
and it was there
where life began...

" inside of sight "
from the edge of dream
" I saw you come "
as a fluid stream
of light...

God said good
... and so created Knights



fragments of O

While listening on his cosmic phone
He caught the words 'Olympus blown'
A newcomer, being shown around
was guided there by way of sound

" she's listening " Archimedes found
to steps been laid upon the ground
Sir Isaac, while upside down
gave Albert a turn
saying "change that frown!"
Kelvin's finally finished his cup
and our dearest Tesla...

is about to wake up!

it's a matter...
of transmutable


A. pyramidal...

"listen carefully..."

I'm alive
on a temples mound
It was said
this is sacred ground
I can view
Jesus on a slope
quarter round

" it's a church ... "

as One
made of many
who are sound

... and sometimes ...
through a heart shaped tree
"appear a middle "
I can see


M9 . revised;

Arti.fictional iD

" identify "

it's a part that tickles
on the inside

" nine "
materials merging
to form one mind

a dangerous game
well worth the ride

a serpent
bares her eyes...

chaotic straightaway

wings without a butterfly

and the matter... is choice

dark formations
in a singular voice

sights to be seen
and the vanishing
where last you've been

" realities "
revolve to solve
" a paradox "

an elusive equation
leads manifestation
and a possible collision
in degrees of separation

" I am the madness "
and the conclusion


'A new Buzz...'

... in a light year ...

to a new dimension

have I mentioned
"Here! I am Creator"
and all things will be

as I dare.