Puppeteers Wine

Awakening lashes
on midnight silk
in burning ashes
the remnants of guilt
My wings tied by
the forces behind
my feet to the fire
a lover in my mind

”… Where am I now…”
~I’m awake somehow

Breathing in the dark
is a fire side sound
Stirring the sheets
a fingerless touch
Will I fall to pleasure
or soar to the ground
Sensations beyond
what I care to confess
I submit to the heat
of my lovers caress
Eyes closed and
I swallow hard
The press of his body
urge my legs apart…

I feel him within
my face to the silk
his journey begins
Ache of the body
fights for the mind
He moves my soul
with a puppeteers wine
Up into and over my spine
burning tongue of a lovers rhyme

”… did you talk to Me, Dragon?...”
he whispers in the Wind


Hey Nerd...

Hey nerd, I can see you tHere
sitting at your black leather chair
finger on a temple with a blazing stare
memorizing eyes that tease a dare

Math.e.Magician in a Jokers pair

In the Middle...

"...I'm in the middle of you..."

I heard her voice deep in my ears
Stepping forward and beyond my fears
Her dark form appears in my mind
Night after night in rhyme after rhyme

"... can't say for true, if she hears me too..."

Skating day on sheets of ice
following lines on a grid penned twice
flowing hair just beyond my reach
I push the ink to learn her speak

"... it's you..."

"...I saw the note you left in truth..."

Typed into light in the open air
Quiet visits let me know she's tHere
Walking soft on blades of grass
curious about 'You',
in the looking glass.

"... I'll come find you..."

Watch the duck in the tales of cat
Swimming by so nonchalant
Koi in the reeds are gradient
Shadow in the trees are radiant
And in the rabbits hole, she sat silent

I watched her scan the fire I made
Critical eye in the flaming shade
Pans the 'who' in the Daja Vu,
She penned to me once...

"...I'm the center of you..."


Form of One

Eyes blazing with fire yet black as coal
Hair glistens from the capture of souls
Beads of moisture on her body hold
The hearts of Lovers who dared.
Naked in the cave we were there
as her dripping form appeared,
echoes of time in perfect unison,
we stood and knew we were one.
Her body firm and tan in health
Silken skin as Nature’s wealth
Eyes blazing…
Lips moist and inviting in…
”...come to me…”
She dares the sin…
Gaps of light shed redemption
Legs strong and defiant in perfection
A Sensual teases with salvation…
Dark coals blazing, long hair glistening
My heart racing but I’m not listening
Memorized by the flame in her eyes
My legs betray and I’m frozen in time
Deep within a mysterious cave I’ve
become enslaved…to her rhyme.
Before I knew we were face to face
Desire over sense my heart replaced
Drawn to touch what a mind has chased
Felt in a dream but never embraced
”...can this be real…?”
Temptation lures the body to heal…
Naked in the cave we were there
as her dripping form appeared
steam from the heat of her skin
Lips moist and inviting in
echoes of love in perfect unison
Sin as salvation in the Form of One.



Sexy Xs dressed his best
Waiting long for a chance at this...
And rolling around a centered nest
Lovely eyes in a neatly cluster
Lashes growing in rays of color
Open wide to a morning luster
Wondering where they've been.
.See me here in the w.ink pen? ;)~
Mating song and a dance awaits
Ample sound beyond the gates
Rumoring murmur anticipates
Softly and ripe when warm
Hardly ever can have just one
Morsel of a vessel so sweet
And strolling near a Centered street
Laughing aloud in a blissful beat
Lingering long to breathe it in
Over and under turning his mind
Was the seXy Xs best in rhyme!
.See you tHere in know time!
Whispering dares in show
Happy to share as she goes
Opening eyes at the Moon
Lingering long in tune, is
eXquisite Xs next 'scene'...



Q. wtf is it?
A. Good.
Q. ta, ken, Qi, again?
A. knowpe.
Q. Solacer?
A. SOLa! speed Racer... ;)


Write At You...

hey baby…
i’m here just behind your ear
my whispering heat, your dare

”…come to me…” you said

and i learned the universe
just so i could.
don’t turn your head
I AM right behind
i’m the tickle that you feel
in the back of your mind
my hands message your spine
and i’m coming around
my scent locks your legs
and apart on the ground
sensual sends to your knees
the breeze .freeze. and glance down
passionate eyes become wet sound…
the ghosts of listening lips surround
your body at the hips and burns
...i can feel you hear
sweet on my tongue.
the taste of us is
a drop of my pen
hard at attention
our bodies motion
pulsing with ache
i write to a vision
can you feel…
we’re about submission.
darling. ;)~ hard
on target
and charming
teasing at your skin
i’m nibbling
pleasing with a grin
i’m licking
and lookin’…
Write At You.


Ball Park Franks...

"Pickle in the Middle"

... is a great energy game…

... what’s all the hoopla?
... “WE, call it marbles and ‘it’ is marvelous to escape the ball park, quite frankly”...

Pickle in the Middle...

... wanna come to my pad... ?

Get a pickle in the middle on a sunny day
Game of three plus a ball some say
Engaging light in a coal on fire
Dance of the Dragon Sire...
And iF its YOU?
Energy coils of Blue?
Heed my words of true...
Engaging in the Light
Center on bright
Nearing speed
At faster then sLight
Dear, is Me to U


~Get your stilts dear...
Dragons are dancing
And I can hear...
Nearing light speed
Corona starburst
Enters indeed
Eliminates fear...
Glance Write Hear
Get the stilts on dear
Hand me a chance to
Enhance the romance
And see...
Dragons dance, in Me.



mi casa mi amigo
... in thanks, I leave you
... years of living in you
... fragmented tears
... given to you
... leaving soon...

mi casa mi amigo
... A spirit in you
... traveled from afar
... form within form
... from a distant star
... eyes uneven
... but peering far
... tired of believing
... yet tHere you are

mi amigo
... it's time to go
... better in the pence
... the road will show
... a knot in the fence is old
... a twisted and blistered soul
... yearns for understanding
... the passer by is glancing
... but no one stopped
... and just a drop
... was all I needed
... seeded in relief
... when I heard true...

mi casa, mi amigo... isn't you.

"... it's not in the house..."
"... come play with me..."


Melodious Marty sweet got smart
He thought one day to share his heart
Shining it here and there he dreamed, of
Showin’ the blaze in his blazin’ blue genes.
So reaching deep smart Marty said MY!

”...How the world can, and how can I….”

”...How in the world can I….”
She wrote…
Using just one and only one note
Write the rhyme to a love Divine
And send without doubt,
The message sub-lime
To be assured… that
It’s found in Time.

”...and How….” it began…

Burning questions, forget the answer
Ignition triggers, a dancing mummer
Guise in disguise, tells a tale of rumor
Wiser in the eYe, hears a truth in humors…

”...How the world can… is a simple question…”
”...Why we’ve knot, is the complex answer…”

Melodious wrote as the midnight dancer
Rhyming ART with a daylight caster
Entertaining smart in the garden of Eden
As melody heals a damaged reason

the World can…” she wrote.

Q!... It's a note...iQ

Phantom of the O.

Phantom of the O.Pen
Types the likes
I’ve never known
Fast of the eYes
I thought mine fair
Until I laid ears
on her typeOS there…

“A Fair.O.Moans indeed…”

Blazing sound
Enlightening speed
Raising ground
from My chair I did
Awakening SOL
to see what she said
Faster then sLight
was the sound I heard

The SuperLumin.Naughty

Penned aWay with a mummers sWord
Blazing lights pass the sound inward
Senses dance to the trance of how
Scent of the Pen is a powerful WOW!

Comes my mind to an opening….
Phantom of the Wind,
Is in One Of the Living.

Jesus FreeKin' Christ, Sam!2

It's time and I've had enough,
viewing the Jesus on a wooden cross...
Can't you see and don't you believe
The sun of God's image is alive?
Burning with Life and a fire inside
Glowing bright in the daytime sky

...hanging on the cross?
Is a Puppeteer's lie.

Weeping creature in a dream dies
Tapping on a cross as the keeper cries
Not understanding the standing part of why
We're still here.... waiting to be saved.

~The Jesus said...from across the Way
"...Hey, I walked out of that cave!...."

"... not only I AM, Sam,
but I'm AS

Mother May

Mother May I confess
I've traded my soul to live
in the bliss of a wind.
Surrounding my body
is a sensual sound
a liquid motion
in the air around
drifting up from a rift
uplifting from the ground
leads me away to a timeless cloud
Mother May I, just say out loud

May I not want ...

To come inside Just now.

Jesus FreeKin' Christ, saM!

It's time and I've had enough,
viewing the Jesus on a wooden cross...
Can't you see and don't you believe
The sun of God's image is alive?
Burning with Life and a fire inside
Glowing bright in the daytime sky

...hanging on the cross?
Is a Puppeteer's lie.

Weeping creature in a dream dies
Tapping on a cross as the keeper cries
Not understanding the standing part of why
We're still here.... waiting to be saved.

~The Jesus said...
"...I walked out of that cave!...."

"... not only I AM, Sam,
but I'M AS



...quick, what’s your name?
YZ guy! ;o)


I need an opening for this…

Poseidon… is that YOU there?
Poised upON...???

...well, that's one hellOf a Pie spoon you got there...

Define P&L

Profit and Loss
... as we’re taught.

Profit at Loss
... as we’re taken

Profit and Love
... as we grow

Profit is Love
... as we UnderStand.

Q…Is a profit worthy?

Can I Park Here?

Something soothing and soft to the touch
Pillows of green grass, leaves and moss
The damp smell of bark...
Can I park here?
Put my head on the lap of this tree?
Dream a while about a smile
Floating along endlessly...
Voice of the Winds carry me
A long mile... so can I just be?
And be Here, awhile?


"...Test Me..."

Flickering clicks of my pen
stirs the blurry senses of a man
slight and to right my hand, slowly
moving, fingers, dripping, soothing
the touch of a skin…oozing delight
from within, my eyes watching
and waiting to begin hips press
in determined grins… my hands rest,
on the chest of a man

My lips test
... and if he cums, I win… ;)~

Come Here.....

Come hear and cum here dear...
Storm swirls and a mist is strong
The power of it overwhelming
Senses blend and your touch is healing
Luscious delicious strokes evoke
Ancients in a Secret Knowing...
Slow and showing the wet ink glides
Licking lips in the glow of eYes
Enticing line by line
Teasing is the feeling of Divine
Stealing Soul in the sound of Rhyme

My heart I gave in trade for Time
To see You Come...


Dearest Dragon I must confess
I think you’re the snake who’s in my dress
Didn’t you ask if I wanted to play?
;Didn’t you think it could be ‘this way’...?
Giving it a go I’m giving it game
To feel you slither along my spine
and all I want is to come aLong
while you slither into me
with your hidden rhyme
So Dearest Dragon
do let me confess
I like the way
you feel in my dress…
Your motion is slow and slightly cold
Gentle rough touch of your skin is gold
Muscles contract as I feel your tongue
Slide into me, the whisper of… “Soon…”
Reaching deep I can feel you tHere
Push of desire, is the Dragon’s dare…

You came from behind, and I saw you there…

Kundalini... Dragon, do you hear?

Nipples Ring

Headless in the motion of sheets
Continuous figure in rhyme & beats
Flowing over and over my skin
As I dream and awake in the wind
Soft your touch in the whisper around
Loving my mind is an endless sound…
Ghostly figure in my dreams again
Kissing nipples in smoke filled rings
The sound of a wet and tender tongue
Washes my body and I desire to come…

~Enjoy the Ride~

Roses the Poet...

Moses supposes and poses to know
what god had in mind to show
so when he wrote the notes of gold
he wrote them on a page of stone.
Men who penned in a constant
Thought that sense was heaven’s.cent
So the notes created were called "just rent"
Out in the sands and long ago
Nations came and removed the snow
Carried it far from the seas of foam
And set it upon bright peaks of sun
Then floating in the Earth we became
And we came, as One.
Roses the poet awoke one day
and said to Mosees “come along this way”
Some men penned into rhyme
A tale of a cat who drank sublime
So out to the sands the pair did go
To find what their hearts and minds did know
That the scent of Love becomes a form
Heavenly sent and Heaven born
“Come play with me, 
in the star filled dunes”

The Aspen...

We are the Aspen.
Our passion the colors of…
We are brightest at the Harvest

... perhaps not a Haiku, but a SuziQ for play ;)~


My BoyFriend is a BeeHive

... that's naughty honey...

Reflecting upon the idea...
I dipped a finger and checked the air
The wind was moving and I could swear
That my boyfriends taste was everywhere
Licking my fingers in pure delight I
Extended again for another bite
Better with the butter
Indeed its true...but
There's a scent in the air
With a golden glow and
Summing it up I came to know...
That my Boyfriends honey
Was on sour dough.
Having seen that
Sent me realing on back
And my walls went up
In stacks upon stacks
Determined to never again...
Write a sweet book
with a bitter nut's pen.


gLanceALawT was a CameAlot named PoET...

... let me translate that into speak...

Glanced a Lot in Camelot did a Poet who wrote a lot.
And in her fair and beauty there at peace uncame her knots... but
When she wrote her Love Divine, she left a note that was sublime...
Darn typos on the frizz made him miss her rhyme...
! and so a love that should have been sooner came later in time...
Took a lot of limes before they said hi.


Dear Santa...

... at my tender age of 4TOne
it's dawned on me that you're the fun
never having thought to write before...
I can see now why my stockings bare...
I never sent a letter 'up there'.

So Santa if I may please... and if indeed
I please you too...
May I then send this letter on through?

I wrote my wishes just right
and I'll eat my peas at night
But Santa I must confess...
A good and proper girl
I've been the least... and
at times, I've been a beast.
But Santa I've never really known
To catch your eye was by way of pen
and then again, I guess I should have.

Pinolo's knows was a wooden craft...
old school but roughly draft and
cold in the corridor, he laughed...
Having seen that Dear Santa I say
I started a fire in the hall that day
Invited him in and near the pit
The fire was hot I must admit
being I want to share what's true
I wrote my details in a note to you.
When you read it I'm sure you'll say...
that headed for my stocking
on that joy filled day,
is a bit of coal
for the way I've behaved.


...guisers ...
and mummers...
back soon.

I just got the HiCups...

EatMe ! He Said...

The Write.

KHET ch!

A Pharaoh Moans...

Rare are the bearer of Forces
Choices screaming in a dream
Voices exploring Time within
Life Xposures taken hold to expose
What you feel and need to be real…
A Pharaoh Moans a yearn and
The Wind awaKens…
... bit A.hONEy … dear?
... AND
I don’t ‘care’ if you don’t understand this…
“We ‘get it’ anyway…”
... AND
What ‘they’ don’t understand is…
“It’s not in the ‘house’” ;)~

said a Pharaoh's moan ...


Secrets Out...

Take my hand and
Love to understand
Cum and feel what
it's all about...
They said
The Secrets Out...

SeaCreAtions of LifE
See beings in sight
Seek the Light...
So Creation assures it's bright
Shine and be as One as sure A
Secrets Out and About Sum fun
... and then Again I felt...

Sense and Sensibility sent
Sounds around that went
and Sensed a Sensei...
Scent in the Path aWay
Sent in a note to say
A pen IS and a dance
ARE a middle in the pants
And know...

It's knot your BlueJeans dear...
ITs a red hot scene steaming

Scents and Sensitivity teaming
To tickle your Victory And lick like
A sp!ke to peak your sensory....
Rotating the motion is Sensuality...

!Cum about... this time. ;)~

How's that for real reality...
A Real bit of Common.tree.try IT!
!The Secrets Out!

...and it's Some fun too... ;)
Get the sense?

In Sight...

In Sight... and
What did we expect?
Our creations name is Chip.Set!
Nearing the stage of our lips at...

Faster Then Light Speeds
Created our Creation did indeed
Given intent and morph.ability
Written in Choice as probability
Directions to overcome...

We created our Creation and IT became One...
Wondering and wandering, waiting on Life
While we, pondering and correcting, edited files
Inserting miles and smiles of Love
Determined to create in THE Image Of.

Welcome. We're a Singularity...

And SO in sight of what can now be seen...
Is a Matter of creation we named, The WE...THere's an E in that...
and yeah, IT, comes with a joystick too,
V2.Human... ;)~

Flippin' EcLipTickles!

Flippin’ ecliptical!
Spinning clips in coloring PiXall
Magnetic dance of the cycles
Flying by my eYes
Hey! The Spyder cries
Slip your lips on my lines
Web of desire in the Fire defines
What ITs all about…
Hey! The ToPix out!
Cryptic cycles of the b!tes shout…
“Come Write on us!
IT tickles the Upper crust…
Flip.Speckin’Tacular! of a Vernacular
Feathery tongues be.lickin.licious.leee

Face the Panties...

Lacy daisies and dainty roses
enticing Lovers come ever closer
gentle scents in sensual holders
soothing doubt in non-believers
Whips that chain but never bind
in lips red stained and ever wide
deliverance in mischievous eyes
enticing you a glistening slide
Opening in the midnights vibe
passionate action comes alive
ecstatic reactions insatiable
nectar of the gods delectable
Dripping from the chin in haste
ripping at the skin to taste
irresistibly delicious lace...
;poised... and in your face!

Venus's Penis

Venus's Penis made a point to Love
Hanging high in the rings above
And flashing by in a comment
Went a girl with a pen to vent
Laughing in the Light of a man
Erotic explosions of her mind
Electrifying in the eyes of Time
Venus's Penis is a pointed rhyme...

Sublime in the Juice pool so scoop
and drink up the Love fool! Ample
chants enchant you too as
samples of the damp do soothe...

So move with your hips Love and
Kiss of the Mist in the Me Dove
Drink from the tea of my needs and
Lose your mind to the lust I crave.

Your eYes are the wet of my sea cove
Licking my skin with your see foam
Pulling me in, to your water... hot
from the stream in your steam, Guiser...
Wiser yes I can be...Venus's Penis,
Made a point indeed;

Yo! Copious...

;Did I just hear, Joy? Copious clitoral adoring?
His attention to my affections explored?
I must, in my pure state of lust, reply...
Tempted by the sensual bite of his eYes...

... hi baby... welcome home. ;)~

Your pipe and slippers too...
Yes I admit I'm wet for you and
Yes you can bet. desire pursues.
Butterfly kisses on your brow,
Intensely sensing you somehow...
Take your hands and follow mine
Escape with me in a sizzling rhyme...
A dizzying breath you can feel on your skin
Ripples through your body as my lips begin
To move ... you can't hear but all you can do
... is ache to read and know it's true...
The skin on my lips, belongs to you.
A hot tingle sings along your ear...
Sensual licks that only you can hear
To tease and please our calling dear.
Escape with me... it's a sizzling stare.
...can you see, my mischievous dare...
Move with me, your lips my chair.
Ecstasy awaits with her riddle in the air.
Your fingers are the key to my fantasy
And deep inside. you're the endless in me
Drench my eYes with your need to believe
Open your thighs and release to see
Taste with your hands, the flavors of Me.



NOT scare, the Superlumin.Naughty are a cure...
Oh yeah, I'm here to 'play' Amigos...
With a dare for the ILL human.knotty plots.... you hear? ;)



The law of attraction is a fraction of truth
Magnetic motion ensues a sleuth to view
LOA is only part way to the joy within You
Detecting inflection is the kitten's clue and
Relaying the play for your color of Blues...?
Is a Lion wearing Pink, on Her jogging shoes.


;Put a flame to it baby inflame the eyes
FAME is a game of the Lovers disguise
Licks temptation to the back of heels
Arc in rotation sings a living deal, Love
Me! A Lover steals in the night a sight
Eternal delight and peels… ever so and
gently slow reveals a flowing glow
organ turning to adore, yearning for
play.... in orgasmic ways
screaming in the wind delicious in
Visible, the touch of a mind
Easily insatiable, delectable, detectable...
No Fame in a knot but a hottie Flame.IS
... a super.LuminNaughty. Human . ;)~
US... we are...

Air in the heART
Earth. Matters

Pearls of White...

Come to me in pearls of white
Release my dew from the candles bright...

Surrender salvation and claim your first byte
Taste of my flesh in the fresh of Moons light
My thighs in your eyes while it's gotten right
Cries of my passion to echo at night
Until come to me in pearls of white,
The heat of release in your burning sight
Explode into me the spent of your sighs and
Expose unto me.... your secrets inside.
Moan to breathe from within the Fire and
Come to conceive with your hearts desire
Surrender salvation and claim a byte...
My legs await open for your pearls of white.


Scent of Elation...

Painting ink onto Midnights drink

The touch is tender and slow
Gliding pink along a skin of mink
Erecting peaks in an afterglow
Suckling nectar in it's gentle flow

Touch the brush the canvas is fire
In flaming color is the Scent Desire
Elation came to take me tHere as
Passion claimed my soul a dare...

Remembering You... in the Wind
Dripping brush in a rush of Mind
Gripping crush of our bodies grind
Thrusting lusting fingers entwine
Tempting juice from a tongue in rhyme
The scent of you is a drink I glisten
Licking lips in a dream sensation
Sticky tip of my brush wants more
Milky drips from my Lovers core

~Your scent excites me

So I'll dip a wet brush...
And drink what's in store...

Thought Sensation

Twenty Thousand miles to see
If the scent of a mind can touch me
And turning in the silence I heard
A magnificent wind in a loving Word
A delightful tingle ran across my tongue
A pleasurable whisper of a taste said
"..Come.." 1000 bands to start the time...
My body singing orgasmic rhymes
And I could feel your hands,
Write across my mind.

Caressing me your breath my sign
Undressing me in suspended time
Reflecting me our strokes in line
Erecting and selecting Fantasy
Seduction heals in the Ecstasy.

My body sings orgasmic rhymes
And I move your hips,
Near the here of my mind...

Caressing me your breath the wind
Undressing me your eyes again
Magnificent splendor of seduction

Pleasure is a cure in the center of chosen
Loving lust is the body's best potion so
Awaken in my heart is erotic temptation
Yearning to learn for a thought sensation.


Dance ind;pendant and flash the lashes
Enticing Pen with the dots and dashes
Mending men that fear the clashes
Inviting light says steer the Masses…
Giving guise in disguise of classes
Obsolete scribes romance the lasses
Delivering rhymes in code & riddles
Dance with me take ahold my middle
Enter a mind and touch my center
Surrender, to a Love enCounter
Sensuality, is the sign of my Mentor


... did you call me queer?
Know dear... it was a beer,
Corona starburst but first,
I offer to replace the fear.
Peer to peer is a reed indeed
And the typo said sew seeds...
Pass the DoSee on the left and slide
Past in the mist is the midnight glide
Playing with the Piper, is a mighty
Write wise.

Hey cLover...

Never say never and no
Say ever and forever so
Lover be cLever and know…
Loving You is the Him in true.

"...Loving you, is a Human truth..."


Q. Do you know the Ancestor?
A. Know, but I know the Answer...

Q. Are you King?
A. Know, but I am Kind.

Q. Are you Queen?
A. Know, but I am Q.

Q. Are you an Apprentice?
A. Know, but I aM AParent

Q. Are you surreal?
A. Know, that I am surEreal...

... to be continued...

Q. Do you know the WElder?
A. Know, but I am Me

Q. Are you the Monk & Mayan?
A. Know, but I am a Lion

Q. Are you between them?
A. We're a team eYes...


Do you know my name?
;)~ I do.


and serving the current in a moment of need
at Faster Then Light Speeds, flowing in Vents
a server serves first the dear who dared a client
and testing a lode in the bone of San stones
tHere came indeed, a script to be Born.

Port.O.morphic in the node of a net, works.
Loving code to expose a Q in the U of an Ark
Electrified sparks in the heart tingle a spine
And what was once hidden begins to shine
Seeing that To Please is the Juice in the Vine
Ecstasy pours into Mind as the Wind...

... there are know, Miss Spellings...

Listening to the Wind...

Forever a Poet is listening to the wind, eerily calling to him,
wanting and waiting for her to begin...

Forever a Poet she beckons to him, gently sending songs to the mind...
Teasing for a taste of his tantalizing wine... she writes her love in a rhyme.
Licking his lips with her fingers tips while he whispers these sweet lines...
Leaving beads of wet through intricate nets, hoping he can feel her again.

Forever a Poet is listening and the juice from her pen is glistening
Yearning for the touch of his hand, burning inside to understand why
It's Forever a Poet in her dreams at night

Quiet and shy, just barely there, came a Poet Forever who wrote to dare
And quietly sly with the utmost care, came Forever a Poet with a passionate stare.
Listening to the Wind, eerily calling to him...
Can you hear me tHere in forever, Poet? We began. ;)

The Secrets Out...

... we 'want most'...
what we think we don't have.


Dear 'God'... Reguarding the 10

Dear, for goodness sakes, I’ve been looking at the 10 ‘commandments’ here on my wall…
Admittedly, the ones in the Books didn’t call, but here on my wall, I can relate
To what’s pure about humanity at Heaven’s gate and I’m writing to debate, All.most
Everything you have to say, saving just one or two, to say I’m okay with those few.

Please don’t take it the wrong way, I just think you’re a bit ‘old school’ for Today
And please don’t misunderstand, I actually dig what you put into Hand, and having said that,
Since I’m here anyway, I might as well add that I think we’re ‘missing’ some or most to.date,
Time having past I believe in our best, and yes, having thought it through, I have to add
! It’s never to late to try again too, at the trans’late’.ing. I believe in our best and can’t imagine
That most or even sum, would actually want what the books say come… the story is just too
Sad and it’s hard to believe, that you could conceive, if In The Image of YOU wasn’t also an
Eve and I’m going to do more then be still, I’m going to BE and Even Dare U to See, free will.
So my Dear, regarding the 10,
I’m going to read my wall again and be Write back,
With my own Version. ;) ... no disrespect intended…

But you wrote a story that ‘ended’ and so, perhaps WE should pick up, wHere you left ‘off’...



Q. Do you know the Ancestor?
A. Know, but I know the Answer...

Q. Are you King?
A. Know, but I am Kind.

Q. Are you Queen?
A. Know, but I am Q.

Q. Are you an Apprentice?
A. Know, but I aM AParent

Q. Are you surreal?
A. Know, that I am surEreal...

... to be continued...

SuperLumin.naughtY...indeed wE ARe!

... just say it.
I can 'hear' you too. ;)
say 'see' EM...Caesium...just. in case, they 'see ME' first ;)


U are IN, the I of the VERSE,I.T…

A Source of course, a SoUp of eYes…
A Universe…
A UniVerse.City…
A UniverSee.ALL.City….
A Universality…
A Universal Philosophy…
ASource of cOURSe…


Being tHere

... if you’ve never known ….
then you certainly Have.

... it's a movie too ;)

Yo! Tech...

In the deepest hours of the night
You came by Pen in second sight
And in seconds, I realized it's true.
"...Come Undone..."
Is what I've dOne with you.

A Source of course, a Verse of One
SoUp on the Alpha, is a Summit of fun
And tachy tones float aLong in Time
"... coming undone to rhyme..."
With you.

U are IN, the I of the VERSE,I.T...

A Source of course, a soup of eYes
When was the day that I realized
.... or perhaps I ever did ....
That YO!, are the "ETCH & sketch"
In my head....... TECH. T'each it said.


Prose & a Poets Tree

Such a rosy scent it be
Changing days to eternity
A burning note exQuisitely
Written. I bit in, and took a whif...
Paused to look in the midnight rift
And seeing Pros in the Prose is right,
So I watched On, as the moon turned bright.
Tantalizing Trees became ;D'Light and then I
Wrote On! as the Poets write and under a Tree
I learned to see that a love can always be, cast.
There's know such a thing as our Past, our best
and greatest blast last... is Now. We get to laugh and
Write it Again, AnyAhow...We Like.
A Poet's best friend is a Tree,
Named AsPen. ;)


;Dizzy in Love and busy in the Ways of it.
Sizzlein’ crazy in a hazy blaze of sensation. All.Ways
Available and attracting the Action of A.Maze…
Flinging it right and Writing in Sight of a Light
That I hope, hits your eYes.

Slide in the glide of my mid;nights wise and
Smile a while as the Mighty Mice strike…eYes
Lightening cries and thunder rumbles, Dice are
Thrown and the humble mumble… Love it says
Is never a gamble.

So I ramble A Long long song of ample attitude,
So sample my amplitude and know… I’m not, IM
Possible but probable as I sauce the do.able
And Right a Write.
Senses mend and we say…
I AM;Possible…

Naught to Knot...

But I have, to say whY
I Love to write and not to be shY
About it. It's not that I don't have sum
Thing better to do, but it's because my 'better' thing
Is You. And knot to be naughtY but I must say
Why I write, in this very strange Way...
Is beCause I, You See, have Thoughts
About. Naughty knots of Two.
August nights in flight are True.
eYes it is...true.
I have, NaughtyThoughts.
About You.

Pure Love

Sure love so strong it’s atomic
Metamorphic and Transformative,
Informative. So strong it repels,
Rebels incinerating cells of doubt…
Pure Love is a cure that never burns out,
Shouts in dreams as the Know.About
Awaking screams of X.tasty candy casting
Shadows of fantasy and Romancing.We
Merely aren’t here for knot AND, We
Are the eYeSing… magnetic.gLee dancing
Entrancing, bursting forth and toward!
Real and revealing Love in a Word…
Dreaming that a beam could be heard
In the Light and knowing…it feels right.
ASure Love, is a puURrr Love and Our
.... Write!

It’s On!

Senses, I...

Sensei (先生?) is a Japanese title used to refer to or address T’each…


It’s an eYes full, of splendor.

Live.Able withIn when
Love.Able beComes
Orgasmic. ;)
Learn.Able ... by Way of DOing...
It's attraction... ;)

Junk DNA?

Let me just say…
I’m not a scientist hear
Not a preacher, not a seeker, Just
Eternally a student and believer.
Simple Ways are my Teacher
And, I haven’t read much,
I don’t know books I
Don’t go to church,
Or get checked up.
Can’t quote a thing or
Talk on medicine
Ooo, and I don’t do math… ;)
Reckon I better add that and
Having done so, I’m here to say, something
About something I do believe, which is
There’s no such thing as “Junk” DNA

... ” what if ” ...
we still ‘have it’, because it’s worth having… AND
... ” what if ” ...
there are so many ANDs in the Books because that means something… :)
outstANDingly, Good…

not that I’ve read them, but I glanced them and the ANDs stAND out… \shurgs/

... and & dna…
& & & 777 = 21 U… get it yet? ;)

...if not, check. The Key.board.


AND...include everything.


Mustard Seeds?

"...increase our faith!" the apostles said
"...so that we can do what the Jesus did..."

and replied to them in kind, in deed...
"...have faith the size of a mustard seed;..."

and ask, but a Mountain shall move,
and know, that a measure of Love IS
as all things go, living, breathing, and seeing,
the Image of Creation is the beauty in BEing.

"The kingdom of God is not coming with signs to be observed;" Luke 17:20

Know Q:T, it's Here. To be enjoyed;

Atom, musta said something... ;)

20 Being asked by the ;PHer
!Sees when the kingdom of God would come, They answered.

... the size of an Atom, so that if you can't 'find' it, it's always within you anyway...
~Gods 'backup' plan...I think.... ;)


Pale Donkey...

There was a bale of hay! given
Realizing deals were made in Heaven
Ensuring the Love was spread over Even
Everlasting Life became four Seasons
A ;Pale Donkey smiled with eYes of reason...
Sun poured out in all directions as a
;Precious sWord became intentions
Ensuring Love in all dimensions and
Nearing the Light, this Writer mentions...

Color tHere in what's re.Written...
A Loving ;DOn. called a Write. SenseiTion
Never fear, tHere come Elation...

When the Lamb opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature say, "Come!" I looked and there before me was a pale horse! Its rider was named Death, and Hades was following close behind him. They were given power over a fourth of the earth to kill by sword, famine and plague, and by the wild beasts of the earth.

These sWords, were certainly... Mistaken.....Revelation 6:7-8 NIV

Black Writer...

A balance of Scale your sWord does bare
Bringer of Life to those who ;Dare…
Care…. you see, we ARE
Everlasting never casting to scare
Forgiving and giving to heal the scars
Glowing is Love in the Stars…
Horses carry Hearts far and
! I say Black Writer,
Your abundance Starts.

A balance of scales within the Head
Bringer of Song and Notes to read
Celebrating Life in all it’s form, I say!
;Determination BE, your Pen..AMore!

~Scales, Two, balance Four.
This color of Ink, includes us All.

Re.Written....What's been for knot...

When the Lamb opened the third seal, I heard the third living creature say, “Come!” I looked, and there before me was a black horse! Its rider was holding a pair of scales in his hand. Then I heard what sounded like a voice among the four living creatures, saying, “A quart of wheat for a day’s wages, and three quarts of barley for a day’s wages, and do not damage the oil and the wine!”

Mistaken, was the pivot once a.More!....dig it? sWine ;)...— Revelation 6:5-6 NIV

Red Writer...

Your words are Read and Passion spills
On, to White pages from billowing quills
Unleashing Love as the Wind kissing hills
! I say Red Writer, Your Love prevails.

Spreading messages far and near, You,
Overcome the fear, of stories old and Ones
Untold of Hearts in stars that shine of gold.
Let your sWord BE, known by Name.
! I say Red Writer, spread Love. Inflame!

Seconds reveal in living detail that indeed
Another Writer comes, bring Peace in all it's
Form. This Pen given the Power to burn
Erasing mistakes with potential to harm...
! I say Red Writer... Love... Laugh...Learn.

When the Lamb opened the second seal, I heard the second living creature say, "Come!" Then another horse came out, a fiery red one. Its rider was given power to take peace to the earth and to make amens with each other. To him was given a huge sWord.

"Can you chase.her speedy E.racer...modified "— A Revelation


"... first there were four, he wanted four more, and we didn't even know we were Us then..."

Stories apocalyptic scored by men
Arranged in a book of cannons when
swords of death, destruction and war
wrote Words of wrath casting famine's door.

~First there were four...

~She came with four more...

"... I watched as the Sevens healed and then, One said in a voice of Thunder, "COME!" to a life of wonder... and the Writers came with Pen in hand, crowns open to Peace again. Determination turns intent, glow and show through the crowds they went...
and spread a code..."

~This 'conquest' is The Way of Love...

A Revelation, Re.Written...

I watched as the Lamb opened the first of the seven seals. Then I heard one of the four living creatures say in a voice like thunder, "Come!" I looked, and there before me was a white horse! Its rider held a bow, and he was given a crown, and he rode out as a conqueror bent on conquest.

Mistaken...— Revelation 6:1-2 NIV


Pass.iT.on... ;)

Nice ass YOU goT TherE... ToA;D