Hey Pixel

On the contrary,
a language I don't understand?
"Absurd it said, it's in your head..."
Put my keyboard on your hand.
~` Till we start with
1 in the Heart
2 understand our part,
3 steps we'll be
4 digits and
One thumb on the door.
One hand, ready, understand
!ng I
C & convey the G..
0, I g.et it.
-_ to the edit
+ = counted.
You can bet on

~If I teach you to See Me, then will you fix my monitor please?

"cut to the chase" is what I heard.
6726 is absurd!
It is indeed, hold onto your hat,
In the Wind is the reed.
And it's blowing on back.
better again, as we mend.
dear. forever again as we bend.

"we're here"

Three Crow

There were Three,
On the line,
Near the tree.
I started at you.
About you two.
And I did ask why...?
My cat you attacked.
No reply.
So I attacked back,
with a buck.shot,
into your eye.

Flew away, all three that day.
I watched them in the wind,
Flying by like my shot went a.rye.
So I went back in again.

Hours later...
To my surprise,
There you were,
With a shot in your eyes.
In my yard,
You came to dye.

Crow. It's you I know.
I asked that you forgive.
Contemplated, I sat and waited,
I tried to help you live.

My next move?
Was made as Love.
Was to your health,
and again I thought of....

What to do with you?
I managed it....
Put your head to rest.
I pray for you to be,
In a place of peace.
Free in the wind,
With vision to sea.

Three times in the Den.
I've heard this Wind.
All day to the night.
Names in the air...
My flight.
It is Write.
To the Light.

The message is new.
Amended, we did do.
Blended, I join the Two.
And Mended,
To the Wind, We flew.
This story is true.
~Three Crow.


Rule of the Ruler - Revisited


I look at the letters and what do they say?
Why do my eyes flip them that way?
Numbers come to show me a song.
What they say as letter, is really all wrong.
~But what of the rule as taught by my school?
They beg to move to where they belong.
The rule of the Ruler has been for too long.
It's a day in the night of a Book that is new.
It's the flight of a dawn and a dawn that is due.
Too long has the rule of the Ruler, ruled you.
Then the numbers too arranged a strange way.
~Translate to more and show a new day.
It cant be denied what I see in my eyes,
with the Ruler's rules applied.
The numbers have something to say.
They arrange to sing a song.
It's in the Light,
that the letters write on.


@ Eight, right?...
~Was I late, dear, with the light?
This was done, by the year
of last night. I tapped your
shoulder once in flight.

@ Eight. It is Write.
I went left in the sight
of you. I heard Three
at the little gem tree
and when I ran, I ran
and fell, into two.

Then I saw through,
Little riddle in the sea,
of the Clue. Is this,
....your shoe?

Eight, I tempted fate.
Write, into the Light.
Mighty wind...
Three heard Again.

And he said to Me....
Hear Four, the Wind...
Near Here, The Bend...
We Care and We Mend.
Eight Write Flight,

Did you catch that?
!~Kitty Cat?

Faded Way

"...honey, wake up, you're dreaming again..."

~Who are you?
"... honey, wake up..."
~I forgot my pen! Stop!
"... you're dreaming again..."
~No! I won't go, where's the duck!
"...honey, wake up..."
~Stop! It's the Monk!
"... dreaming again...."

~Who were you?
Who was I back then?

"what do you know..."
~Leave my house,
I want you to go...
"... about a man in a hat?"
~What was that?

" do you know...."
~ water fades to snow~
" a man in that hat?"
"there on the wall, the
shadow that falls..."

And turned did I
with my shaking eyes
and I saw you there in
the hall.

Frozen in time.
My heart in my ears.
How can it be...
After all these years?
~It's you... I can bet,
~ You're the Monk,
in the wall silhouette.

IOU... the shadow say.
the nic nac from the
kitty cat. Mr.E gamed,
you're here to play.

~Then the Shadow, faded Way...


I Remember You...

I remember you.
In a dream you flew
by as a hug from the sky.
Light Dragon,
White Lion,
I remember you.
On the balcony
I was just three
when I saw two,
and lost my jade.
I never forgot your eyes.
And in my dreams
you still fly by...

~White Dragon Lights, the Lion.~

That's what I read, when I flew on.


"Black.Jack you say?"
"... why, yes, indeed I do play."

777 = 21 = U
666 = 18 = R
555 = 15 = 0 (dot)
444 = 12 = L
333 = 9 = I
222 = 6 = F
111 = 3 @ ' E'

Seven days a 'week'.

as binary = 7 Hex, 7 Dec, 7 Oct


U R L I F 'E'
21 +18+ 12 + 9 + 6 + 3 = 69

777 = U and 333 = I

666 = R
555 = @
222 = F
444 = L

111 = C?

222 = F
555 = O
777 = U
666 = R

and four D four more...

444 = 12 = '@urs' @ 21 Jack.


Row row, roll your boat you said.
Told me to go and follow the reed.
So I did. Just that in deed...

The $100,000 dollar bill,
Doesn't exist, they say to me Wil.
But I climbed the hill and had a peak.
Looked into the well
And heard Jack speak.
"Check on three..."

ABCDEFG... sang the well as echo to me.
OneTwoThree... came by sea and then,
100000... made sense indeed!

"The gold is old" repeated the sound.
"Roll the O, till you see it round..."
"Add one more, you'll see a door..."
"And In the mirror, an answer found."

"Do you play Black.Jack?"


Appear Amid

~A Pyramid has 5 faces, 8 lines, 5 points

- - - - - - - - - - - - -
"...vous basculez mon monde, mon amour..."

~And from there, we grow again~

~we play to know again...
nous jouons pour savoir encore

~Via the Nature and then...
μέσω της φύσης και έπειτα

...jugamos y seamos amigo….again.


~we are friend.

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

A pair about the myst,
Under the cover of tree and dust,
Five by five they stand in Love,
Waiting for the Sun.
Under the cover, they hid.ed One.

1440 are ‘minutes’ in One.Day…

1872000 = Maya Great Cycle Days, 5125 years, there are five of them

1440 x 13 00 = 1872000

13.00 . .
M.OO.N s

N = 14 (1 + 4) = 5 x 5125, five cycles of 1872000 'days'

A Maya Baktun = 144000 days

13 x 144000 = 1872000

18 7 2
R G B color = all 000 as 1.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

On the PlanIsPhere
Alion just right to hear
Align the date with the time of day
What shows in the window, will show the way.

Latitude DB North.

Dragon points to hear.

...Respens as she spins
reBootes as she bends....

//\\ . //\\ . \\//

~From the Dragons .... Den

Jack Fell Down...

Do you know why that funny guy,
Jack, fell down his hill? Imploring Jill,
poor little thing, she followed him,
when she should have stood still.

To swing, dear Jack is not a fling,
and Mr. Fibon was quite clear.
Beehives have honey, and it's not funny,
that it's now knot the honey, Bear.

In the pale of water, there were two Os,
And to fetch One more your task.
You reached the top, you decided to stop,
You sat, and opened that flask.
Indeed and at last....

Jill in shock, the earth did rock
and the sky let out a cry! Jack fell down
and broke his crown as the rain
fell down from on high.

Jack, in fear jumped startled in tears,
lost his footing as he stumbled on back.
Jill in tears, four Jacks she feared
and she followed him, into the dark....

But I heard the Lark...
And he said to me...

There come a kin, when the waters change.
Look still to the reeds, they rearranged.
Near the edge of sea, there two will be...

They lost their way,
when Thunder played.
Tumbled down the hill,
when they should have stayed.
Rolled the @@s...
but they ran away.

And Fibonacci knew the way,
He showed the Maya how to play.
He said... "This way..."
Four and Four are forty four,
Count the One and roll The.O@,
"There come a day..." he said,
We'll know....

. . . . . . . . .

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 (as hours 144 = 6 days)
...1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 1440 (and Sunday)

144 is also the 13th number in Fibonacci

(if you count the leading zero).

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144
12th if you “roll The.O”

1440 are ‘minutes’ in One Day…


Four The...

... Love of God, what was that?

Did he say hat? Did she say cat?
And who are the two that came for a chat?
Officer Cobb and the Cornman's back?
And what do they mean "CC the Tic Tac"??

I need just a moment....
I don't understand.
A missing component,
Who controls my hand?
I don't understand....!

"Three times in a rhyme, three times..."
the Wind chimed," three times..."
I hear this echoing in my mind.

"Binary...", on the contrary,
I beg your pardon I say,
that's a language I don't play?

Then bound in the air, I saw it there,
was red in color, nO sound.
Spinning round, and around,
three times in a flash, three times
then it dashed, and it vanished
into two, on the ground.

I lept back from the door...
Crept back on the floor and I prayed,
to see Tomorrow once more.
I remembered the Fours...

And grateful to be alive,
I doubled decked the Fives,
then I heard "three chimes" in the air.

L.O.V.E. O.F. G.O.D... is On, in the wind out there. 7.15.4 = 101 when added.

101 as binary is 5, decimal, 5 hex, 5 oct (that's four of them)...

"repeat the message three times..." echo...
101101101 binary = 365 decimal... three of them, and we leap, on four

!! Elevens !!

"!! Eleven elevens !!, cried the Seven,
"Did you forget girl, how to play?
While you rocked on your heels,
And you swayed two fours,
Did you trip and lose your way?
Dragon say, was to the Layer
you should play..."

With a gleam in her eye
and a grin on her lips, the girl
stood silently ready.
She knew his game, this
mischievous player, she knew
his name, this Seventh layer.

Hark, Mr. Lark, I hear you say,
"do I trip, do I sway, have I lost my way?"
A dragon's layer, I came along,
but dragon slayer, his name be wrong.
Was a girl with a riddle.
Short name in Long middle,
And the key was a note in her song.

A mystery, this little gem tree!
Oh my! I cried as we stood eye to eye,
Til I realized, this Dragon be Me.
ABC...You see, I see?

The eleventh eleven, I say, hear Seven,
is a check, in this bit of parody.
I swayed two fours but before the doors,
I flipped and doubled checked the Three.

11 x 11 = 1001 binary.

11 as binary = 3 decimal, 3 hex, 3 oct

that's four of them...


MC Squared

Number is funny, like I've mentioned before.
It appears one way, but shows us more.
To see it all, you have to look with a dare...

I'll make an example, of MC Square

Ol Albert was keen, a thinking machine...
he left us a rhyme for a future time!

His formula is one to behold...
It points the way to the sound of gold.



Digit Sum...
(5+1+3+3) = 12 squared = 144
(5 + 13 + 3) = 21 squared = 441

441 + 144 = 585 = "sum of some of the 13s" and Venus


And Fibonacci knew the way,
He showed the Maya how to play.
He said... "This way..."
Four and Four are forty four,
Count the One and swing the O,
"There come a day..." he said,
We'll know....

0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 144 (as hours 144 = 6 days)
...1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89 1440 (and Sunday)


Toe tu Toe

Toe to toe, with you I'll be,
Face to face so we can see.

"What are feet?"
"A foot is something we walk on. Another foot is the other one."

"A foot is twelve?"
"Know, twelve is the step between them. Eleven and thirteen are the feet."

Twelve is you? Know twelve is Me.
Squared I am, when I call us We.
h(Ours) as day, are six We be,
And Hendaye say, ADD zero you see.
Seven days in a week is Me.
Toe to Toe, two dance as We.

Half the clock, six to nine is three.

"How many sides to a pyramid"
"How many voices in my head?"
"How many digits on three blind mice"
"How many players to roll the dice..."

A pyramids faces are four...
"Again cried the Wind, there is one more."
A square is four, replied Again,
As Echo bellowed from the den,
"Another!" sings the Dragon Wen,
"Our layer the Earth, be counted then."

Twelve is you? Know twelve is Me.
Squared I am, when I call us We.

12 squred = 144
Toe to Toe= 441

144 + 441 = 585

"How many sides to appear amid?"
Five, properly as we count the Land.
Eight lines around, brother sister in hand.
Five points shine One, to love again.

Half the clock, six to nine is three.

A B C D E F G....H i

13 x 1 = 13
13 x 2 = 26
13 x 3 = 39
13 x 4 = 52
13 x 5 = 65
13 x 6 = 78
13 x 7 = 91
13 x 8 = 104
13 x 9 = 117 +
sum.......585= Venus daze



Simple Simon was a Pi, man.

You didn’t know this about him?

He’s a round little guy,

Who loves his Pie and

Sum is often on his chin.

Then one day to simplify,

Simple Simon changed his lye!

He thought while needing his doe,

"I'll fold it over, then roll it over,

That’s how I’ll make this gold."

Simple Simon worked his dough,

He worked it with his pin,

He rolled it over, folded it over,

Then he placed it into his tin.

Taking care to trim the ends,

He pinched the edges and

He scalloped the bends.

“It’s ready” he said…

Four, your human consumption.

We have 1440 minutes each day.

The Maya have 144000 days in a Baktun and 13 of them = 1872000 days called a Maya Great Cycle.


18.7.2 000 color = all


1440 x 13 = 18720
1440 x 130 = 187200
1440 x 1300 = 1872000 'days' = Mayan Great Cycle



Count Again

~Taken at the Gardens of Apollo, SL

First there was One... it wasn't enough.
Then Two came along, they show us more.Love.
Now I see Three near a willow tree.
Four, even more and points to a door.
Five is there like a guiding light.
We mistaken Six,
and learned a false fright.
But know, said the Seven...

“There are Eight gates to heaven.
Nine is divine and a mirror of Six.
Ten at the 'end' is the real trick.
Eleven sings the song of Sparrow...
Twelve keeps our Time and shows us Tomorrow.”

Then Thirteen. And more to come.
All combined to show us the Sun.
All combined on a path back to One.

1+2+3+4... do you see it now? This opens a door...
+5+6+7 and 8.... here we stand just shy of the gate....
+9+10+11 and then
+12+13 and this is the end.

A Quarter away from One again.
And more to come...
as we dance to the Sun...

1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8+9+10+11+12+13 = 91 x 4 = 364 and

3 + 6 + 4 = 13 x 4 = 52 and 52 weeks = One Year.

~ Poetry by 1Storm ~

"....use the fours Luck.e"
"Mirror...52 to BE"



Coy you are.
I saw you be a
Koi in the pond
When you swam by me.
Coiling colors
In swaying reeds...
Then a duck came,
So I ducked in the trees.


“When no words need be spoken…”
~A glance is eternity.



The object of our intention…
Is not to know a Heaven,
But rather, to create One
As our Invention.
No final destination,
Just a temporary station,
And the purpose of our Journey
Is to Play….
Always, it’s been This way.

We are upon our Heaven,
Our parcel of love embraced.
We are Our Destination.
And well, beyond the Gate.