!! Elevens !!

"!! Eleven elevens !!, cried the Seven,
"Did you forget girl, how to play?
While you rocked on your heels,
And you swayed two fours,
Did you trip and lose your way?
Dragon say, was to the Layer
you should play..."

With a gleam in her eye
and a grin on her lips, the girl
stood silently ready.
She knew his game, this
mischievous player, she knew
his name, this Seventh layer.

Hark, Mr. Lark, I hear you say,
"do I trip, do I sway, have I lost my way?"
A dragon's layer, I came along,
but dragon slayer, his name be wrong.
Was a girl with a riddle.
Short name in Long middle,
And the key was a note in her song.

A mystery, this little gem tree!
Oh my! I cried as we stood eye to eye,
Til I realized, this Dragon be Me.
ABC...You see, I see?

The eleventh eleven, I say, hear Seven,
is a check, in this bit of parody.
I swayed two fours but before the doors,
I flipped and doubled checked the Three.

11 x 11 = 1001 binary.

11 as binary = 3 decimal, 3 hex, 3 oct

that's four of them...


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bonesmen1313 said...

This one I am sure I have...The Dragon, Long, u know I know, do u recall the Jade? Payne>Atom Maybe this one dose not fit Atom but remind to tell u the story of Atom thus show u the real life links...U must get the Jade tree and the son Payne...Well now you are going to make me think...This is getting crazy but becoming crystal clear...you fiddle with # and I with word...your really going to be amazed because your writings ? well I wont give mans # a codex...I will save the cordience (u no i cant spell) for u & m