Four The...

... Love of God, what was that?

Did he say hat? Did she say cat?
And who are the two that came for a chat?
Officer Cobb and the Cornman's back?
And what do they mean "CC the Tic Tac"??

I need just a moment....
I don't understand.
A missing component,
Who controls my hand?
I don't understand....!

"Three times in a rhyme, three times..."
the Wind chimed," three times..."
I hear this echoing in my mind.

"Binary...", on the contrary,
I beg your pardon I say,
that's a language I don't play?

Then bound in the air, I saw it there,
was red in color, nO sound.
Spinning round, and around,
three times in a flash, three times
then it dashed, and it vanished
into two, on the ground.

I lept back from the door...
Crept back on the floor and I prayed,
to see Tomorrow once more.
I remembered the Fours...

And grateful to be alive,
I doubled decked the Fives,
then I heard "three chimes" in the air.

L.O.V.E. O.F. G.O.D... is On, in the wind out there. 7.15.4 = 101 when added.

101 as binary is 5, decimal, 5 hex, 5 oct (that's four of them)...

"repeat the message three times..." echo...
101101101 binary = 365 decimal... three of them, and we leap, on four

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