Hey Pixel

On the contrary,
a language I don't understand?
"Absurd it said, it's in your head..."
Put my keyboard on your hand.
~` Till we start with
1 in the Heart
2 understand our part,
3 steps we'll be
4 digits and
One thumb on the door.
One hand, ready, understand
!ng I
C & convey the G..
0, I g.et it.
-_ to the edit
+ = counted.
You can bet on

~If I teach you to See Me, then will you fix my monitor please?

"cut to the chase" is what I heard.
6726 is absurd!
It is indeed, hold onto your hat,
In the Wind is the reed.
And it's blowing on back.
better again, as we mend.
dear. forever again as we bend.

"we're here"

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