Simple Simon was a Pi, man.

You didn’t know this about him?

He’s a round little guy,

Who loves his Pie and

Sum is often on his chin.

Then one day to simplify,

Simple Simon changed his lye!

He thought while needing his doe,

"I'll fold it over, then roll it over,

That’s how I’ll make this gold."

Simple Simon worked his dough,

He worked it with his pin,

He rolled it over, folded it over,

Then he placed it into his tin.

Taking care to trim the ends,

He pinched the edges and

He scalloped the bends.

“It’s ready” he said…

Four, your human consumption.

We have 1440 minutes each day.

The Maya have 144000 days in a Baktun and 13 of them = 1872000 days called a Maya Great Cycle.


18.7.2 000 color = all


1440 x 13 = 18720
1440 x 130 = 187200
1440 x 1300 = 1872000 'days' = Mayan Great Cycle


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