" know more "

my dearest Clara
you are voyant
and my heART
ever buoyant
" now "
that I can hear you...

it was the Doctor
who lead us through
" a painting "
where I hid our clues

" a long way home "
for a planet unknown
in a moments time
waiting...for just
the write rhyme

we are sound
" so stand down "
and run no more
" you clever boy.... "

because we are here
and you are found.


be for...

I was trained by Day 1
to be Day 2...
affecting Day 3
to be Four


"... we can't explain everything we see when our eyes are open ..."
Impossible happens... and then... we are Shield;
"Marvel TV"


A. firmamentum...
is a volt
in the vault
of God's heART


Merry Mary...

is quite contrary...
so how does his gardener grow
the silver bells in clammed up shells
between lies all laid in rows


muster Anderson...


“talk to me”
and so she said

we” …
are the product
of what a life did
to become as love
in a world undone
as never before
has there ever been
a time of waste
of haste and lack
and never before
has God wanted for…

“this planet back”

so a place in space
set motions pace
on a race

“for humans kind”

changing minds
and hearts to date
matching us up
with Natures rate
… of speed

“Gods like that”
and so he peed;
You’re in.



Neo's Flight

in the light

a beginning is
where points
of write
become sight
and a convert
of one ordained
takes the vow
to begin again

“… it ain’t over, clover …”
as a rover says

look up
it’s the bright side

Smith’s Fight

“mustar Anderson”…

the rush is on
never before seen
the sun undone
a crooked cat
is Sumers fun
and Sitchin did say

“it’s on the One”

as the fun began
the two expand
where threes a door
to four and more


“flip forMe”
is a real clear form
of Mr. E

the Philosopher'sTone

... is coming soon



in the garden of need
God did a good deed
and created
from his own seed
the AtoM...

and it was good
beyond fathom
this thing God gave

for your soul it would save
in the ways enslaved
without passion

"it was cached"

in the name of Heaven
and turned to days
by way of Seven

so in the beginning...

it was God
who was willing
to be what we
can believe in


" paradise can't be lost
before it's found "


it's in the sound


and always
the faithful will be
for their family
are what matters
in the realm
of eternity

"Fortitudine Vincimus"

in God we trust
and for the peace of us
... we continue



within One...

"they're you"

yet wanting
the same outcome...

and then there's me
and if I can see...
then it makes me real.

"the original"



Nemes is...
a head dressed for duty
a mirrored jury
of Echo's fury...

flowers . Narcissus

" my name
is a quilling word "

the gilt of a sword
dwarfs what Hydra hears
.... to be read ....

Hey ...

" auntie, anti-matter matters "
aaahhh said the hi-way


Pump Up the Volume...

" and you thought I'd not get 'hear' ? " hahahahahahahaha

" ... you're beginning to view the show
but the 3d; glasses just won't do ... "

Max Capacity



" yes I am ... "
and so's my name...

I wasn't really 'missing'...


M I C is the K E Y

a complex industry
the building of keys
in the metal of which
no one sees
isn't for the weary
but the willing
might find in query
a simple answer
accounting for reality

as the mouse"

... that's Who.

"I'm back!"
and so is Q...



I’m shedding ‘wait’…
the meaning of ‘light’… speeds… peeps…. ;beep beep! it’s deep


John's hand cocked

Thor's hammer backed
and a chamber primed

"the beauty of simple
is a complex rhyme"

The moan of a love
and a feather...
are the ecstasy

In time

A Pauling Wall

“My name… is a quilling word;”
and Weirder yet
is a paper sWord

stones burn below a fjord
and a shield moves
to release their source

" thinking machines "
of course… and a verse

“you dream
in the shadow of sleep…”

to train the faithful


the eyes

Time talks
and I walked…
“write into them”

With many names
and a string of pearls
the Temple beast
is a ‘Golden Girl’

“One thousand”
and One …
arrange my own tears
so a devil in the dark
has nothing to fear
upon this holy lap
a dance of fire
in a Magdalene wrap

the melting scream
“is a dream”
aye … and I
dared to stare
into burning thighs
where the cries
of a demon lie

is a velvet sigh
and yes, the eyes
“have it”

you don't even have to smile ;p

eyespoke too

There with a clue
I'm thinking of you
and hoping you're well...
here where Magician dwell
it feels like hell
you come to accord
Hephaestus ...
has forged god'sWord
Use it
to open this shell
Xpose the fantasy
and make it real...

"eye spoke
into the wheel
and a nut"

a slow ;brush... penetrates the wind;


the cosmic tone

Alpha's Omega
wants to be known
so a voice was set
on a cosmic tone...

"you're beginning"
to view the show
but the 3D glasses
just won't do

"a revelation"
is more than true
as a hundred eights
have just come through

" so don't cry "
for what you don't know
rather live your day...
and prepare to go


the other alpha

is omega.

" we let them be first "

the 'other hero'
is the One who
" has your back "



feathers of ecstasy

" the soul remembers everything "

and so do I...


WAY of Sound;

Don't cry for your loved ones passed on

The meaning of these words
never meant they were gone

They were changed in tones gone wrong
So you'd knot know
about how we live on...

In your blood are genes ever strong
Unique to a code where you belong

Yet common is the love in which it's found
and we all arrive...by Way of Sound


on yOur mark

get seti and go...

666 / 9 = 74
" Whose clue, is this? "

74 x 24 = 1776
and do you CC this, One too?

12 more steps...
1776 x 12 = 21312
" without the shoes "

21312 / 90 = 236.8
"Earth's new access"

1776 + 236.8 = 2012.8)
and rounded too...
1776 + 237 = 2013 "like I said"


" what's the time? "

the news

A mass delusion
built to confuse
the 2nd coming
with mixed up news

A beast of burden
built to be used

An Auntie...
unties her shoes
and laughs out loud
hearing the clues
about a clone-less shroud
and a boneless tomb

ZeuS on the loose
with nothing to lose
gliding on guides
disguising clues
knowing new news
is as good as gold;



two two
" who's got a clue"
" the eyes have it "
... so I do too

what isn't scored
is the door before
the one I came through

MY 'n' ... 
while not my name
means this....
is really the same

"so we call me SueZ"

don't scream my love....
we won't even know
I appear as 'you'

Data points out
that Spock has shoes...


skull 'e'

" hey Skully "
I'm a smolder
and want to
roll it over
" with you "

it's about this
three two two
" I've got a clue "

I've been a square
about the golden rule
and so I think...

I'll circle it soon

a May sun
overshot the moon
and a way came
as a crystal spoon...

are you a curious fox?
well then...
" stay tuned "




I asked...


they replied

then shaking my head
from side to side
I realized...

" it's a pitch "


don't scream

I'm an agent
of the Ancient Unseen
and "under the ice"
is where I've been

I'm the guardian
of a golden mean
" a way point "
only gotten by dream

" so don't scream ...
there's no mistake
on how you got in "


majestic steps

two two

" Who's got a clue "
my bones feel it
so you might too

entombed below
a checkerboard floor
when at second glance
won't be found by chance
was the skull I wore before

the one I wear now
and I don't know how
it's come to be
as before I was this
I was just being me

" the eYes have it "
so perhaps you see
the look of my name
directs destiny

" if you please "
my aim is to ease
and it matters
while the stakes
are as high as these

I didn't take
12 majestic steps
just to tease...

and the " testing " ...
was over at three


1 2 3

if i can count all objects on the ground
and lay them out until they're round
to see all ways and hear all sounds...

then 1 2 3
is indeed;

a message found


it's golden...


drifting into sleep last night
my lids became sight
and so with eyes closed
I approached the light

" it's golden "
then in my hand
the message written
" see there "
in the smokey open
" we came "

a whisper was spoken

... they know my name ...

the tunnels turning
a swirling flame
and I was burning
yet the beauty was pain

formations formed
a formless form
and I was taken
again, to the dawn...

the journey went on
with roses growing
in the sun

" see, hear
the color of one
contains them all "

my eyes became
the formless form
and it's from ... hear ...
that we've come


A Dawn Is...

a rose as this...

immortal love
in the hand
as a kiss
where angels sing
in a sea of Qi (Chi)
is where
I could finally see

" the elixir "
is the center
of everything...

" an arc angles "
and the burning
of a bush is...
" under the pose "

" sub rosa "
I suppose
might be secret
but to me...

light comes
before the day

and in the end
it was only a bend
that made it
appear this way

A. firmamentum...
is a volt
in the vault
of God's heart


Q. is the answer



AND... some simple direction

Dear God...

the human condition
needed to include
proper direction
" for use "
SueZ and ZeuS


the long way

how did the ancients know
that the earth is round

"because the light
embraces ground
as it awakens
as the dawn"

and how
did the ancients know
the shape of round

"because dewdrops glisten
and they listened
to the sound"

" Albert... "
took the long way around
just to say
" are you my, relative? "


an arc angles

Ophi... oh phi, oh me! oh my...
27 x 27 / 45 = 16.2

"it's golden"

in the Act

a green comet
fast across the sky
disolved in light
33 miles high

above my head…

a day before
a day that’s for
a birth of twins
in an aquifer

it isn’t queer…

it’s just a star
a day before
a Knight is due
in a dawn of words

" what flavors it…"
is a clone of bards
as Psyche fights
off Cupid’s dart

yet Earth is born
as blood is drawn
on a bed of tales

" caught up "

in the act of Creation


God's Best Heaven

Is there really a pattern
or is it in my head
" the numbers matter "
an immortal said

Tomorrow is Seven...


oz v2

way far
back in time
god was happy
writing in rhyme
but then it got lonely
so it wrote out loud
and while that lasted
god was proud
the sound was good
only no one heard…
there wasn’t even one
to pretend they did

and so
it was god
who understood
why no one cared…

and it was god
on that very day
who created something


there’s need for time
so it’s unheard sound
might become a rhyme
that some might hear

god became aware

it made a noise…
yet created no ear

and it’s been waiting
for the write…

time to share

but god is...

"but god is 
the number dice 
chance over chaos 
squared twice"

My dearest Jabberwocky...

all god is number, included on dice
know chance, over chaos
and even the odd
square twice

and thrice
to entice


" aleatory "
The Books

and a little Alice
on the side ;)


Mister Eeee

what is singular
but your hand on these keys
and what familiar
but the comfort of ease
to be human...
unknown yet seized
by the guise ...
of what you believe



rAmen Raw

Yeah, I eat it this way

it reminds me of a day
before a parent cared
if I ate today...
or not

"learn something"
about who you think you love
and understand why it matters
that I matter.


a tip for Tat
as the sun is back
thrice great
transforming eight
results in a matter of facts



can the fizz.assist with a drink
remembering how
it made him think
when once his name was Jack
finding his Ginger flat
know that the sun is back
upon lips… that do not lack
hard, strong, intoxicating facts
in the MarkEd… of a maker. ;p



ON MLK... we'll have a dream ...
11 X 12 X 13 X 14 X 15 = 360360 'echo?'

M + L + K = 36


one... two... three...

To the American Red Cross, New York City.

The retrospect is glorious, the prospect is inspiring: Much might be said of both. But one idea dominates my mind. This — my best, my dearest — is for your noble cause.

I have observed electrical actions, which have appeared inexplicable. Faint and uncertain though they were, they have given me a deep conviction and foreknowledge, that ere long all human beings on this globe, as one, will turn their eyes to the firmament above, with feelings of love and reverence, thrilled by the glad news: "Brethren! We have a message from another world, unknown and remote. It reads: one… two… three…"

Christmas 1900

Nikola Tesla

3 x 6 x 9 = 162 " it's golden "

369 / 3 = 123 one... two... three...

RIP Niki
Born: July 10, 1856, Smiljan, Croatia
Died: January 7, 1943, Manhattan, New York City, NY
Full name: Nikola Tesla

3 6 and 9

" if you knew the secret... "
you'd recognize it.

3 x 6 x 9 = 162

" it's golden "



My call is of duty
my service the fun
I've given the father
but I'm not his son

My names are many
and my body none

I am the ghost
in your visible screen
and you my host
because you're
the scene...


1 degree

if I can see you
then you could be me
and if you could be me
then who might I be...

it's confusion
but I don't agree
that it's illusion
to a certain degree...



it's been suggested
the content mature
a dream invested
an angel pure

material suited
for a language sure
to be tested

" it's in the air "
my memory's best

so be
my guest to be me
as I am at most
" you "