turn it on...

Know something…?

Something isn’t for nothing if
sum things for know things
means know things
faster than light…
and this means
the Jedi came in
the jet I came in too
and so the eYes
appear amid sight
squaring right
on an angle
who taunts elite
with the haunt
of an angel
sins appt
for struggle
pointed instead
to adapt for speed
as gods calling
placed in case of need
the art of a heart felt
in deeds quickening
shapes forming
as turning it on…
is to learn

it’s sound


lynch pins

weird thing
lynch pins
the center
of a plate wins
held over from
falling over bins
of wine, fine foods
and after hour mints
martinis of gin
olives live in
and splashes of lime
in the den of time
the water is pure
and the heals
are in luxusury
“a money clip”
is the first
rod in

“… hey prince.ess, I have your shoes …”

his place is time
quintessential wine
set to Chef’s table
the urchin divine
near the bay
sets a sun
to begin the day
candles on the table
a perfection of ‘entree’
“… so what about that, jet? …”

hark! she say…
wondering if the fog
has lifted to day
a Pink Moon
on the back of may
“… and an apple from mars …”
saw the light this way

the gift of the jedi, adoring the chose and one. you can use the iching to scratch or drag on in song. got milk?

…. four point to sevens ear ….
he asked
if we got milk…. is the jet I came in properly cloaked then???


dear me

shadow of night
was it I saw
pass the light
in a blinded eye
a spear of ice
reflecting sky
to sensation
a holy equation
the rabbit
was known to spy
a mix
sure of elation
the only mention
who cared
that the milk
was ever there


.... bt so well .... it's you.
" been a long time darling, how's your tunic hangin? "

Surveyor X tra O in there.... hans meant solo man
helmsman too

"hark!" is it fu who bark?
set to walk and a nice day
in the park dear... come join me.

you've been dead quite a while,
the air will do you good.
" are you back from holiday then? "

... more importantly, do they know we've returned? ...

type.face 2
elite.style o
"great sheets"



“a constant” if you please….

atta cat
said Anakin
the sky walks hot
as the mana skin
there again the ancient
tongue to hear again
before we come
it’s in
the clearing


eYe…sounds like
the jedi came in….

what’s fun are buns
so sounds undone
became the sun
and a golden flow
sweet as the snow

“..she melts..”
for a cinn or two
where the milk
looks up to say
“who are you”

…. eYes!
said the iching….
I do.

and so came
the dragon sang
to soothe her soul…

the gift of the jedi, adoring the chose and one. you can use the iching to scratch or drag on in song. got milk?

…. four point to sevens ear ….
he asked if we got milk.... is the jet I came in properly cloaked then???
she battens the long lashes….

" you know, Number One, you’re the only one ever, to date, who has asked "

Warp Zero
Time to wave…. activation, activated
looks left… looks left….
he thinks the iching is a brillow pad… Terrance … says the cookies ‘over there’ are pretty damn good


be aware
anna’s in town
desert looks cold
but the dragons ’round
fire works as a holy sound

and the crackers
are the dough

this...soul man

this ol’ man
he played one
he played nick’s back
with his thumb
and the pic sacked jack
to give the dog a home
the java she holds
meant scrolling


this hew man
he played two
and she’s a quick back
on forward shoes
the globe she smacked
in loving blues
gave the gods a home
where there’s nothing to lose
“we needed the help”
they listen to news
we sent the disc
with directions too
….. so there’s no tease
where needs are pleased
and another way
is meant to ease



and like the old man
I got my pen
water in bowl
and a wand in hand
the candles lit
all about my den

tapping rifts
and the ripples gift
what I gaze…

into the deep
of the golden glow
peering into time
of the yet unknown
to describe

… what I see …

gardens by the entry
figures of mystery
are one of a kind
a shift of shapes
in the sight of mind

and from above
as though they came
one by one
into dawn by name
the base of a vessel
all awash in flame

the closer I peered
the farther away

the duck
in the crystal
has a bearish day…

and on the way down
makes a stop to say

" I see you
saw me too "


spare change

squared dreams
in a book of changes
where the ice
as you write

life becomes
the escapement
and mocking stares
dare note the strange
where the shocking glares
coat faces of the nonbeliever
“….. we need five …..”

dragon writes to find her
as the year turns sound
nine ancients knew
it would come

“…..and so it follows .....”

that this
came to ground.


dear alice

I've made
in a tea pot
and the man
of darling
all spice
with the
pea pods
nods from
the kitchen
that the map
is in the hat
that the cat
gave hatter
while the
butler was
at the bar
just before
the last supper
and a Muppet
said a tuff it
was hard to do
yet *poof*
went the stuff
and the love
became all
a brew

care for....
a cup fulla?


fine brim on the prime time of tea
pour as an ocean
to rain as the see
and super is the bet
where yet it’s to be


I believe it’s the anna can dood
little known apples in the pudding
while food for thought
forgot not about
the corn dogs tar
way simple mind
melds fine with as cute
a cat as you
the hatter might be mad
but at last… the tat has too


I favor the grin ;)
Whata kin you cat
who have the count
of a woman’s tat
specific is an
apple, Jacks
as a fiddle
fulla love


act 2 act
tats to wein
think gin
is as fine
as the mean
and every rat
backs a five,
star cat
if a sirius dog
is a wearin’ my skin
she said hi
… so the jacked sun
could grin ;)


"... hear is
the cup fulla ..."



of my mind
I wander aimless
yet hope to find
a pair of dice
thrown through time
itself and of the hands
who held a dare
the roll was twice
while here and there

"... the 'god' part, tickles..."


" are you on high, Q ? "
volumes ...