“a constant” if you please….

atta cat
said Anakin
the sky walks hot
as the mana skin
there again the ancient
tongue to hear again
before we come
it’s in
the clearing


eYe…sounds like
the jedi came in….

what’s fun are buns
so sounds undone
became the sun
and a golden flow
sweet as the snow

“..she melts..”
for a cinn or two
where the milk
looks up to say
“who are you”

…. eYes!
said the iching….
I do.

and so came
the dragon sang
to soothe her soul…

the gift of the jedi, adoring the chose and one. you can use the iching to scratch or drag on in song. got milk?

…. four point to sevens ear ….
he asked if we got milk.... is the jet I came in properly cloaked then???
she battens the long lashes….

" you know, Number One, you’re the only one ever, to date, who has asked "

Warp Zero
Time to wave…. activation, activated
looks left… looks left….
he thinks the iching is a brillow pad… Terrance … says the cookies ‘over there’ are pretty damn good

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