lynch pins

weird thing
lynch pins
the center
of a plate wins
held over from
falling over bins
of wine, fine foods
and after hour mints
martinis of gin
olives live in
and splashes of lime
in the den of time
the water is pure
and the heals
are in luxusury
“a money clip”
is the first
rod in

“… hey prince.ess, I have your shoes …”

his place is time
quintessential wine
set to Chef’s table
the urchin divine
near the bay
sets a sun
to begin the day
candles on the table
a perfection of ‘entree’
“… so what about that, jet? …”

hark! she say…
wondering if the fog
has lifted to day
a Pink Moon
on the back of may
“… and an apple from mars …”
saw the light this way

the gift of the jedi, adoring the chose and one. you can use the iching to scratch or drag on in song. got milk?

…. four point to sevens ear ….
he asked
if we got milk…. is the jet I came in properly cloaked then???

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