3 Musketeers are whippin' it up…
A Milky Way was hip to the love…
And so Smiled the girl with the bag of sweets
It’s only two sacks of treats… to eat
Snickers came and she blushed just then
Wondering what flavor was next in line
Twix said the Rabbit is the crunch this time
...so, to watch the runners bunny unwrap the rhyme
The girl mixes chocolate, with her Starburst lime…
;)~ Happy Halloween!


The Scribe...

Hey knoW, it's not what you think
I'm not the Mo Jo or the blink.ET.wink

Just Write Hear, doing the Vibe thing
Told you be.For I'm the Jive ding.a.ling.

Some come to dig it See O.pen spins a story
Glorious and joyous the chorus and before This was
Laughably notorious tales of apocalyptic.bore us...
And gag us with a spoon already...
Until there's another adventurous scale
God might just well turn tale, after all...
Happy is a choice we call, Given.
... Laugh A Lot, was the CameAlot, called Heaven....
The Scribe she scribbled in the O.Pen
... the note is enT;sing...
Happy is a Write called, Chosen.

Snake, Got Your Tale

... Cat’s got my tongue…
Dragon points tO.yOuR.ear…
”...nice ass you got tHere…”

The Halos, Eve...

They say real angels don't have them
Angles too have been known to kink some
;Down the Hall they say is more fun
Telling tales till the dawn of the deads come.
I'll put my wet blouse on the line
Mended sleeve inside out on the vine
Eve to morn' it'll wait for your sign...
Turn it right by the Heart, to be mined;


... is wHere the Hearth is...
where the Earth is is
where our Heart is

... This is.
How we Hear
with our Art
sharing Warmth
Write from stArt...

We Are...

... Two Be. The ;pArt, This is.


Dr.Ink..."drink of my Pen"
The wellness come again
Creating Art within skin
Drawing heArts that mend
Within minds that spin
Colors bright.
Dr... Ink of The Light...
"Drink of my Pen"


...is Somewhere.We can always Be...

In Plain Sight...

... isn't somewhere.We always care to See...


A Love Note

Start date:
Winter Solstice 12.21.2008 This Year
12.21.2008 plus 11 days = 1.1.2009 New Year
12.22.2008 plus 13 days = 1.4.2009 PeriHelion Jan 4 2009(day) 15(hour)
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 89 (HI) days = Equinox Mar 20, 2009 11(hr) 44(min)
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 135 days = 5.5.2009 … He came four years ‘early’
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 182 days = Solstices June 21 2009 05(hr) 45(min)
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 195 days = 7.4.2009 independent and A She.Lion
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 220 days = July 29, 2009 … He ascended the throne at age 12 on July 29, 615
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 55 days = February 14, 2009 Valentine.
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 100 days = 3.31.2009 … She came four years early also.
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 101 days = 4.1.2009 … Such Jokers.They Are
Dance with me, He said
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 235 = 8.13.2009
On my birthday honey… She replied
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 233 = 8.11.2009
Stubborn as they are, He wanted to dance on his birthday…He’s aLion
Stubborn as they are, She wanted to dance on her birthday…She’s aLion too
Cha Cha… He said.
Samba… she replied.
They stared into each others eyes…and then she called him an egg head.
They stared into each other eYes…and then he threw One at her…

12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 377 days = 1.2.2010
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 377 days and * 1 * = 1.3.2010 Perihelion Jan 3
The Winds held back and so did Time…He threw an egg…at the She Phi.Line
A bolt of light, Her hands to the sky…and back at Him, She threw a Pi…

195 182 = 13

12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 95 days = 3.26.2009 …

My birthday babe ... C?
Now…what did you do with that ball?
Stubborn as He was, he wouldn’t share that he threw her ball into the air. Round it went as it came on down…landing backside up and sideways down….

12.21.2008 Winter solstice plus 1331 days = 8.13.2012
MY birthday, He said with a grin
and right just then, She saw His hand and spun her turn, OX again
3113 – 2012 = 1101 back to the Bin ... and then She grinned… ;)
tricky girl
he said with a stare…I sea where you play and I’ll see you there
1101 + 1011 = 11000 XXX Kisses
You’ll C me there and I’ll C you Here…
1101 + 1011 is 2112 my dear…
XX Kisses back.CC that?

12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 220 days = 7.29.2009…
IT WAS your throne... She giggles…then she winks as she blinks.
Did you leave me a clue? He asks while he thinks… crinkles his brow… as she stands and she blinks …
HONEY ... 233 MY birthday…surprise! \@@/ she shrugs as she rolls her eYes
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 233 days = 8.11.2009
.X X. KISSes already… ;p

And then he saw, what he recognized, to be the funny, in the funny surprise…
12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus 1556 days = 3.26.2013 …
‘Her’ birthday… after all.
You owe me $One dollar dear. I’ll remind you in 1556 days after 220 okay? Leave you a little CC on the note… XX

... little Innocent play… wink-ET-blink.

12.21.2008 Winter Solstice plus MDCCLXXVI days = 11.1.2013

11.1.2013 = “Día de los Angelitos” (Day of the Little Angels)

Leaving a little Tzolkin... 11.1.2013 minus 260 days = 2.14.2013
... of Love

...and a TunE of Valentines from above …
11.1.2013 “Día de los Angelitos” minus 360 = 11.6.2012 Vote for Peace

12.21.2008 plus 1550 days… = March 20, 2013 Equinox Mar 20(day) 11(hr) 02(min)

I’ll give you a minute to check it dear…
1550 – 1440 = 0110 .XX.

Little game of Khet? ... or was that Cat?
Or was that TeT… TuCat chA Dragon…

MDCCLXXVI = 1776 .. the twins CC XX = 220 .. remaining is…
MD L VI = 1556

1556 + 1776 + 2013 = 5345 – 220 = 5125 Maya Long count ‘years’...

...........................5+3 = 8 H, 4+5 = 9 I.... "hi" ;)

1.6.2012 going <~ that way 1 day. January 5 2012 = Perihelion

January 6 2012 <~ that way 1111 daze = 12.21.2008 Winter Solstice

From date: Thursday, January 5, 2012 Perihelion

Going ~> this way….440 days (Two.Lips…) ;)

Resulting date: Wednesday, March 20, 2013 Equinox

12.21.2008, Winter Solstice… plus 1776 days
is Friday, November 1, 2013 Día de los Angelitos

DO.The path



Appear Amid, simple complexity… Commencing, Meant.All.For.Play…


"Who!" Whispered Digits
"Yes, dig it" said Who!..."
"O.N.Othing..." Said the Fish,
I was Just. Making sure of You."



"Pooh!" whispered Piglet
"Yes Piglet" said Pooh.
"Oh nothing" said Piglet
"I was just making sure of you."

I Think...

...Having Thought.
We really are Created.
In the Beginning...


THere comes a time when things get brighter...

God said...

"... Hi..."

...two by two...

7+1 = 8 H
5+4 = 9 I

5+1 = 6 O
7 + 4 = 11 B

... Our fingers...





Do you pick your Knows?

... if we can’t face oursElves with this question…
then how can we possibly face each other… and laugh together???


Great Writes!

eYes and reading that Again
I realized with both my eyes
that an S was there behind the LightS
One ruling day and the Other Night
The greater the lesser I don’t believe
considering the stars are in Visible Eves
and knowing too that indeed there ARE two
would depend on where We know to View.Them too.

Genesis ;)~
1 First God, made heaven & earth…
2 The earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep
... The Spirit Of …God was moving…
4 And God saw that the light was good and God selected the light in the darkness
8 And God called the reflection, Heaven. And tHere was evening and tHere was morning.

16 God made two great lights to see the day and dream at night
32 Thus the heavens and the earth were finished, and all the host of them
....were A Just Write.
33 And on the seventh day God finished the work and rested;) ~

.Y… you ask was this dOne?... SO…I’m guessing…
25 …we could BE. nake d; together


I think
Having thought
on verses One and Two
That God had clear motive
when creating Me and You
Considering what it’s taken
to get us ‘here’... Can you imagine
how long God’s been tHere 'a'?
And what if…
We really are created
in the image Of,... then what
might we be in our entirety
and how far might we see if we
did like God and really saw…
In the Beginning,
before We could be…
God must’a found Light
in the Dark I believe
and glowing inside
from The Love itself
God reflected … upon
The Waters of Earth
In the Image Of … and
Having fallen to Love
I believe God.Selected
To include everything
That’s ever been in the
See To Become.
... a reflection of We.

1 First God, made heaven & earth…
2 The earth was without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep
... The Spirit Of …God was moving…
4 And God saw that the light was good and God selected the light in the darkness
8 And God called the Reflection, Heaven. And tHere was evening and tHere was morning.


Owed to God.

We kinda suck.
for if tHere
be Creator,
we’ve made
them out to be
‘haters’, baiters,
facilitators of pain
and punishment in
judgment of our ‘sins’.
If I were ‘Them’,
I’d bitch slap us.

What if…
We really are created
in the image of…then what?
No wonder we struggle with
guilt and sin because if we ARE in
the image of Creator … can you imagine?

Here’s the deal… there is Know Such a Thing
Creator wouldn’t punish in judgment of anything
Destroy such precious generations of life
and that’s right… we’ve been ‘here’
a very Long Time for reason
through countless seasons
breathing surviving
existing over Time.
We grew. Learned
yearned, cared to
dare and Became.
We invented
debated, moved
over lands and
Pro.Created. Grew
schools, organized rules
in towns growing over grounds
into cities of abundant sounds.

Do we know exactly how ‘delicate’
we ARE in this Universe? How almost
impossibly improbable our existence even is?
You being here, now at this moment
in this space of real time current
reading this silly little rhyme
is THE definition of Time.

We Owe it to God,
because the truth is?
We’re pretty hard
on ourSelves.

All things considered.



I saw you once near Jackson's.Hole
Messier's eyes were on the ball and
A post there said you'd call...

Barking trees all running around the
Pink and blue leaf scattered ground
And when I turned to see...
Colliding eYes looked back at Me.

My feet went up my head turn down
As I felt you swimming in the sound
Near shooting stars you lifted me...

Near bleeding hearts, you gifted we
A post to see.
Was in a dream Jackel. You saw Me.



Generatio spontanea ...
A process upon us....
And how can there not be such a thing?
When in my head, the NanknowBot Sings...?
Don't 'no'.




Escape. Death

"... are you okay?"...

eYes peering tears pouring
am I ignoring all that I know?
Show. In time when it's slow
the Way that means. We know.
Death. Escapes the Now...


Not Counted...

Way back when, mid constellation Serpens
came around a round that sang a healing sound.
Ophi IS in the ecliptic and not cryptic to see
Turning yearning and begging to be. Counted.

Zeus to hear and dare you see a bolt he threw
in lightening speed indeed, passed through Me.
Fast and swift in the midnight shift of sky flew
and by my eYes I did cry... You!

Obliteration of the physician was the intent
Never meant for the genius of healing feelings
and the meaning to be sent in time. But...

A bolt of light won't stop this rhyme. Mounted
Over head in stars and bars that traveled far
Is a space in Time that's now the Start.
Knots ARE. Counted.

Inspiration: Knowledge Card, Ophiuchus


Notions Made Nations

Motion of the Oceans create Nations
Waiting baiting rotating slowly in Time
Check to see Notations mentioned sending
Write riddles of rhyme bending mending
Energies that flight seas changing Mind
Sounds abound in silent commotion roam
Whispering Worlds exposing notions of
Peace believers be and come around in
Soothing life and giving sounds.


Odd this meter but nothing sweeter
Then peAce when She comes around
A great sound echoing rounds of dew
A new wind blowing surround us, Two.
Transparent breath and eYes of SOL
Opening minds Just. In Time to know

E.Turn.IT.See, Sum things if we dare
Sir, come a Vent a Chance to care, Two.
Made Way Just. And Just, Two assure

DO! The Path they say, Play! Two, smile
A while and while we sWay, hey! A
Message heard throughout the land of a
;Dance called ;peAce so take a STand
and BE. Love and Live to give a heart
and see, WE Be.Comes a great land ...

Blink.ET.B.Link.... remembering When.


... said he never didE but said
know dice and know to know
why, you come this way.

I tried I cried with tear in eye
Blinking thinking through a day
Tones of change rearranged a
message, the Indian had to say...

Clef the Chef reads to the lefT
and George was set to Sing
Then along came a Cat with
Chaac too Bat, so I chose
to read again.

Come the fun a circus came a
bell was sound and a day was
Named. Kites float high in a
Wind blown sky and Light was
set to be heard... DO, the Path!
Flashed out loud and struck a
Coiled nerve.

Visions come and a Write was
song, sung by Mother Earth.
Handle hear vibrations there
It's Time to Love with Words.

Speak, it's free giving healing
Energy, sharing caring with
Memory, exploring doors within
corridors of E.Turn.it.C....

borrowed: Wiki image

Clef Name Note Assign Line
G-clef G above Middle C encircled by the curl of the clef.
C-clef Middle C that passes through the center of the clef.
F-clef F below Middle C between the two dots of the clef.


Did You Leap...?

While drinking wine I glanced my wall
and saw a face that made me Pause.

Gleaming there upon the paint was a
glowing silhouette in the candles flame

~I wondered if he had a Name

Eyes are deep and sway in the light
The face is long and oddly delicate
Softly edges barely there yet leaving
lines that entrance my stare...

~I wonder if he knows I'm here

Watch and wait I think to myself
moving my eyes behind the glass.
It's not too late I say at last, leaning
forward and toward the past...

Whispering softly and into the deep
I asked him kindly... Did you leap?

Do You Sleep?

Sometimes it's hard to find, my
Dreams inside the About.Time
But alas I lay me down I say
Sometimes I sleep on into day
But do I dream I ask again, of
What might be inside a meaning
A quest to question complexity
Confusion at best in simplicity
Questions of do I sleep....
When I see.


Hear, where am I tonight
Up, Down, a Charming sight
Strange indeed within the light
From above there's love in flight
Top of the Bottom, to know it's Write.

~I called him a Quack as we walked the park
~He replied with a smile, calling me Q. Ark.



Colors of crimson shatter vision
A timeless sight enters again a
Timeless flight of knowing when
Sounds of peace are to return.

Showers of Light are seen there
Timeless space when all is fair
And eternity shows a great hand
Colors of crimson to Create Again.

Showers of Life are seen there
Towers of space in midnight air
And eternity shows a great land
Colors of crimson signal return.

Calling desire from fires burn
Arranging day in space that turns
Towers of midnight winds yearn
Sounds of Creation come again.

Help Held Me...

I learned to pray today
not sure of what to say
but sure this time that
an Angel came my way.

From within I felt eYes
of light listening hearing
my whispered cries to
understand the meaning.

When I asked for help to see...
An Angel came and held me
You can feel it in the heart
A beam of sight reveals art
When billowing wings part

The touch is undeniable
Sounds in chorus leading soul
As your voice turns inward
Healing soothing winds blow

Gentle urging wants to know
And tender eyes want to show
When billowing wings part, a
Delicate touch holds the Heart

...and you might not know
just what to say, but you'll
know then...
Angels come your Way.



Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain
Gets my attention every Time as I
Stand staring at Blue striking ground
Peace was heard throughout the land
And out of the Looking Glass a hand
Was extended. in kind. sharing mind
and the art of heart. Mother Earth.

"Truth requires, little words"

is what I heard.

Chief Joseph




And I hear.ed Him Say...

There come a Kin when the waters change.

Look still to the reeds, they re-arrange…
Near the edge of sea there two you’ll be
Near the Lark hear too, the Indian say…
IT, is to be THIS way.

I wrote it down...

secium ... i cem

~I see your braids...

Lesson 101:
"... never be afraid to look on.as.suming..."
Said her Teacher.
~.@@.~ The owl


... share it with me ...

Feel it deep and believe it see
breathe a daring breath and be
in a life of delight and ecstasy
Be my fantasy a destiny for me
to reach with desire so deep it's
alive Inside breathing living
longing to burst out loud into
loving arms that wrap around
and hold on tight embracing
through the night rolling like
thunder and shattering light
Creating wonder in an endless
flight of Love.


Will I ever see a more beautiful thing
than the glow of light against your skin
as you stand facing the Mountains view
your body strong against the Wind and
your eyes fixed in a knowing truth.

Will I ever see a more sensual sight
than the lines of your silhouette at night
cast as a shadow of the moonlight and will
you hear my whispered songs
my eyes fix too on a knowing.


...will you build a fire my love...

So I can watch you while you move
tender and strong under the glow
your eyes sparkling in the flames
growing brighter. Heat in the air
fuels my desire my focus your hands
while you tend the fire and your face
Dare I glance twice at your lips.
Between my legs I can feel soft drips
As my hunger builds for your taste
a small moan escapes my glance and
my eyes lock into trance. I want you.
I realize it true as the flame and so
whispering your name, I approach...


Secret Write

Hear in Write I pen my thoughts
Exposing Me in secret knots of
Rhyme. I remember you in Time
Exposing eYes between the lines.

Here in Write I pen my Love in
Careful speak I leave my words
... for you to see ...


Forever, in the walls of my memory
Your voice in words penetrating me
I love the sound of your silent pen
Your face enters my mind then and
I can see you smile.

Forever came for just a while as I
Sat to write this knowing rhyme
Knowing now and over time that it's
true. The smile in my eyes belong
to you.

Forever the Poet came today and
Penned a rhyme that made me sway
This Way... Forever.More.Forever
this Poet I adore.