The Scribe...

Hey knoW, it's not what you think
I'm not the Mo Jo or the blink.ET.wink

Just Write Hear, doing the Vibe thing
Told you be.For I'm the Jive ding.a.ling.

Some come to dig it See O.pen spins a story
Glorious and joyous the chorus and before This was
Laughably notorious tales of apocalyptic.bore us...
And gag us with a spoon already...
Until there's another adventurous scale
God might just well turn tale, after all...
Happy is a choice we call, Given.
... Laugh A Lot, was the CameAlot, called Heaven....
The Scribe she scribbled in the O.Pen
... the note is enT;sing...
Happy is a Write called, Chosen.

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