Owed to God.

We kinda suck.
for if tHere
be Creator,
we’ve made
them out to be
‘haters’, baiters,
facilitators of pain
and punishment in
judgment of our ‘sins’.
If I were ‘Them’,
I’d bitch slap us.

What if…
We really are created
in the image of…then what?
No wonder we struggle with
guilt and sin because if we ARE in
the image of Creator … can you imagine?

Here’s the deal… there is Know Such a Thing
Creator wouldn’t punish in judgment of anything
Destroy such precious generations of life
and that’s right… we’ve been ‘here’
a very Long Time for reason
through countless seasons
breathing surviving
existing over Time.
We grew. Learned
yearned, cared to
dare and Became.
We invented
debated, moved
over lands and
Pro.Created. Grew
schools, organized rules
in towns growing over grounds
into cities of abundant sounds.

Do we know exactly how ‘delicate’
we ARE in this Universe? How almost
impossibly improbable our existence even is?
You being here, now at this moment
in this space of real time current
reading this silly little rhyme
is THE definition of Time.

We Owe it to God,
because the truth is?
We’re pretty hard
on ourSelves.

All things considered.

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