The Profit

The Time has come,
the Jokers undone.
Let loose on the shores,
viewing truth in stores…
as Consumer one.

Walk in your talk
don’t stop til you’re done.
Our planet will break from
the grill and our plates.

Diet despair.
Malpractice in air.
CDC is aware
and do nothing.

The Profit won them.
Their profits hush them.
The tropics are gone,
But your prescription… is ready.

The description is pretty…
and don’t worry about
what You don’t know,
is what we’re told.

And what don’t we know?
Our health is the gold.

I DIDN’T want to know this.
It’s hard to digest it.
Illusion is best fit
when we don’t want to know.

But the truth shows through
and always we knew.
Our bodies tell so.

Truth in the wellness we go.
Stop the Profit to know.



On the PlanIsPhere
Alion just right to hear
Align the date with the time of day
What shows in the window, will show the way.

Latitude DB North.

Dragon points to hear.
The CAR DO go,
where the red tongue flow ~>
November to remember.
Corona BoreAlIs you see,
She bore the CAP TU
the static sea.
Respens as she spins
reBootes as she bends
BAC2 LUC as she mends

The message was TWO
Then STACK and add too
The ACTimes2
Nere the MocaDice
She said BE NICE

O PHI, UC said HUSh til THREE

... I'll be back in just a minute...

Tongue between TUlips to see
On the breath smoke
from the Dragon's Tree
It flows in the vein
Releasing knowledge and then,
Never again will 4ever end.
The message is mend.

Flow to the ale
roc on a real
CapTu the deal
Pen the Cor_On
Show the CARDO_
Sea the CARBON
Hear the Heart Hon

~I SAID I AM a Dragon, in the middle.
~Not a snack, you hear?

~Glass of peach mengo dear?

~Relax, we've gone back
~Now we go 2Word There.

"Creation came as 1 and 2...
A Pair of Dice we never knew...

The other part of ME
is the part in WE,
which is the part I love
in the Heart of you..."

Our Hearts are true.
The travel is through.
The message from Me
is the message to you.

~How many digits on three wise men?
~How many digits on mice who said 'hen'?