read me

my reed
is not a feather
rather a harvest
of hearts endeavour

our measure
is up to par

and You give
as the light
of a star...

" don't be afraid "
of who we are

" we're here "
and you've been found

" I am Ma'at "
and you are sound



I know...
what 5772 means

'Y' was found in dreams
in the sand by screams
by a liar in seams
for your king

Mark . this day
because you've been seen...

"Those who had seen it told the people what had happened to the demon-possessed man--and told about the pigs as well."

He was Legion
so I gave him reason
to come clean...



hey diddle diddle...
the cat wrote a riddle
while a cow
jumped over the moon...

god laughed
to see such sport
as a dish was
the hand of sorts
on a spoon ..

Escape . Meant ...

" you can't hear it... when you look "

Energy transfers from a Book
the impulse action
of a reaction
to Source

" Dragons coil... "
a balanced deal
steeling voice

her hands are chorus
for the joyous
are a force...

" 12 ordained to be with them
sent forth to protect them
and elect them "

as choice...

tales of the spoon
become a rose
while waters pose
for the hour of some

" translation "

are the hands
of One


nic nac

the old man
played nic nac
with my land

for what I could see
was only the light
but what felt right
was a distance
in the slight
of his hand

" reality is... "
a form of sight
and what I learned
is to fear not
what I think of
as night...

" it's all good "

... and then ...

there was God

I can be...
in the dark
without doubt


guy's fox

a disguise well worn
with hands
where fire was born
her voice
becomes a storm
as her tale
will bare the dawn...

... it's just ...

as the power of one
has a rose
for the hour of some

... chaos means...

" it's my turn "

Spare Change...
" a dog's best friend "