Galileo was one to know,
BenPop held Time and had to go.
Stumbled on a clue to show,
How motion came upon a mas!
Falling falling, falling fast.

Grab it see, its gravity,
Pulling pushing clarity,
The Law is on and endlessly.
The song as long as eternity.

Albert E was one to know
BenPop held Time and had to go.
Suffered he in reality,
And then a voice found at three,
Carved the way for him to see,
The mind of Time as infinity.
The constant found is energy.... e turns the key

Truth in motion...
is the static sea.

A hidden 'E'.
Rounded Ks and a missing V.
X marks the spot.
A game created for us to see...

Static never is the truth.
Static growing is the news.
Creation came as 1 and 2...
A pair of dice, we never knew.

Group or dare is what they saw.
A Mayan game became the Law.
Look between BenPop to see...
A complete creation,
is the One in Three.

Group or dare is what they saw.
Players.came. Delight, in Awe.


Sea Scrolls

See the Scrolls...
The New Sea rolls,
knowledge flows.

We love as One.



Sea Clone
Seal Cone
Sea Clean
Seal Cean

Translate the O...
See cleo.

Having fun?
My love LEOn?
The light NEOn.
The night is done.

Don't miss the boat...
It's the day we vote.

11 at the door
Times 4
That's 44

four and four are fourty four
as two and two, they're twenty two
V and V as double U
that's 3 and 3 as L to C
that's Me to you
and you as We...

"... So Viet, whats my Nam?"

~"Write on the Money Honey"

$ and 44d more...




For Forty years and 31 days,
My name was changed in many ways.

I have no beginning.
That part is true.
Real age a mystery,
my birth date too...

They picked this time
From out of the sky...
Four, all of my years,
I've wondered why.

I have no beginning,
That part is True.
My Jade was lost,
when I was two...

My first memory...
Never shared with you.

A dream now, in text I write,
Number to letter creates a light.
Letter as number returns my sight.

First was a cord...
It carried on far.
Ford is the name and
Long is the car.

Scrambled it was in bits and parts
But memory lives within my heart.
Nine days remain...
and I know my name.

Dragon came to reclaim the mind.
~A stitch in Time, saves nine~

About Time...

About Time, you came to play.
I smiled at you today...

~Lic~ said the kitten,
Was with You, I was smitten.
Forever waiting for your light,
Never doubting it was right.

Four are here and four to come,
Time to play in the rising sun.
Time to be OnEarth as One.

Soon to pass is the sorrow,
Peace is the Day, we call Tomorrow.


Four Give

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

Four give until you live...
Four are here to fulfill
Promises made to the Well.

The empty place you called a hell,
Was caused by those who fell.
The message sent was to be Well.

The message transfer was A Go,
Recently sent again to know,

The original message...
...said Hello.

Look up now, there's more to tell...
Peace is here, there is no hell.
A tone was sound, a shattered bell.
Translate the O, say hello to Well.

Be SoWell...

Four are On....

Hands are One.
And the Willow bends...
Joy is the sound
As the green trees mend.

Watch, through the daze
Don't lose your Way.
Peace, is near Today...

Time stood still
Near the Mountain
Atop the Hill
A sound was made
The sky ablaze
Shadows came before the Sun...

Wash away, the fear to be One.



To the sun it comes
Sea to the One
Under the horizon Sun
Named eyes in the sky
And in a Wind they fly
Miracle score
In a Time of more
In a season done
May we all be One
And a sound to come
Named eyes in the sky
Under the horizon Sun
Sea to the One
Turning around
Around around...
Rare is the sight
To behold a Knight

To the Sun AM I